Many of you have already heard the good news on my agent's blog, but for those who missed it, Isla and the Happily Ever After finally has a release date. An official, real, it's-gonna-happen release date.

August 14, 2014

The book has been written.

I am happy with it.

My critique partners are happy with it. My agent is happy with it. My publisher is happy with it. It's taken us a long time to get here, but we believe and hope that you will be happy with it.

I'm doing well. My health is stronger than it's been in years. And I'm so, so grateful for the time and patience and support that you—all of my incredibly kindhearted readers—have given me to heal. Your constant stream of well wishes, caring, and understanding has done more to reaffirm my faith in the overall goodness of humanity than . . . perhaps anything else ever has.

It has also taught me the importance of speaking up. Since I went public about my depression last May, I have directly spoken with hundreds of you—readers, authors, librarians, teachers, booksellers, children, teenagers, adults—who have felt what I have felt. Who have been overtaken and confined by darkness. Who fight it every day just to get out of bed, just to feed themselves, just to bathe themselves, just to put one stupid foot in front of the other.

Depression makes you feel alone and helpless and ashamed.

I am not alone. I am not helpless. I am not ashamed.

There are a lot of us. And you've all shown me that I want to keep talking about this, I have to keep talking about this. There's nothing more important for those of us who have been trapped inside that prison of self-isolation to be reminded that others have felt the same way, and others have made it through.

Your stories have given me strength. And that's why I have never regretted telling mine.

For those of you who are currently suffering, Libba Bray recently posted about it here. Myra McEntire posted about it here. You are not alone. Look for the stories. Search for your own voice and tell someone. And then tell someone else. Keep talking, keep talking, keep talking.


Keep talking.

All right. Back to Isla. To answer a few questions, which I'm sure are brewing . . .

Why was Isla delayed from May 2014 to August 2014?

As I explained last year in this post, the May release date that appeared on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. was, unfortunately/confusingly, a placeholder date. It was never an official release date.

Placeholder date? What does that mean? 

To quote myself (ugh, sorry): "This is sort of confusing, but, basically, when a book is placed into a season in the publisher’s catalog (publishers organize the release of books by seasons, which helps them with marketing and conferences and such) it requires a release date. But sometimes—like with Isla—the book’s release date is unknown at the time of the catalog’s release. When this occurs, the book is given a placeholder date."

My publisher and I believed that Isla would be ready in time to make that particular catalog/season. It wasn't. It took me half a year longer than I thought it would to become healthy enough to finish writing the manuscript. My publisher has been nothing but supportive of me, my health, and this book. I am the one at fault. Please do not send them any complaints.

So . . . is this new August date a placeholder date?

No, thank goodness! It's official. Isla is currently with my editor, and it's in the final stages of editing. It will be published this August.

Where/when can I get an advanced copy?

They don't exist yet. And you probably won't get one. There will only be a few copies printed, and booksellers will have priority. It's important to me that ALL of my readers, everyone who has been so patient, receives the opportunity to read this book at the same time—this August.

What's this "fantastically fun pre-order campaign" your agent mentioned on her blog?

I'm happy you asked! But . . . I can't tell you. Not yet. (Hee hee!) My best guess is that it'll happen this summer. But my publisher is, indeed, planning something very cool and exciting.

Myself with superagent Daphne Unfeasible! (a.k.a. Kate Schafer Testerman)

Speaking of my agent . . . if have NOT yet visited her blog, you should.

Because remember these tote bags?

She's giving one away along with a paperback copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door. And because the response has already been so enthusiastic (!), I've asked her to draw two additional names, so I'll be sending out two additional totes.

You can enter to win HERE on her blog. 

She'll be drawing the winners on Monday. So hurry, hurry!

As for that picture at the veeeeeeeeery top of the page, the one beside the cover of Isla, that was taken two autumns ago in a top-secret location in Europe. I look so pleased with myself, because the moment I saw the place I realized that ISLA AND JOSH WERE GOING TO MAKE OUT THERE.

And they totally do. Whee!!!

There is . . . a lot of making out in this novel. Like, way more than the others. I had to do SOMETHING to keep myself happy, you know. ;-)

There's not much else I can tell you right now—you know I enjoy secrecy—but I do feel compelled to leave you, as a thank you, with a few key words: yearning, sketchbooks, garden roses, sisters, being caught in the rain, cartography, a best friend named after a dead musician, museums, shelves of adventure books, and an engraved compass necklace.

Sounds like a Stephanie Perkins novel to me. I hope it sounds like one to you, too.


  1. My heart is so, so, so happy for you. I saw you at YA'LLFest. I stopped you and I was so excited to see you and discuss Phoenix that I didn't tell you how much your post on depression has helped me and how much I can't put into words because I've tried via numerous emails and I never hit sent cause I couldn't. And then I saw you and blanked. The ONE thing I meant to tell you. Whoops. And I know I don't need to tell you, but thank you.

    My fingers are crossed for that tote bag. Not that I need more (or do I?) And oh how that sounds like a Stephanie Perkins novel I didn't know I needed.

  2. As you know, Steph, I too struggle with chronic depression. It's so important to speak up. You are always inspiring to me.

  3. I'm glad you are doing better and I'm glad that I will get to read Isla soon! And your keywords at the bottom of the post most definitely sound like a Stephanie Perkins novel. ^.^ *hugs*

  4. You are such a beautiful person and this post makes my heart so happy! So excited to get to know Isla and Josh more!!! Yay for more making out! Yay for sisters! Yay for museums! Yay for Stephanie!!!!

  5. weeheeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    I'm so glad you're doing so well Steph! Good luck with eeeeeverything!
    I've never been rlly excited about a book release before but I definitely am right now with Isla! I hope I'll be able to get one somehow ('cause I'm not from the States). Anyway, can't wait. Really. :-)

  6. It makes me so happy that you are doing well, Steph! All great news, and I love that beautiful make out spot at the top. Can't wait to read about it!

  7. Oh my FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!! And that picture *plus the make out spoiler* made me so bubbly inside like I just screamed at the top of my lungs because holy s*** Isla and Josh already give me all the feels and I'm gonna cry so hard when I finish reading Isla because it's the last time we will see all the nice people we met in the previous books and I just can't function right now. HARDCORE FANGIRL ATTACK. That's how excited I am. Have a nice day (:

  8. Katherine6:59 PM GMT-5

    I am SO happy for you (and me!!) that you've finished Isla. Yay yay yay! :)
    I need you to know that every time you speak directly about depression it helps me breathe, it makes me feel braver, it encourages me to open up. As a teenager who everyone thinks is happy and just quiet, it means SO much when incredible people like you SPEAK UP.
    Sending love and wonderful thoughts of strength, focus, happiness and daydreams.

  9. This makes me so so happy. Cannot wait to get my hands on Isla in August!

  10. Anonymous7:30 PM GMT-5

    You go Stephenie! I can't wait to read it. I sincerely hope you conquer your depression. I am praying for you. Congratulations on finishing Isla!

    ok, I'm turning off the caps so I won't sound too rude, but seriously, it should be a holiday, because we would have the whole day just to read the book. It should be a three-day holiday, so we could we the three books back-to-back. OK, I'm serious, who do I have to talk to to make this happen?

  12. Yearning. Now THERE is a good word.

  13. Ahhh!!! How exciting! Im so happy/proud/back to happy for you! Also one of the hardest things is talking about mental illnesses like depression, so kudos to you for that! :)
    Im so excited for Isla, only 160 days left!

  14. Beyond happy about everything in this post. Best wishes to you.

  15. Delighted. That is the word for how I feel right now. So glad you're doing well!

  16. I love how there is SO much happy to go with what you've shared about depression. You're doing great things, Miss Stephanie, and I can't wait to read all about Isla. Congratulations on finishing, and hooray for feeling well!

  17. We love you! I have not been keeping up with dates and blogs and such so I completely missed your post from last May. Many hugs to you for being so strong and working through this. Depression has affected so many of my friends, family and even myself. To paraphrase Jenny Lawson, depression is a big fat liar and its up to us to be honest and open about it so others know that it is OK to ask for help.

    And ask for Isla, I am super excited!!! Guaranteed I will be rushing to the bookstore that morning to pick up my copy ;-)

  18. This post makes my heart so very happy!

  19. Love you! Nobody writes "yearning" as well as you do.

  20. Oh I'm so excited!!! I cannot cannot cannot wait for this book! But more than that I am so excited for you and that you are feeling so much better! Depression is so much harder than people realize, especially when all you want to do is write but for some reason this sadness is sitting on your fingertips pushing all the words away. I'm so happy you are doing so well! Your blog and your books and your talking about depression have helped me with mine. Thank you so much for everything.

    I cannot wait for Isla and beyond!


  21. I pre-ordered it as soon as I got the email from amazon! :) Very excited to read it. I'm glad you're feeling better.

  22. Stephanie!

    I can wait for Isla - cause I know good things come to those who do! haa haa

    Oh, and also you must read, if you have not thus far in your life been properly introduced . . .


    This, I think you will truly appreciate and understand the amazingness of.

    Oh, and also . . .


    You will thank me! Too funny and clever to be ignored!

    Also in regards to your depression:


    and part 2:


    (sorry about any language)

    Please, please look these up. They are very important and enlightening. I have felt many of these things myself, and my daughter who has struggled more openly with depression used these to explain her feelings to me.



  23. I missed one letter! sorry.


  24. Oh yaaaay! Congratulations on a happening-for-real-this-time release date! I remember reading your post about depression last May and having so much admiration for you and your bravery to go public with it. We certainly need to KEEP TALKING about it!
    PS - The tote bags are epic. As is the cat ;-)

  25. When I read Anna and the French Kiss in December of 2010, I fell in love. I fell in love with Etienne (of course), with Anna and Etienne's relationship, and even with Anna and Etienne's Paris. Still, I initially had no idea how many times I'd read the book over the coming years, or how important it would be for me. Anna and Etienne were there for me as I teetered on the edge of depression. Anna and Etienne were there with me as I had an amazing first trip to Europe. Anna and Etienne were there for me as I lived away from home for the first time and was lonely, miserable, and scared. I suspect that looking back, Anna and Etienne will define a certain period of my life almost as clearly as the Harry Potter books defined another period of my life.

    So of course I've been anxious for Josh and Isla's story. I've wanted to get my hands on it since the second I finished reading Lola and the Boy Next Door! However, I could never be truly annoyed with you or anyone else who's helping to bring Isla and the Happily Ever After into being. After all the happiness your writing has brought me, I can only be glad that you have taken the time you need to be happier and healthier. I am sure Isla is a better book for the time you've taken, too. August 14th can't come soon enough for me!

  26. Steph, this is wonderful news! I absolutely can't wait to read Isla and the Happily Ever After. The fact that it'll be released in the summer is icing on the cake because I *love* summer!

    More importantly, I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling better. It's so brave and inspiring of you to share what you're going through. It makes others feel less alone, so thank you! :)


  27. YAY! its been finalized! also this book comes out on my birthday so thats pretty exciting :) WE LOVE YOU STEPHANIE and were glad your feeling better! Also... the new covers are completely gorgeous! I seriously can not wait for Isla.

  28. Oooh, I know what that campaign is! Pre-order, and you get your very own Josh. I just love Joshes. Count me in!

    And congratulations, most wonderful Stephanie. This is the best. Love.

  29. Feels utterly odd scrolling through this and seeing my name on a book cover - it's such an unusual name, I'm not used to seeing it appear out of the blue - but I'm so unbelievably looking forward to reading about this girl who I share I name with. I adored Anna, but haven't yet had time to read Lola, so that's next on the list before August!
    You're a brave and lovely person, and I'm so glad you're doing well.

  30. I'm so very very happy for you!

  31. Anonymous2:03 PM GMT-5

    I love you. I love you. I love you and I LOVE YOU.
    You're my favorite author. I started reading Anna back in 9th grade and look at me I'm already graduating this year :3 I don't think you understand but I've read Anna almost maybe as much as I have read Harry Potter (which is A LOT). You've made me happy in so many ways in times I needed it the most.
    I love you and I can't wait for Isla. These characters, these people mean so much to me. Thank you for everything <3

  32. I'm late to this but ahhhh I'm so excited! Anna is one of my favourite worlds to live in (because Paris. but I definitely need to reread Lola, too) and just thinking about the world that will open up in this book makes me think magical dreamy thoughts. I'm so glad you're doing better, and I can't wait to read the book!

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