Please Consider Signing This Bully Petition

Today in heartbreaking news:

The upcoming documentary Bully has been given an R rating, keeping it from the people who need it the most. Teenagers. The full story is here, and it contains a petition to lower the rating so that the film can be shown in schools.

While I'm sadly skeptical that a petition can change the rating, I . . . don't know what else to do. Teens need to see this film. My hope is that if it gets enough signatures (the goal is 100,000), at least it might earn another discussion with the MPAA. At least more people will hear that this film even exists.

Watch this trailer. Think about the boy who says, "I feel kind of nervous going to school, because I like learning, but I have trouble making friends."

And then please, please, please consider signing the petition.

If you're a YA blogger, author, agent, editor, etc.: I sincerely hope you'll spread the word about this film. It needs our voices.