ANNA is $2.99 today!

Just a reminder . . . TODAY (SUNDAY) IS THE DAY.

One day only!
Anna and the French Kiss!

Available for purchase from:

Barnes and Noble

“Holy SNOOD do I love this book!”
John Green, NYT bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars

“Magical. Anna and the French Kiss really captures the feeling of being in love.”

Cassandra Clare, NYT bestselling author of The Mortal Instruments series

“Very romantic. You should date this book.”

Maureen Johnson, NYT bestselling author of The Name of the Star

“Tantalizing pacing, sparkling repartee, vibrant supporting characters…”

Gayle Forman, NYT bestselling author of If I Stay

Anna and the French Kiss charms [readers] with its Parisian setting and très bien boy.”


“Smart and sensual, Anna and the French Kiss is everything your heart is longing for. You’ll want to live inside this story forever.”

Lisa McMann, NYT bestselling author of the Wake trilogy

“You’re in for a very special treat”

 Lauren Myracle, NYT bestselling author of Shine

“Smart dialogue, fresh characters, plenty of tingly interactions. Sarah Dessen fans will welcome another author who gracefully combines love and realism.”

Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Thank you for helping me spread the word, everyone! I've been so happy and overwhelmed by your support. I can't wait to share Anna's deleted chapter with you later this week!


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM GMT-5

    Hi Stephanie! I was going to buy the book (it's one of my favourites!) but right now on Kobo, it's still listed as 10.99? Sorry to bug you, thought I would let you know! :)

    1. When I click the Kobo link, it says $2.99. Hmm. Do you live in the States?

    2. Anonymous5:23 PM GMT-5

      I do not! I live in Canada. I hadn't realized that it was only in the States, is that the case?

    3. I couldn't get confirmation from my publisher, but the sale does appear to be only here. I'm so sorry. Thank you for trying.

    4. It's not on sale here either. Not that I need another copy! (And I've already forced it on everyone I know.)

  2. Anonymous6:26 PM GMT-5

    That's okay, thanks for looking into it! I look forward to reading the deleted chapter. :)

  3. I posted you a comment but teh Internet eated it.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I had your books on my library TBR pile FOREVER, but never get around to them until I was sick in bed last weekend and read LOLA twice and ANNA three times and when I could finally get out of bed and look you up to see whatever else you had written (and also to gush in an embarrassing fangirl fashion) I had missed this sale BY ONE DAY.

    The trauma of which nearly sent me back to bed with a relapse, I tell you.

    But instead I took my vengeance by shoving your books in the hands of all those whom I knew would love them, so I could spread the agony of waiting for ISLA far and wide.