Happy Lola Week!

This week, I'm celebrating the release of Lola and the Boy Next Door in paperback!

I know I shouldn't play favorites, but dude. Lola's cover? Unquestionably my favorite. It's bold and bright and San Francisco-y and a little bit punk rock. Just like Lola herself.

This book has been a JOURNEY, and I'm honestly taken aback by how . . . relieved I feel to have reached this milestone. Longtime blog readers know that Lola (or "that bitch Lola," as dubbed by dear friend Gayle) was not easy to write. Or revise.

Or, sadly, publicize.

I was fortunate to tour with it twice, but—as anyone who saw me on any of those stops can attest—I was still so shaken by the decade (DECADE) of agony (LEGITIMATE AGONY) that this book caused me that I was unable to actually talk about it. Thank goodness people were more than happy to talk about Anna!

But . . . I'm coming out of the Lola closet now. I'm ready to talk.

I love this book.

And I never thought I'd be able to say that, and my eyes just welled with tears as I typed it, because it's finally true. I'm proud of the hard work (SO MUCH HARD WORK) that went into it. I'm proud that I never gave up. I'm proud that I wrote and rewrote and rewrote this story until it clicked, until it reached that glorious stage where it blossomed into something so much bigger than its original idea.

I'm so, so grateful for the attention and love and devotion that Anna has received, but I must confess that nothing feels better professionally than when a reader approaches me in a signing line and says that Lola is their favorite.

And I always know when it's coming.

Lola-girls are special. Lola-girls have been through it. And Lola-girls have come out stronger on the other side. We're like . . . a tribe. And I can spot the other members a mile away.

My greatest fear as an author is that I will never write a book that is more loved than Anna. But my greatest hope—and I always try to focus on the hope, always focus on hope—is that each book I write will bring new readers to my signing lines. I hope Isla and the Happily Ever After will have Isla-girls. I hope my horror novel will have horror-freaks. And I hope whatever comes next will have whatever-comes-next-fans. If every book touches at least one reader in that way, I will know that I'm doing my job.

So thank you, Lola-girls. Thank you for saving this book, and thank you for helping to save me.

On to the celebrations!

I'll be giving away ALL OF THE BOOKS in the above picture this week on Twitter. All of them! Signed and personalized! I have ten paperbacks of Lola in English, plus several copies in Spanish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, and Czech.

Here's the official schedule:

MONDAY: two paperback giveaways on Twitter
TUESDAY: two paperback giveaways on Twitter + a chat with @PenguinTeen about Lola at 7pm EST (Ask me anything!)
WEDNESDAY: two paperback giveaways on Twitter + the release of Lola's soundtrack on 8tracks (Anna's soundtrack is already here)
THURSDAY: two paperback giveaways + all of the foreign giveaways (both on Twitter)
FRIDAY: two paperback giveaways on Twitter + a deleted scene from Lola here on my website

Yeah? Yeah? Does that sound good??

As far as what time of day the giveaways will occur, I'm sorry. I can't plan that far in advance. My writing schedule is too day-to-day. But I can guarantee that I will never give anything away before noon EST. I'm a late sleeper.

All righty. Off to publish this post and publicize it and give away some paperbacks!

(And then write. Because seriously. I have to finish Isla this month. Cripes.)


  1. Yay! I told you at LeakyCon that Anna was my comfort book (yes, hi, me again), which is true, but I am actually a good 85 percent Lola-girl, so this makes me happy. So great to know you can finally say you love it as well :)

  2. I'm an Anna devotee, but Cricket is my crush!

  3. As much as I loved Anna, Lola was my book. I don't completely understand why but something about Lola's story clicked so well with me. I rarely re-read a book in it's entirety right after I've just finished reading it but I did with Lola. Thank you for writing a book that has become so special to me!

  4. YAY! I am very excited for this! I read Anna and the French Kiss and I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT. After reading it, I looked up your website and I AM SO FREAKING GLAD I DID. You have an amazing personality!

  5. Wow, I'm so glad you posted this, because I thought I was the only one who liked Lola best! Don't get me wrong; I loved Anna. But Lola is definitely my favorite. I love the setting, I love the character, and I think the plot is just lovely. Congrats on the paperback release. Can't wait to see it on shelves!

    EDIT: And yes! I remember putting in my end of the year top 5: http://fromelysium.blogspot.com/2012/12/end-of-year-top-5.html

    Also, wanted to add that I adore the new cover and can't wait to get the complete matching set. Excited for Isla. Good luck!

  6. Stephanie! I rarely read contemporaries. I just never feel they are as real enough or that they really don't give a certain issue or focus the respect it deserves. I had always seen your books on the shelf. I thought they were cute but I just didn't want to read them because I didn't want to be disappointed. After meeting you at RT2012 I just had to pick them up. Your personality and the great advise you gave aspiring writers was golden and made me want to give the series a chance. I'm truly glad I did. I loved Anna but I fell in love with Lola. I remember reading some of the reviews about Lola's book and thinking "why does everyone like Anna more?". Being from Chicago, I had classes with Lola-girls. I was Lola to a point. I live around Lola-girls. I felt she was the most realistic character I had read in a long time.

    You did write a better book than Anna and it was Lola's book. Isla will be a better book than Lola's, I'm sure. If by chance it's not then that is fine with me because I'm in love with Lola!

    Also, your book is not just for girls. My son has listened to both your books at least 10 times each since I introduced them to him. He wants to visit both cities because of your books. He's more open minded because of your books. My niece, who received your book while at the teen RT2012 bash, loves your books, loved you after speaking to you and is definitely a Lola-girl and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I have a soft spot for the original covers because I see a bit of you in each of the girls on the covers but if you love these covers then all I can say is AWESOME!!

    Keep up the awesome work you do. I can't wait to read your next bit of awesomeness.

    Mirely @ Rumor Has It

  7. Ooh, I'll need to remember to check Twitter on Thursday because I would love to win a (Brazilian) Portuguese copy for the local branch of my public library, which has a special collection of materials in Portuguese. My area has many Brazilian and Portuguese residents. If I won a Spanish copy, I would donate it to another branch that has a Spanish collection.

  8. Cheers to you and Lola! I'm definitely a Lola-girl. I push Anna more, because I feel it has a more universal appeal, but there's something about Lola that sticks with me just so. Anna is the book of my head, but Lola is the book of my heart. It hits me every time. So much so much.

  9. Michelle Andreani2:23 PM GMT-5

    Oh my goodness, this post made me smile so much!! I adore adore adore LOLA. It just makes my heart so happy.

    I remember telling a friend how much I love the book and she answered, "Well, that's because you're just like Lola." COME ON. It's like the nicest thing anyone's said to me. ;)

    Congrats to you Stephanie!!! Thank you for Lola and Cricket and the whole gang. <3

  10. When I read Lola the first time, it took me a while to get through. I definitely still preferred Anna. However, after a second read, I ate Lola up. I understood her and her story more, and I realized that I related to it pretty heavily.

  11. I really loved reading ANNA and LOLA. I read a lot of YA contemporaries, and your books are among my favorite ever. I slightly preferred Anna to Lola, because I connected more with Anna's character as well as with the setting. I also stop by this blog fairly often to see what else you are writing, thinking, or recommending. I'm not sure that we'd have much in common as people, but you are friendly online and I like that. I realize that you wrote this post with good intentions, but after reading it, I feel like you made assumptions about certain life experiences I've had and how I've dealt with them, and based on those assumptions, you've decided I'm less important to you as a reader.

    You talk about Lola girls. "Lola girls are special. Lola girls have been through it." I'm guessing that when you write this, you are referring to readers who like and relate to Lola because they see some of themselves in her (or because they are like her, even if they don't necessarily see it).

    Okay, fine. I wouldn't consider myself particularly similar to Lola, and while I loved her story, I preferred reading Anna's. I'm not exactly like her, but I do see where we have traits in common. When you say that "Lola girls have been through it. And Lola girls have come out stronger on the other side," I feel as though you are making presumptions about me as an Anna fan. How do you know that I haven't had tough experiences that have made me stronger? While you don't go so far as to exclude Anna fans from the category of people who have "been through it", I feel as though creating a category of "Lola girls" and telling me what you've been through and how you dealt with it has that effect.

    I have been through hard things in my life. I am going through hard things right now! There are some elements in this life that we do not have control over, and sometimes we go through hard things. It happens to everyone. Some people may not discuss the tough parts of their life openly. For example, parts of my personal life are currently like a roller coaster, but I only care to discuss that with a particular set of people.

    If you can connect better with other readers who are more like Lola than I or who preferred that book, I have no problems with that. I realize that as an author, you're bound to have better connections with some readers than others, just like I connect well with some authors and not others. I just ask that while you form connections and friendships with some readers that you not make assumptions about the rest of us. I may not be a Lola girl, but I'd like to think that if I engaged you in a discussion about my life experience or self as it pertains to your books, that you would listen to me as non-judgmentally and carefully as you would to any other reader.

  12. I smiled throughout this entire post. It makes me so incredibly happy to know that you are happy! I'm so so so glad. Keep rockin' it Steph <3

  13. I heard once that you weren't happy with Lola and The boy next door. I honestly didn't believe it I couldn't fathom how anyone would not love this amazing book. I remember when I first read it I was so amazed and kept looking up from the screen to see if everyone around me was going through the same thing, the same "oh my my this is so new in a weird crazy beautiful way and I'm in loooove" but unfortunately everyone kept going through their lives normally. Till today I still read it whenever I'm down or having this phase where I can't find any good new book. So yes you can see that Lola is my favorite God knows Cricket Bell threw me off the hook and I love him dearly. You can't imagine how happy I am now to hear that you are satisfied with the result. Lola and The Boy Next Door will always be special to me and no matter how many amazing books I'll encounter I'll always remember it and I'll always go back to reading it cause it's that kind of book.
    Although I have a question where is the other cover? The one with Lola and Cricket on it? I was seriously sad to see it gone. It was what first drew me to the book *shuffles feet embarrassingly*

  14. I must admit Lola is my favorite :) I even almost named Ava Lola but her Dad didn't agree.

  15. Yeah, I'll forever be a Lola girl. Just as I am a Blood and Starlight girl. Everyone talks about the first love, but the second one. The second one gives you battle scars.

  16. Dear Stephanie. I am totally a lola girl. This book was fan-freakin-tastic and I LOVED it. You did awesome.

  17. STEEEEEPH Lola deleted chapter?

  18. Yeah! that sounds really great. I am gonna get lola book on weekend. Schedule is quite crazy, i will follow you on twitter to get the copy of this book in English.