When you pre-order Isla and the Happily Ever After from one of THESE 50+ INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES, not only do you get a *signed* copy of the book, you also get these buttons, a chance at this tote bag, and . . . a sheet of stickers!

Stickers that you could put ANYWHERE.

I placed some stickers on this guitar case!

On these reusable water bottles!

On this skateboard!

On this laptop (beside my favorite WTF podcast sticker)!

Even . . . on this best friend!

If I had a school notebook, I would have stuck them on that, too. Stickers ALWAYS improve the appearance of school notebooks and binders!

(I'm glad I don't have a school notebook.)

(Because that would mean I'd be in school.)

(School is terrible.)

(Don't listen to me. School is awesome.)

(People in schools are terrible.)

(Seriously, don't listen to me.)

(Just having flashbacks.)

(Ohmygod, school.)

Anyway, aren't these stickers GREAT? Most of them were designed by the fantastic team at Penguin, though, I must confess, I'm especially enamored of the City Pie Guy sticker.

My dear friend Manning Krull—who not only designed this website, but who also translates all of the French language bits in my novels—made it a few years ago, on a secret surprise commission from my husband, for my Lola and the Boy Next Door tour. We had it printed on T-shirts and gave them out at events. It makes me happy that we get to use it again!

P.S. Manning runs an incredibly helpful website called Cool Stuff in Paris—a guide to both practical and weird stuff—that I think a lot of you would dig. Check it out.

In conclusion . . . if you haven't pre-ordered a signed copy of Isla yet, I hope you'll consider it. At least for the free goodies!

P.P.S. Here's an excerpt of the first fifty pages to help sway you.

P.P.P.S. And here's a reminder to my international readers that Malaprop's will take your orders.


  1. I really love everything about this post. The stickers! Your nail polish! Although you're right, oh god, school flashbacks. *shudders*

  2. I need those stickers in my life.

  3. So many uses for stickers. Must. Have. Stickers.

  4. Oh gosh, I really want this, but do you know if you can pre-order outside of the US, and will it still come with the goodies?? :)

  5. Anonymous7:44 PM GMT-5

    I live in Oregon and there are sadly no Oregon options for this pre-order...Is there any way I can pre-order this lovely book without driving all the way to Cali or Washington (state)?

  6. Anonymous9:04 PM GMT-5

    first 50 pages sooo good! can't wait :)

  7. Stickers!! So cool! But what's even more cool is that we get to read the book soon! Yaaaaay!

  8. OMG, I'll try read this book in English (the others I read in Portuguese...) I'm in love for Isla (oh, I love her name!!) and Josh (I love him, all). See you(r words) soon, xoxo! And I am sorry the mistakes...

  9. Great big gigantic super duper CONGRATULATIONS for being on the NYT bestseller list!!!

  10. Anonymous7:03 PM GMT-5

    I know you SUPPPEERRRR busy with promoting a touring and just being awesome in general, but if you ever find time I'm sure the whole fandom would dIE over THAT chapter from Anna's POV (and maybe a bit after). I love you and your work!!!!