Resolutions + ISLA News

Hello, friends!


I love a new year. The first of January is the ultimate fresh start, yes? I love the resolutions, the empty calendars, the feeling that this year — this year — will be a great one.

The key to resolution-making is, of course, modesty. In high school, my lists were lengthy and zealous and could basically be summarized as "become perfect." (Exercise every day. Eat healthy. Sit up straight. Read Sartre. Become fluent in Tibetan. Stop farting. Etc.) Now I aim for achievable.

I don't normally share my resolutions, because the process feels somewhat like wish-making on a birthday candle, and everyone knows that birthday wishes must be kept private in order to come true.

But . . . it's not my birthday. And this does feel like a different sort of year.

So here they are:

HOME RESOLUTION: Beautify one room in my house per month. I've already started, and my January room is the guest bedroom. I'll show you the before-and-afters in a few weeks. (I love before-and-afters, don't you?!?) I want to fill my everyday life with more beauty.

WORK RESOLUTION: Tap into a second market. I'm extraordinarily grateful to have such TREMENDOUS support in the online YA communities (thank you, thank you, thank you!), and I'd like to broaden Anna and Lola's audience into the adult romance market. I'm currently scheming.

PERSONAL RESOLUTION: I was inspired by this TED video (which was inspired by the work of Morgan Spurlock) to try something new for thirty days. I'm starting with a resolution regarding my work habits, but I love the flexibility and freedom of this plan. I also hope to spend one month drawing every day, another taking a daily walk.

Now . . . I realize that many of you have already skipped ahead and are searching for the news about Isla and the Happily Ever After. I wanted to start with the resolutions, because the news I have somewhat ties in.

Bear with me for another moment.

Last year was hard for me. Very hard. So hard that I don't talk about it publicly — and what I have shared with you (mainly here on my blog) is only the tippy-top of the dangerous iceberg. I will try to say the following in the most simple manner possible.

Finishing Lola was the hardest thing that I have ever done. It left me mentally, physically, and spiritually barren. I was close to quitting . . . everything. It's taken me a long time to recover, and I'm only feeling like myself again now, about six months later. As I've learned with many hard situations in life, the only thing that can really heal a person is time.

What I'm saying is this: I need more time.

And my publisher has been kind enough to grant it to me.

Isla and the Happily Ever After is officially a 2013 release. Much of the novel is written, the cover has been shot, people are excited, but . . . it is not yet ready for the world. I could give you the book this fall, and it would be a good book, but I do not believe that it would be a great one.
It's still missing the heart, the love, the passion. I haven't had the opportunity to do the research that I enjoy. To do the multiple drafts and critiques and daydreaming and brainstorming. Those things that make good books great, those things that require time.

I spent much of last year feeling pained and disappointed in myself that I am not a fast writer. My original career goal was to release one book a year for my first five years, and after that I would become an every-other-year author.

But my brain doesn't work like that.

I am not happy when pushed to such extremes. My rigorous schedule turned something I love into something that made me miserable. I remember telling my editor last spring that if the process of writing Isla was anything like the process of writing Lola, then Isla would be my last book. I couldn't and wouldn't go on like that.

The good news is that this sort of over-dramatic sentiment, while true, is the sort that escapes one's lips when one is simply tired. When one needs time to heal.

I made a promise to myself, a resolution, to NEVER work to that extreme again. And, because of it, I have been healing. And I'm falling back in love with my craft.

I'm not sure what month in 2013 that Isla will be published. Again, time will tell. But I am so grateful for my husband, my agent Kate, my editor Julie, my friends, family, and everyone at Dutton and Penguin for being so supportive of this decision. It was not an easy one to make. I absolutely feel as if I am disappointing you, my readers.

So I want to take this opportunity to state very, very clearly: I was the one who pushed back my release date. Not my publisher. They have only been kind and understanding. I made the decision.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I hope — in time — you'll understand.

Happy New Year. I hope 2012 brings you happiness and good books.


EDITED TO ADD, AFTER READING YOUR COMMENTS: I should have stated my work resolution more clearly! While I have tentative, way-in-the-future plans to write in the adult market, I was actually referring to getting my young adult novels in the hands of more adult readers.


  1. *applause*

    Stephanie, this is so brave. Also, SO human and understandable. I saved a few lines for myself because they are SO. FREAKING. ME.

    (Only I don't actually have the agent or book deal yet... Working on it!)

    Thank you for being so honest, and for wanting to give us the best books you can. So far you've done a great job. :)

  2. PS: Wow, I think I used up the world's quota of "so"s for today...

  3. I am not disappointed in the least, Stephanie. I completely agree...almost enough to be disappointed if you pushed yourself to hard.

    In terms of healing, I can offer only one piece of advice: Florence + The Machine. Trust me.


  4. I totally understand why you had to do this, and I completely respect that you were able to step back and do what's best for you. Plus, I know it will be completely worth the wait. :)

  5. Before and after pictures are always the best. And if you wrote adult books, I would totally read them, even though I don't usually.

    Also, like I said on twitter, something about Christmas and waiting being a good thing and etc - we don't mind! We can happily wait until 2013 for the book you want to put out. Especially if it means you're enjoying writing more.

  6. While I am eager to gobble up Isla's adventures, I would much rather read an Isla that YOU are happy with than one you aren't. I can easily wait for your brilliance. You aren't disappointing anyone. You're just letting your feast stew in the pot for a little longer. :)

    (PS...My word verification word is "terders" and the 6 year old in me is giggling. :D )

  7. *hugs*

    That sounds like it was the right decision for you. And I personally would be WAY more disappointed if you quit altogether.

  8. Some readers may be upset by this, but frankly, they won't be when ISLA is released. It pays off so much more in the end to wait another year for something infinitely better, something born from joy and love as opposed to something born of late nights spent poring over the computer screen. Your books are your babies. You need to love them, or the readers can't expect to love them. This was definitely the best choice. I wish the best of luck to you. <3

  9. You know what, I'm kind of glad you decided to take this time to finish Isla properly. It shows that you care about the story, most of all, and that means it must be one hell of a story.
    And, if it's any reward for the hard time you had writing Lola, I'm here to tell you how much I loved that book. I loved Anna, I really did. And I thought for sure there was no way Lola could top it, but it did (in my heart, at least). So yeah, your work was not in vain!
    I'm not going to lie, I was really looking forward to Lola. BUT, let's do the Pollyanna and think like this: well, there's 10 bucks I can spend with another book until Isla comes out. And God know how big my wishlist is.
    Do not worry. We still love you, and Anna, and Lola, and somehow, Isla.

  10. *hugs*
    I am not disappointed at all. I admire you for making this decision, and for making sure you give your fans the best book you can. We all love you very much, and we will be here whether ISLA is published in a month or in five years.

    No matter when it is published, I am confident that ISLA will be worth the wait :)

  11. You are delightful and lovely and fabulous. You take the time you need. No book is more important than taking care of yourself. Your readers will understand and love you more for caring enough to want the best!

  12. Anonymous5:15 PM GMT-5

    Thank you for writing such amazing books and blog posts.
    It is TOTALLY understandable for you to push the release date back. Your happiness and stability comes first and the book, second. Don't worry about disappointing anyone!

    I'll be happy to read Isla, whenever it comes out.

  13. The magic I've found in your books is definitely worth the wait. I'll continue to look forward to all the fun ahead whenever Isla is released!

    And! I'm super excited by the idea of you writing books for the adult market. :D

  14. Hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do! Don't worry, your fans will still be around in 2013 (unless, of course, that blasted zombie apocalypse comes around.) Take care of YOU.

  15. I just want to give you a big huge squeezy (((hug))). I won't lie, I'm longing for Isla something fierce and I'm a little sad that it won't be released until 2013. BUT, I want to read more lovely books of yours for YEARS to come! I'm glad that you're able to recognize how you work best, and set your own timeline. I love that you research and nurture your works of art. Thank you. I wish you all the best in the new year, and look forward (desperately) to reading Isla once I'm able to get my greedy paws on it ;).

    Much love,
    ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte aka fangirl #3898217

  16. Wow Stephanie, this actually made me feel a bit validated--my writing habits, that is. And I stand and applaud you too! Because you've been on a whirlwind (I imagine) and to step back and remember WHY you are doing this is very strong and brave (and SANE, actually).

    One of my book clubs is reading Lola right now (and I am as we speak *holds book to nose*) and I'm sucked in as much as I was with Anna.

    So THANK YOU for begin fabulous! I look forward to your long career as an author (no matter the genre)!

  17. *hugs* Not at all disappointed! Of course I'm really looking forward to reading ISLA, but you're more important! We're here for you, and we'll eagerly read ISLA whenever you feel that you are ready and you feel the book is ready. :)

    *more hugs*

  18. We aren't disappointed--Isla will be worth the wait. Don't you worry about us for another second! Take your time to make it the best it can be. You need to love what you do, and what you create. We want to keep reading your stories for years to come, so kudos to you recognizing that ugly wall before you slammed into it face first.

    :::scampers off to read Anna and Lola again:::

    :::waits patiently for Isla:::

    Your resolutions sound fantastic! I plan on a similar room-by-room task, but it's more deep-cleaning related. Best wishes for your 2012! It's going to be fabulous :)

  19. Anonymous5:22 PM GMT-5

    Well done for having the guts to do what is right for you Stephanie. There is no point in doing something that is going to make you ill, and fall out of love with the one hobby you love the most. I confess I am disappointed that I won't be able to read ISLA this year, but I will wait (as will all your other wonderful fans) and it will be all the more sweeter when I do finally get to read it, when you are happy with it. Plus I would most certainly wait a little while longer than risk the chance of never reading another one of your glorious books.
    Good luck to you this year, I hope it is a fantastic one for you.

  20. No disappointment here, I promise. It's your book, and you should take your time to finish it the way you feel comfortable; and I'm sure none of your fans want you to suffer like that ever again.

    A book every other year is fast enough, you don't have to make yourself miserable trying to be faster. As much as we're anxious to read Isla, we also worry about your well-being ;)

  21. A Stephanie Perkins novel is NOT merely a good book, but indeed a great one. I will happily, though impatiently (:P), wait the time it takes for you to weave the next story.

    Your words are magic, Stephanie, of the purest kind. I wouldn't want anything to tarnish that. Good luck! <333

  22. Books take time. So does creativity. As for us readers, we will simply be pleased to read it when we can. :)

  23. Bravo Steph!

    Not many people have the guts to admit that they need to take more time, especially when they have the eyes of an audience on them.

    How can we be disappointed? We have no right to be disappointed by a decision that will not only help the books we love, but the author who sacrifices so much to bring them to us.

    We love you!


  24. I love your books, Stephanie, and I'm happy to wait as long as it takes for you to feel ready to give us ISLA. Good luck! I hope that 2012 is a year of healing and joy for you.

  25. Stephanie, Anna and Lola are so REAL they obviously come from your heart. I'd much rather wait for an Isla that comes from your heart too - however long that takes.

    Please, take the time you need to be happy with creating that perfect world and perfect girl for all of us to read. All good things are worth the wait, right?

    (My 4 year old is named Isla... every time I see your title it just makes me smile!)

  26. Take all the time you need. YOU are so much more important than any book.

    It's so good to see your resolutions include other ways to stretch yourself creatively (drawing, decorating...) it sounds like you need some time to refresh & regroup and I'm so glad you're taking it.


  27. As a reader and writer I appreciate your honesty in this situation. It's easy in this age of instant gratification for people to forget how much actual time and effort goes into crafting an amazing novel. Besides your honesty, I appreciate the fact that you want to give your audience a great book, not an okay one, not a mediocre one, but a great one, with heart and soul. I would rather wait for that great book than get something that wasn't quite ready. You have an awesome team that is obviously supportive of you as a person as well as a writer. What a tremendous blessing.

  28. Stephanie, I really admire you for taking these steps to be this honest with not only us but also yourself. I think it's really important for you to do what's best for you. Even though this decision means more waiting for Isla, I'm sure it will definitely be worth it in the end. :) I think you are a very brave person and wonderful writer.

    Happy New Year, Stephanie! Best of luck in 2012, and I look forward to reading more at Natural Artificial.


    The Red Angel Blog

  29. First: I have never really done much with my condo in the way of decorating but reading Laini's blog + Pinterest I have started to make my condo feel like a home and I can not wait to see the beautification!
    Second: My friend sister and I had a Bridget Jones Party this Christmas break, I am so excited about this adult market!!
    Third: I have been drawing, painting & being creative more and have been loving it!!
    Lastly: I don't think anyone would have you sacrifice your happiness and well being for a story. Be happy first we can wait for Isla.

  30. Katherine5:42 PM GMT-5

    Wow, I'm going to be honest here and tell you that this post made me cry. Not because I'm disappointed, but because you think we will be. Of course we want Isla! But we will just re-read ANNA and LOLA until it's out! I'm a teenage girl, and...I admire you SO much. I realize that all I know about you is over twitter and the blog, and of course your books. But, being honest here, I want to be like you. And.. to know how hard the writing thing is on you...Please, just do what you need to be happy. I'm desperately trying to see the happiness in the world, and you always struck me as someone who knows what life's about. You do what you have to do, and your readers will always support you.

  31. Katherine — Thank you. Your comment made me cry. Much love. xoxo

  32. The best things come to those that wait, and really, I've gotten very good at being patient. :) I admire you for doing what it takes to make ISLA the best book you can. Hope this year is kinder to you than last.

  33. Anonymous6:01 PM GMT-5

    I think it speaks loads about you as a human being and author that you're willing to wait until you can put out a 'great' product for your fans instead of just a good one. I'd much rather have the great than the good...I'm one fan who absolutely supports your choice to push Isla back, and I'll buy it whenever it comes out.

    Best wishes and loads of support to you!

  34. You should NOT be worried about disappointing us! I think we'd all rather have a great ISLA a year late and have the promise of more books from you than an ISLA this year and a beat Steph!!!

    Also I try to get ANNA and LOLA (and all other YA) into adult hands by reading them at the gym. I recommend loads of books this way!

  35. Anonymous6:20 PM GMT-5

    I support you Stephanie!! Enjoy your life and the writing will come when it's ready!

  36. I have such respect for this decision and know the tired feeling you're talking about all too well. It's hard and scary and unrelenting. Bravo for deciding to give yourself the time you need to take for your story to percolate into what you know it can be!

  37. I am really looking forward to reading about Isla and if I have to wait a bit longer and gets to read another amazing book, so be it! I thing I speak for all of us when I say that you can take all the time you need if that makes it so that you don't stop writing all together.
    Your books are so painfully beautifully written with great dialog and the wonderful scenes that makes you feel like you are there. If you rushed and let the old date stand then it wouldn't have been the kind of books we are used to get from you, filled whit so much heart.

    Only you know how you work (and if anyone tries to push you, kick them from me please :p )!

  38. Oh, almost forgot.

    I don't know what age group you think of when you say "more adult readers" but just so you know, I love your books and have read them and re-read them many times and I'm turning 23 soon (not old, but not a teenager anymore).

  39. It takes bravery to know your limits, and I respect you for knowing (and accepting!) when you have to take a break. I know Isla is going to be completely fantastic, no matter when it's released. :)

  40. Big hugs from this fangirl. I'm glad you made the decision that was right for you and I'm very appreciative that you decided to share so much of yourself and decision making with us.

    Good luck with all of your resolutions! I especially love the one about revamping a room per month. If only I were better at decorating and painting, I would make the same one myself. Heaven knows my house needs it. :)

    Happy New Year, Steph! I wish you and your adorable husband all the best!

  41. Major hugs and cheers. So glad you're keeping the joy and taking what you need to stay happy with your writing. All of your loyal fans will proudly wait patiently for you. And your loyal friends are here for whatever you need.

    Also: this just means that 2013 is going to be an AWESOME year. :)

  42. Thank you so much for taking the time to make ISLA the best book it can be. I think writing a book every other year (or writing a book at all!) is an amazing accomplishment, and you should never apologize for that. Happy New Year!

  43. I appreciated and needed this post so much today. So much. Thank you.

  44. No disappointment here. I'll wait as long as you need for me to wait! I'm sure many of us have been in similar situations where something we love has turned into our worst nightmare -- I know I have. You're brave enough to say ENOUGH and I admire that! I was never that brave and it's taken me much longer to start healing.

  45. This is nof disappointing news, really.. There are loads of good books out there to keep us occupied for a year... But there is no other Stephanie Perkins to write her books! Mental health & joy in what you do is SO much more important than being fast. Have fun!!! We'll still be here. :)

  46. Sorry to hear that you had such a hard time with Lola! I had no idea. Take as much time as you need, we wouldn't mind waiting. :) I would be happy to read anything that you write, whenever it will be released.

  47. *claps* you do what you have to do to make your work your own. I'm sure readers (myself included) would rather wait and read something great than something that's not your best.

    Just ummm, how about some deleted scenes from Anna & Lola to hold us over? pretty please?

  48. Did I mention that you could probably write copy on soup labels or cereal boxes and I'd read it? And laugh? def. no worries here.

  49. We all want you happy and healthy Stephanie! If Isla waits for that, so be it. Hugs!

  50. Even though I'm pretty sure a "good" book from you would be rather fantastic, I'm sure Isla will be worth the wait! Hope your 2012 is lanky lizards!

  51. I'm 29, I work in PR/marketing and I'm probably in the age range you're looking to target for the adult market. And I think Anna and Lola are just the books that women my age want to read...they just don't know they exist, and they might be too embarrassed to admit they're reading YA (it's sad, but true). My best suggestion would be targeting book clubs (online or otherwise) with something quirky and exclusive (like that scene that you auctioned off of Anna and Etienne). Your very wise marketing team probably already has that covered, though...

    What I really wanted to say is that I'm shocked that you think anyone would be disappointed in you for being true to yourself and wanting to give us a better book. I LOVE your books - I think they are some of the most unique, fun and intelligent romances in YA fiction today - but I think a big part of that is because you give so much of yourself in each book. It's obvious that every word, scene and moment in your books is intricately and deliberately crafted. I think I would be much more disappointing if you put out something you weren't happy with, and that didn't feel like you. I'm incredibly impressed and grateful to your publishers for giving you the time you need.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday and you're finding that spark again. Don't worry - your readers will always find you.

  52. Thank you for shedding a bit of light on this subject. And you have some awesome readers. And publishers. They're literally AWESOME for being so understanding. :]

  53. Happy New Year and Good Luck on your goals!

    I like that you'd rather take more time than just release the book and I hope you'll get it done to the point where you're satisfied with it. As a reader, I'm of course waiting for ISLA, but I think all (or at least most) of us are trusting you to make the right decision.

    Sorry to hear that you've gone through some hard times - I have not been a follower for long, so I think I have missed it. Or maybe you have not mentioned it in title.. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better now - and if not, that you will take the time to get to the point where you do. (I don't think anyone would appreciate you feeling miserable while writing a book that's supposed to make all of us feel great.)

    And it is not a disappointment. If you said: "Hey, I'm going to give you this book, it will be good, too, but don't expect another book as great as Lola or Anna!" or "Hey, I'm not really happy about what I wrote here, but it'll do." or "I know I can do better, but you're not worth it." I would probably be peeved, but this announcement actually proves that you are a great author - At least in my opinion.

    By the way, I am an adult reader (okay, I read adult books.. There's a difference here, right? Gah. According to German law, I'm adult, too.. Hm.) and usually rant about almost every YA novel I get to read, but I loved both Anna and Lola and hope more Adult readers will check them out! - I think many Adult readers expect YA heroines and heroes to be very naive, annoying, Mary Sues, etc. but certainly not what they would get if they read your novels. (Oh, how they should!)

    I would not mind you writing an Adult novel, though. (Seriously. Do it. Now. Please?)

  54. I'm just going to echo everyone else here, and say that it's obviously for the best that we have to wait a bit longer. I've been waiting to read Isla's story since ANNA, and I would much rather it be perfect than have it right now. You're awesome!

  55. Dissapointment?
    NEVER. You are a genious, and your words bring magic to my dull teenager high school days. Its so brave of you to know and accept how you work and I find it so moving how you care about your readers feelings. I just want to thank you for giving me all the romanticism,all the hope, all the whimsical moments and daydreams ( which my math teacher doesnt appreciate, but hey! She has not met Etienne St.Clair) over Anna and Lola.
    You are A W E S O M E :)

  56. Steph, you darling girl. You have so eloquently put into words stuff that I (and probably many other authors) are going through right at this very moment.

    Ah, to find that balance...

    This one thing keeps me going, as I trudge (slog, whatever) through my manuscripts--Franny Billingsley. I LOVED Chime...and I think it took her FOREVER to write it.

    But so worth the wait.

    You are doing the right thing for your soul. And a writer must have soul, mustn't she?



  57. I love your books. I would reread Anna and Lola everyday if given the chance, and not get sick of it. Your writing means the world to me. That being said, I completely and whole heartedly support the decision for you to push back Isla.

    I know I'm just a fan, one among very many and my support might not mean very much alone, but I want you to know you have it.

    Anna and Lola have so much heart, so much of you and many readers can see that. You funnel most of your heart and soul into those books. You put in every effort to make them the amazing stories they are.

    I would much, much, much rather have a 2013 release from a happy, confident and strong Stephanie than a mangled author on the floor with her soul ripped out of her to make a 2012 release date.

    It was YOUR decision and it was a damn good one. You need to help yourself, take care of yourself before you can think of pleasing anyone else.

    All my love and lots of time,

  58. You know, I love it that you requested to push the release date of Isla back. I admire you for not wanting to publish it this year because you want it to be great, not good. I wish more writers had that attitude.

  59. Please don't think we're disappointed with you! It's a brave thing to make a statement like this. I'd much rather you release a book you're completely happy with over one that you think is just okay, and if you need more time for that, it's perfectly okay.

    Now I have yet another thing to look forward to in 2013. :)

  60. I would just like to reiterate what everyone has been saying: Good for you for doing this! Absolutely no hard feelings. The last thing you want is to burn out. The last thing we want is for you to burn out! So, really, this is the most logical and acceptable choice all-around. Take some "you" time. Enjoy writing. Let the book be published when you are ready for it to be published.

    Rest assured that everyone will still be excited in 2013. You are that good. ;)

  61. Head up, young person. :)
    Remember that open letter I wrote you a few weeks back? I meant every word. Lola, a labour of love and a triumph for you both inside and out! It meant so much to me and many others. Your heart was out for us to read and I cannot thank you enough for sharing that bit of yourself with us.
    And, 2013 just got a whole lot more exciting! And trust me when I say we'll be waiting and happily rereading. Anna was wonderful but Lola was exceptional and If you need time so you're proud of yourself then please take time! Your readers would rather wait than get half-assed. We prefer whole-assed Steph!
    Keep your head up, Steph. Take heart in the fact that you're not the only one giving 2011 the one finger salute and be proud of who you are and your truth and faith in yourself.
    No one does what you do as well as you do.
    Take your time and make yourself whole then make yourself proud, please. <3 BooknerdBecca

  62. I am so, so glad you have an agent, editor and publisher who have made it possible for you to take more time while with the book when it's needed. It makes me happy for you, and for other writers who may be in that situation in the future. Really hope 2012 is an awesome year for you.

  63. Also - yes! Can totally see ANNA and LOLA working in the adult romance market, given they're on-the-cusp-of-adulthood-ness. Hope that works out.

  64. First off: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    And I think it's great idea to have Anna and Lola marketed to an adult audience as well, I mean, I'm 24 (and imagine myself an adult) and I absolutely LOVED Anna! I need to read Lola soon!
    And if a book, and maybe more importantly the author, needs more time, I think we can all hold our breath a little longer ;)

  65. *Super Hugs* I love that you did that! I think a lot of people feel similar to you in that respect and never have the courage to say anything. And I LOVE your resolutions. Resolution 1 is basically my resolution this year--make my life beautiful. I've been cooking and baking, dressing up, making hair pieces, knitting scarfs, doing whatever I can to make and see beautiful things everywhere I go. Now I am even more excited for Isla. I've felt a lot of times when reading a book that if only the author had one more year...so it will be great and so happy you'll have a chance to truly experience your creative and beautiful process!

  66. I have so, so, so much respect for this decision. You shouldn't feel like you have to sacrifice your happiness, or feel in anyway unhappy with the book your publishing just so we don't have to wait a little longer. I'm sure when the book does come out, it'll have been well worth the wait. And I think recognizing limits is always a good, healthy thing.

    And also, as someone who does really look up to you as a writer, I just really, really appreciate the honesty.

  67. I would much rather have an Isla book in my hands next year that you feel is ready to share with the world than one this year that you don't feel is done at all.
    I'm proud of you, Steph. For doing what you need to do, for ALL that you do.
    There's a reason I look up to you - and it's because you're awesome.

  68. I'm QUITE excited for ISLA, but more importantly, I'm happy that you are taking care of yourself and making sure your love of your craft comes first. A few months of waiting is nothing compared to that, and will give us a better book in the end :) Happy new year and have fun with your new goals!

  69. I'll be honest: I'm bummed that I have to wait to read ISLA. But I'm also bummed I can't read it RIGHT NOW, and that was never going to happen.

    As excited as I am for the next book, and as much as I want to read it now, I would rather you take care of YOU and take the time you need than try to rush a book out.

    You are very brave to recognize what you need and to go against trend to take care of yourself. Kudos!

  70. Steph please please please don't feel like you're letting us down! At least in my eyes, the most important thing is that you are healthy and loving what you're doing. And if that meant that we wouldn't get to read Isla until 2020, I would be okay with that. (I would just have to reread Anna and Lola over...and over...and over...and over...and over...and over....and over again!) Good for you for realizing that you need to take the time to allow yourself to love writing again, and making Isla the best book it can be!

    As for the resolutions, I love the idea of the 30 day challenge! I think I'm gonna pick up on that.

  71. I agree with the other comments, I think you are very brave to admit this to everyone on your blog, and if anything you deserve all the time you need, we are going to read it, but it's YOUR book and YOUR characters, you are the one who knows when it's going to be truly done. I, as a fan of your work, will buy ISLA whenever it comes out, whether is in 2013 or in 2020! And I have no doubt that it'll be an amazing read.

    Best of luck to you this year! And thank you for the honesty :D Happy new year!

  72. I would be more disappointed if you stopped writing entirely than I am right now having to wait only a little longer for Isla. Lola was one of my favorite books this year and I'm thankful that you care so much about giving us a great book, rather than one that is good enough.

  73. Stephanie--

    I'm not disappointed at all! In fact, you've given me the first thing I'm looking forward to in 2013!!!

    This is such a brave, wise act! Don't think of it as letting your readers down. Think of it as fighting for ISLA, giving her the time and space she needs to sparkle. Also, giving *yourself* the time you need to live and breathe and work and play again. We heart Stephanie, just like we heart Anna and Lola, and like we WILL heart Isla. We root for you like we root for them.

    Fondly, your devoted reader,

    P.S. I'm 25, and I recommend your books to ALL my friends. So, your books are catching on among adult readers around me. ;-)

  74. Hear, hear. I applaud your decision and resolutions. And even though I do not, in general, enjoy waiting, I would much prefer to wait and have you remain sane so you could write more books for me to look forward to than to have Isla come out sooner but know it's the only one.

    Take good care of yourself, and best of luck as you finish Isla! (And make sure you look at plenty of pictures of HBMs. They're a necessary part of the healing process.)

  75. Honestly, don't even worry about it! I loved Anna and Lola, and because I love them (and you) so much, I am more than happy to wait as you write and become yourself again. We're always here to support you, first and foremost.
    Good luck with writing and accomplishing your resolutions!

  76. A sane and happy Stephanie is what matters most - take all the time you need! To be honest, the close release dates of Anna & Lola were awesome, but definitely not something that I expect for all of your books (or anyone's). What matters is that the book comes out when it's ready and when you're happy with it (I would feel terrible if you published Isla when you weren't happy with it just to appease your fans). We'll still be here in a year or five. So keep blogging, keep writing how it works for you, and keep having fun! And have an awesome year. :D

  77. I'm most definitely not disappointed! For one thing, it's nice to have something to look forward to in 2013 :) At the end of the day, Stephanie comes first, not ANNA, LOLA, or ISLA. Based on your books, blogs, and Tweets you are clearly an awesome person with a lot of interests and passion, writing being one of them. I'm much more interested in reading a book that you feel great about instead of one you wrote when you were exhausted and handed in under the wire. I think the fact that you admitted to needing more time shows great commitment not only to yourself but also to your readers, because you want us to read the best book possible. So thank you. Plus, you need time that's just for you.

    Also, I'm currently studying to be a children's and teen services librarian. I don't know what library I'll be working at later in my career, but I'll make sure it owns all of your books. Good luck finishing Isla!


  78. We, your readers, will wait as long as you need to finish your book. I don't care if it take 10 years for you to finish Isla, I'll wait. I got Lola for Christmas and I was so excited! I love your books, and I hope that you take as long as you need to heal from this past year. I'd never be disappointed in an author who wants the best for her readers (and also writes the most fantastic, hilarious, and romantic books ever). Good luck this year!

  79. Lola was fabulous, Steph, even better than Anna. Take your time and be happy. I hope 2012 is a MUCH better year. :o)

  80. I applaud you for wanting to produce that best book that you can! Take care of yourself!

  81. I have no problem with waiting. I'd rather read the one you're more proud of then the one you thought you needed to do because it had to be done. :)

  82. I really liked Lola--and it's funny you mentioned needing time to go above and beyond with Isla, because I remember thinking there was just some special extra "magic" that made Lola a story that stays with me.
    And after reading your post, I keep thinking of the movie City Slickers--when Billy Crystal "found his smile." I hope you find yours soon :)

  83. Hello. :) I wonder one thing, how do you come up ideas for your books? Everyone seems to love them and I've hardly seen anyone complain about them. This was a really random question but I have wondered for a long time now. By the way, I'll buy the home Anna and the French Kiss tomorrow. Are very excited to see what everyone is talking about. :d

  84. Don't worry--it's more important that you be healthy and happy than to have Isla out so soon. And, as I've only heard people rave about both Anna and Lola, I imagine your readers will be sticking around, no matter how long it takes. I know I will! ^_^ Take care!

  85. I just wanted to say that as someone who writes I know how hard and frustrating it can be to do so sometimes. I can only imagine the added pressure you must feel dealing with publishing deadlines and knowing that your fans are excited and anxious for that next book. That said, please don't worry! We will wait for as long as it takes. We want you to put out something that makes you happy, as well as us. :)
    And for the record, I am 36 and I LOVE your books!
    Happy New Year! Best wishes for a peaceful, productive, and joyful 2012!

  86. Anonymous5:07 PM GMT-5

    Take all the time in the world - we will read the book when it comes out, be that next year or the year after next.

    I've been at the point where I was just continuing almost zombie-like what had to be done without remembering why I was doing it and that it could be otherwise. Getting out of there takes time. And friends. And more time. But I guess you know that.

    Thanks for the TED link, it really is an inspiring concept.

    I am looking forward to your room makeovers!


  87. You're incredibly brave and I respect you so much for knowing your limits and wanting to put out your best without running yourself to the ground. In fact, you're sort of an inspiration :)

    Your fans will support you until and even after Isla comes out. Best of luck with writing, and happy new year :)

  88. That is such a brave decision. You aren't letting us down in the least. We'll still be super excited about Isla, and best of luck with your book. Have fun researching!

  89. As a fan of your writing, I am a little disappointed it's not being released this year but if a 2013 release date means you get to be happier and that you get to create the best story you can I'll wait as long as it takes. =)

  90. We all know that if Etienne had kissed Anna when she first wanted him to, it wouldn't have been nearly as good. So you've taught me that waiting can be a good thing! Joyous and peaceful writing wishes to you :-)

  91. Bravo! You do what you need to do to take care of yourself and get your mojo back. I'm not a writer (well I like to pretend I am but that's just me being wishful) but I do know what it's like to lose passion for your craft. I hope you are soon able to use writing as a creative outlet once again.

    I LOVE your writing. You are truly gifted. Which is why I wanted to speak up. I'm 31. I'm an adult that reads some YA. I have passed your books around to every adult friend possible. I think you're already breaking into that adult romance market without even realizing it. So, whatever your strategy, we've got your back on that goal!

  92. Anonymous4:43 PM GMT-5

    In regards to your work resolution: darling, no scheming is necessary. I am 30 years old and LOVE your books. LOVE THEM. I pass them on to my peers who pass them on to more of us "adults". All that is needed is for the adult market to simply be aware of your wonderful works and they will most certainly read and love them!

  93. Thank you for caring enough to delay, you know we would buy the book whatever, so thank you for making it better for us.

    Have a fantastic year, enjoy getting through your resolutions, and if your research brings you anywhere near Berkshire, be sure to say hello to Steph and me.

  94. I went through every comment to see if there was any negative disappointment. There wasn't. No one blames you, and we appreciate that you're taking more time to give your readers the best books possible, one that you'll be proud to call Isla and the Happily After by Stephanie Perkins. We'll still love you and your writing no matter the year. :) We'll support every decision you make. Your so brave for doing this, Steph. Know that though yes, some people may be disappointed, it's only because they love your work so much! And I'm sure they're willing to wait to get an AMAZING book. You always deliver. Thank you for writing such amazing books. As a teenager, I can say that you are FABULOUS. Take all the time you need. We'll still be here :) If writing Isla for 2012 comes at a cost so high as your happiness, then TAKE YOUR TIME. We all want you to be happy. If you're not happy with Isla, then take more time. Do what you love. It's your passion, do what you need to. And don't think that we'll be upset with your decision. The reason we read your books is because they're amazing, and we support you. We don't want you to give us something you're not satisfied with. You're so brave for pushing the date back. We'll always be here!
    Jill <3

  95. i'm going on 30 (eep!) and absolutely adore your books; they're magical, and daydream worthy, and have inspired me to find my happy place in the world (wherever that may be, but it sure ain't here). thank you! and, as i should know, creativity waits for no one, and rarely comes when called, but it is as close to perfection when it's here.

  96. Anonymous8:24 PM GMT-5

    I support your decision wholeheartedly!! You're so wise and brave to make give this news to your readers. I'm dying to read Isla and the Happily Ever After. Please Please release more news about it soon!

    1. Thank you. Your support means so much to me.