America, I am leaving my house! I'm coming to see you! I'm bringing friends!

Atlanta! THIS WEEKEND, I'll be at the Decatur Book Festival and Dragon Con.

Friday, August 29: Dragon Con 

LGBTQA Representation in YA (A707, Marriott) — 11:30 AM
Panelists: Cinda Williams Chima, Christopher Elliot, Casey Fiesler, Stephanie Perkins, Nessa Warrin
*If you bring my books, I will happily sign them in the hallway after this panel.

Saturday, August 30: Decatur Book Festival

Map of My Heart: Love Stories (Teen Stage) — 12:00-12:45 PM
Panelists: Adi Alsaid, Isabel Gillies, Stephanie Perkins, Jennifer E. Smith
*Signing immediately following this panel

Sunday, August 31: Dragon Con

Beyond Genre: Realistic YA Fiction (A707, Marriott) — 11:30 AM
Panelists: Gwenda Bond, Michelle Hodkin, Stephanie Perkins, Debbie ViguiĆ©
*If you bring my books, I will happily sign them in the hallway after this panel.

* * *

Isla and the Happily Ever After tour:

Oakland, CA: Sunday, September 7
4 PM at A Great Good Place for Books

San Francisco, CA: Monday, September 8
Not Your Mother's Book Club event with Nina LaCour
7 PM at Books, Inc. Opera Plaza

Oceanside, CA: Tuesday, September 9
Illusions of Fate launch party with Kiersten White and Natalie Whipple
7 PM at Barnes & Noble (Oceanside location)

New York, NY: Wednesday, September 10
Milk & Cookies event with Gayle Forman
6 PM at McNally Jackson

Doylestown, PA: Thursday, September 11
with Jon Skovron
6:30 PM at Doylestown Books

Haverford, PA: Friday, September 12
with David Levithan and Chris Van Etten
7 PM at Children’s Book World

Houston, TX: Saturday, September 13
with Kiersten White and Jennifer Mathieu
2 PM at Blue Willow Bookshop

* * *

Additional events:

Naperville, IL: September 27-28
Anderson’s YA Conference (must purchase ticket to attend)

St. Paul, MN: October 11
Twin Cities Book Festival

Charleston, SC: November 7-8

* * *

I'll have even more events to announce in the coming months!


  1. Seattle??

    1. This is very sad news! Any chance of Portland or Vancouver BC? I'm willing to drive to be there. :D

  2. Oh man. I'm glad you're coming to PA, but why the other end of the state? My car will never make it out east.

    1. Your end of the state didn't invite me! ;-)

  3. Florida, maybe? :D

  4. I debated driving to Oceanside to see you. I wish I was joking, but I seriously did. Mostly for a hug and the rambles, as my emails have told you. But it didn't work out. That being said, one day I hope your publisher will love my little indie (Changing Hands) and you'll come back. Or I'll creep you at YA'LL and remember to talk to you this time.

    It's all debatable. But fingers crossed this happens again: http://websta.me/p/585765757495034616_30926295 (last time we met!)

    1. Oh, yay! I love that picture of us! (And Megan!!!) Will you be returning to YALLFest this year, I hope?

      Yeah, Changing Hands is fantastic, but I don't think my books sell very well in Phoenix yet. Hopefully, that'll change someday. :-)

    2. DARN YOU PHOENIX. DARN YOU!! *shakes fist* No. I completely understand that you don't choose, that your pub does. That being said, it doesn't mean I won't be dramatic about it. (I hope you enjoy this in friends!)

      And yes! I do plan on returning! I hope to run into you on the street again to recreate this photo! <3

    3. After I hit enter it dawned on me I said friends. Whoops. I'm sorry about that one.

  5. Oh no! Seattle needs you!

  6. Powell's? Portland is the place to be, yo :)

    1. I adore Powell's! Hopefully, someday they'll invite me. :-)

  7. Anonymous2:18 AM GMT-5

    Yay, I'm so happy that you have TWO Bay Area dates. Any chance you'll have some time to meet up before or after one of the events for dessert or coffee?


  8. Yay, I'll see you @ The Book Fest & maybe Dragon con. Don't be frighted if you see a creepily stoic girl (me). Super nervous.

  9. Please come to Los Angeles! We love you here (:

  10. Will you be coming to Boston?

  11. Will you be attending both Saturday and Sunday for Anderson's bookstore?

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  13. Aishwarya1:27 PM GMT-5

    Hi Stephanie :)

    I sen this message on Goodreads and then realised that you don't check your inbox on Goodreads..so i thought of posting it here..I know its out place but I think that's okay :P

    Thank You..for your wonderful books :)I was overjoyed when I saw that Isla was releasing on August 14th !
    I read the book and I loved it ! Everything that Isla does, is what I would have done too, had I been in her place ! And Josh !! I wish I had someone like him in my life ! <3 Its corny to actually put a heart beside a sentence about a boy, but I don't care ! I AM crazy about Josh :)
    For the first 30% of the book, I had this permanent smile on my face :)
    And the last 20% I was crying...I think that the scene where he waits for her in the snow was the best part of the book :)
    Please don't mind, I know I'm, not supposed to say this but I think Isla was the best book in the trilogy :) Though its probably because I could relate to it more..
    Don't get me wrong, I love Anna and Lola too, just not as much as I love Isla :p
    And the last paragraph in the acknowledgements...I realized that all the love in your books comes from your own relationship with your husband...to have that kind of love in one's life is rare...and I bet you know that..I love your work and, uh don't take this the wrong way but I love YOU too :)
    Thank you so so much for this book !!

  14. Really wishing I didn't live in a super distant country right now!

    P.S. Slowly reading ISLA because I want it to last!

  15. I forgot to tell you: thanks for mentioning the signed copies. Since you're not coming to town I was delighted to be able to get one. My daughter usurped the buttons, but I got the bag. We both agree that you could write about nothing except these friends forever and we would be thrilled. We'd especially love to know what happens to Meredith in Italy. (I know, we were talking about them as if they were actual people that we know who were sending you postcards with updates.)

    Anyway, I did particularly want to thank you for giving me and my daughter such a fabulous reading experience to share. Isla was totally worth the wait.

  16. Ah, so excited to see you at Doylestown Books!

  17. I'm so glad you'll be coming to Minnesota! If I bring a book, will you be signing books there as well?

  18. Really hope to see you in Nashville some day!

  19. Anonymous9:41 PM GMT-5

    I just finished Isla and I am dying to read Joshes graphic novel. Is that in the works at all?

  20. Elise Soper8:08 PM GMT-5

    Virginia? Huge fan of your books wish we could meet you kinda a big deal to me!