Where To Find Me

Moi and Beth Revis (photo by Erin Brethauer)

I've been feeling scatterbrained for the last few months, thus explaining my recent absence from these parts. But no worries. I still love blogging, and I'm still here!

While I continue to cross off items (loooong overdue) from my to-do list, here are two places where you can find me elsewhere right now:

(1) Local authors/friends Beth Revis, Megan Shepherd, and I were interviewed for the Asheville Citizen-Times about The Hunger Games. It's a positive article about YA literature and the YA community, which is . . . refreshing.

(2) One of my role models, the wise and talented Sara Zarr, interviewed me for her This Creative Life podcast. It was only her second episode, and I'm honored to have been asked. Sara and I discuss some of the uglier aspects of writing professionally — burnout, failure, envy — but in a way which, in the end, I believe is also quite positive.

I met Sara last November in Chicago, and I remember actually grabbing her arm as she was about to get into a taxi and blubbering and stuttering about how much her work means to me. Ah hem. This is NOT how I would recommend introducing yourself to ANYONE, but, thankfully, she must have recognized something in my eyes, and we went out for coffee. Ha!

(Thank you for taking a chance on me, Sara.)

I'll be back here on the blog later this week with a TON of new tour dates. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM GMT-5

    OOOO exciting! I am praying for some tour dates in the UK, please?!!
    Glad your back (you've been missed!) and still alive, and have not been buried alive by your to-do list.

  2. Nice quotes in the article. Listening to podcast now.

  3. Done! Great stuff. And deep! Thanks for being so honest.

  4. Wonderful! I LOVE Sara Zarr.

  5. I second the request for UK tour dates! I've just read (and loved) both of your books for the first time, and I'd love the chance to meet you and get them signed one day.

  6. I really loved your podcast, Stephanie! :D


  7. Anonymous9:56 PM GMT-5

    I hope you'll be coming back to San Francisco soon!!! :)


  8. I did the same thing when I met Sara Zarr so you are not alone.