It's always odd to switch gears from writing to promotion. Especially these days.

As some of you know, my next novel isn't a romance. It's horror. A balls out, blood spattered, high-body-count slasher. So I've been spending my days carefully crafting the gruesome and unusual deaths of numerous teenagers, and I've been spending my nights urging my Twitter and Tumblr followers to pre-order a very sweet novel about hope and true love.


I like it.

Doing both—being both—makes me enormously happy. I mean. It's important to have balance, right??

But . . . you probably don't want to hear about high body counts right now. (Many of you probably don't ever want to hear about high body counts.) (That's okay.) So I'm gonna talk about pre-ordering instead.

The incredible folks at Penguin have put together something *WONDERFUL*.

Everyone who pre-orders Isla and the Happily Ever After from one of these participating fifty-five (FIFTY-FIVE!) independent booksellers will receive:

• A signed copy (hardcover, first edition, published by Dutton)

• A bundle of fun ANNA/LOLA/ISLA-related decals

• A bundle of three buttons

These buttons! Perhaps you've seen them on Tumblr? :-)

You will also, of course, receive my gratitude. Humbled and ecstatic. In fact, you'll feel this gratitude reaching out to you through the ether instantly after purchase. It will feel like a hug from a soft, friendly, bear-rabbit type animal.

That's me. That's my hug. Thank you.

But . . . what's this??

There's more! You know that ANNA/LOLA/ISLA tote bag that's—so far—only been available to readers who have attended my events this year?

Twenty-five people per store will also receive an ANNA/LOLA/ISLA tote bag.

think each store will be selecting the winners at random, but you may want to double-check when placing your pre-order. Some of them might be first come/first serve.

(Adorable but jerkface cat not included.)


My local bookstore isn't participating. Can I still get in on this?

Absolutely. Most of the bookstores on this list will be very happy to ship to you. Pick one and try. (You can always pick my local indie bookstore, Malaprop's! Love them.)

Are any of the participating bookstores in Canada?

Yes! There are two Canadian bookstores on this list. Scroll to the bottom.

I don't live in the United States or Canada. What about me?

No problem. Many of the bookstores on this list ship internationally. I know for sure that my local indie bookstore Malaprop's does. (If you don’t see your country listed at checkout, tweet or email them, and they’ll add it. They are super nice!)

So . . . 

Back in April, I signed a few thousand tip-in sheets. These are the pages that will be bound into the pre-ordered copies. (If you're a John Green fan, no doubt you're already familiar with this concept.) While I was grateful not to be signing 150,000 pages* like John (HOW IS HIS HAND STILL ATTACHED TO HIS ARM??), I did discover . . . it's an unusually exhausting activity. 

*Remove two zeroes to get closer to my number.

My signature normally looks like the one at the top of this post. But I learned that I could only sign for so long. Otherwise, I'd FORGET how to sign my own name. Mid-signature!

So I'd sign a page like this:

You can hear the stop-and-go in my brain.

Or even this:

What does a "P" look like? I DON'T KNOW! HELP ME.

It was pretty embarrassing.

I mean, I'd be sitting there alone, signing and watching the Wallander series for the third time or listening to episodes of My Brother, My Brother and Me, so it's not like anyone was looking over my shoulder and judging me. Still. A large part of me wanted to crumple up all of the ugly signatures and bury them in the recycle bin.

But . . . I didn't.

Not because I overcame any great personal hurdles, mind you, but because. You know. My publisher paid for those pages.

So I blush and apologize in advance to those of you who get ridiculous signatures. Most of them are okay. Some of them are even cool!

For instance, one person who pre-orders will get this:

And *ten* of you will find one of these:

That's a rose. If you couldn't tell.

(I hope you can tell.)

I had to teach myself how to draw one! I've always wished I were a Josh who could draw beautifully, but, alas, I am an Isla. I can only admire those who do.


Have you read the first fifty pages of Isla and the Happily Ever After? Did you know that you can read them RIGHT NOW? You should probably GO READ THEM.

And then . . . you should probably pre-order it.

I'll just place this full list of participating stores right here. For your convenience.

Thanks, you guys.



  1. Dude I have been eyeing those buttons forever so excited I just placed my pre-order!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Did you see this FAQ?

      "I don't live in the United States or Canada. What about me?"

      No problem. Many of the bookstores on this list ship internationally. I know for sure that my local indie bookstore Malaprop's does. (If you don’t see your country listed at checkout, tweet or email them, and they’ll add it. They are super nice!)

      List of stores: http://naturallysteph.tumblr.com/post/88692653000
      Malaprop's: http://www.malaprops.com/
      Malaprop's Twitter: https://twitter.com/malaprops

    2. Yes, thanks, I know ... I just don’t think I can afford twice the price of the book for shipping. At least not right now ... Even though I would absolutely love to get a signed copy, as I’m a huge fan of your books!

    3. I totally understand. And thank you. :-)

  3. Nevertheless, it’s always a good thing to support independent bookstores, so Kudos to you.

  4. I want these so so bad. Try to see if one of those lovely bookstores ships to Brazil. ( Fingers crossed)

    1. I bet one will! Good luck and THANK YOU! :-)

  5. A signed book and lovely swag? Ordered. Now we have two months to argue over who gets to read it first and who gets to keep the swag. I'm sure it's going to be worth the wait!

    I'd order the high-body-count book today, if I could.

    1. Thank you so much, Kaethe! (Double thank you!)

  6. I preordered from my indie (which isn't on the list) and another indie (which is). And I do that all the time when I'm signing a lot for work. In which order do the letters go? So I completely understand.

    1. Oh, man. Thank you. THANK YOU. You are so awesome. :-)

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM GMT-5

    In the pre-order mail it said that I'm gonna have the tote bag and goodies! Are those buttons the goodies? Cause I love them soooo much!! Can't wait to hold my copy! *_*

    1. Yes! Those are the buttons. :-) Thank you so very, very much!!!

  8. What's that I feel around me? Is that a... bear-rabbit hug of gratitude? It is!!! I cannot wait to get my copy! Oooh i love pre-order swag! :D

  9. The buttons are so amazing! Hoping for a tote as well but I had ISLA preordered long before all these fun extras :) Switched my preorder to a local indie, SO EXCITED to read it! (Hope I get one of the wacky signatures! Hehe)

  10. I love your writing. I went to school in Paris with a Canadian group and your novels are so perfect. I can't wait to read this book! Your rose signatures are beautiful. I love reading your blog posts, Stephanie. Thanks for posting.

  11. I love your books! I pre-ordered ages ago online, but when I saw this, I had to pre-order another copy! I have been obsessing over these buttons for ages, the tote-bag as well! I am so excited!

    Thank you so much for doing this, & I hope I can meet you soon! :)

  12. I just pre-ordered! I already had one ordered but getting an autographed copy is too sweet a deal! Can't wait to have it in my hands!

  13. So I'm rereading Anna and the French Kiss and think to my self, "When was her 3rd book supposed to be released?' Holy cow my timing got me a preordered autographed copy! I am way too stoked right now!!!!!

  14. I'm so doing this because I don't know when I'll see you next (sob sob) and I need more things with your name on it. I will order from Malaprops! (Even though I've already pre-ordered it elsewhere.) (Perhaps I'll end up with more copies of ISLA than I have of LOLA.) (I have 4 copies of LOLA.) (Hi!)

  15. I'm preordering because I want a signed copy. I have a little "thing" for signed books- they are the elitists in my collection:) I read the first 50 pages and I shouldn't have. It was too good. I wanted more, and it was like "here, you can have this amazing book but just when you really get into it and fall in love with the characters we're gonna snatch it away. You can have it back on a few months". Not cool. I was grumpy.

  16. I've decided to re-read the first two, rather than undergo the agony of a good sample.

  17. You can totally tell it's a rose. =)

  18. Anonymous9:48 AM GMT-5

    Well finding this out made my day fill of win. 25 per store??? Let's hope I'm not #26. :-)

  19. Anonymous5:18 PM GMT-5

    gah! I am anxious to get this tote bag. Wishing, wishing I am one of the 25 luckies. Ordered from BookPeople immediately! Will you be touring for it as well? If so, I so so hope to see you at BookPeople (or in Austin) somehow to get the other two signed. :) P.S. I have so far refused to read that 50 pages of pure TEASING! but everytime it's mentioned I inch ever closer . . .

  20. Wow! So happy I signed up to get your blog posts via email. I had put your books on my "Summer of Sequels" reading list and then like "Kismet" I got notification of your latest blog post. I cannot wait for the Isla story to come out. And thanks to you, I am now familiar with a great little bookstore in the cutest center of town in my state. THANK YOU!! :)

  21. Has anyone been told by the store they ordered from that they didn't currently have any of the extras but might possibly get them closer to book release?

  22. How long will this be going on?!?!? I wont have access to ordering this for about another week or so :$

  23. This was a wonderfully enjoyable post Stephanie. I particularly love the hug of gratitude description from the soft, friendly bear-rabbit type "you". I laughed right out loud at that one! I hope your pre-orders are gargantuan!

  24. Gosh, I'd kill for those buttons but alas the shipping cost to Europe is too high so I had to opt for BookDepository instead. I'm re-reading Anna while waiting for Isla. ;-)

  25. AHHHHHH I just pre-ordered!!! Oh! Hey Steph, do your signatures with the flowers get distributed to the Canadian stores you listed, too? I really hope so!!! ^.^

    I'm so excited :D This'll be my first autographed book and it's by one of my most favourite authors! <3

    P.S I will wear the Étienne Je t'Aime button proudly :3

    1. P.S.S And most likely every day... :P

  26. Are all pre-orders signed? I read the first 50 pages and I am already excited beyond words xxx I need this book in my life...like right now... (or when it comes out :D )

  27. I Pre-Ordered my copy from one of the Books Inc. not in San Francisco! I'm so excited because I read the 5 chapters and they were so wonderful.

  28. I'm so happy I came across this post today. I have preordered the book from BookPeople (YAY goodies and a signed copy!) and read the excerpt. I cannot wait to read the rest of the book! I love Anna and Lola. :)

  29. I sooo want to pre-order a signed copy but I live in Europe! I'm so bummed out right now. I'm still pre-ordering it, just not a signed one.
    Anyway, I LOVE your books, Stephanie!

  30. Is there any chance of a box set of hardcovers with the redesigns? I love them so so so much.

  31. Lisa Duong10:58 PM GMT-5

    So I ordered two days ago and somehow the book arrived TODAY? TWO DAYS BEFORE THE EXPECTED RELEASE DATE?? WITH ALL THE GOODIES + A CUTE TOTE BAG!?!? I don't know what voodoo magic I did in my sleep to earn this but I am LOVING IT! Thank you so much Stephanie for such an amazing campaign! You certainly have my vote. <3