And in the end . . .

I have been remiss. The conclusion to a series near and dear to my heart is available now for your reading pleasure!

I love Kiersten White's Paranormalcy trilogy for its sharp wit, for the strength and continued growth of its main character, for the supernatural-but-NOT-melodramatic bond between Evie and her boyfriend, for what it has to say about the choices we make, and for the way it never resists the opportunity to turn a paranormal cliché on its head. It's been an honor to have been a critique partner on this series, to have watched Kiersten and Evie grow together . . . and then to have watched them blossom apart.

Endlessly is a perfect conclusion. The kind that you don't expect until you're right there, the kind where you find yourself shaking your head in delight and thinking back to everything that's come before it and saying to yourself, "Of course. Of course."

If you haven't picked it up yet, I hope you'll make it the next on your list.

Also . . . I mean . . . JACK.

I REALLYREALLYREALLY like the impish Jack.*

*So much so that I essentially demanded that Kiersten put him in the final book. He was only supposed to be in Supernaturally. Hee hee.**

**And that's why it's awesome to be a critique partner.


  1. Thank you for demanding Jack make an appearance. He's one of my favorite characters--such a naughty boy. ENDLESSLY is a fantastic end to a fun and well-written series!

    1. YAY! Oh, that makes me incredibly happy to hear you say that. I love all of the characters, but when Jack first stepped onto the page, I was immediately like HIM!!! HIM!!!!!! MORE OF HIM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

      Hee hee.

      And I'm so glad you liked the conclusion as much as I did. :-)

  2. I was so stoked to see Jack again! I should have known you were behind it.

  3. I can't imagine ENDLESSLY without Jack, and it WAS the perfect ending. :o)

  4. hahaha. gotta love the pull of the critique partner! :) Can't wait to finish the series. She really lucked out on all her covers too, wow.

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