Potpourri, as in the Jeopardy! definition

 Today in Rutherford County's Daily Courier — Shout-out to book bloggers!

I recently updated my website with new events in 2012, but I'd especially like to draw your attention to the event this Tuesday, January 10th with NYT bestsellers Beth Revis and Carrie Ryan. We'll be at Fireside Books & Gifts in Forest City, NC at 7 p.m. for the launch of Beth's new book A Million Suns — the second book in her fantastic Across the Universe trilogy — and we'll be chatting, answering questions, and signing.

For those of you who CANNOT make it, we'll also be answering questions live via Twitter. I'm still not quite sure how it's going to work. I'll let you know as soon as I have more details.

In other news . . .


Anna and the French Kiss is a Cybils award finalist for Young Adult Fiction! Oh, man! This is the biggest honor that Anna has received, and I couldn't be more over-the-moon.

The picks are incredible. The other finalists are: Marianna Baer's Frost, Joshua C. Cohen's Leverage (also edited by my fabulous editor Julie Strauss-Gabel!), Sophie Flack's Bunheads, Geoff Herbach's Stupid Fast, A.S. King's Everybody Sees the Ants, and Ruta Sepetys' Between Shades of Gray.

I'm THRILLED for Anna to be in the company of so many wonderful novels. Thank you to Melissa Fox for nominating me, and thank you to all of the hardworking judges!

And, finally, here's something cool for anyone interested:

These beeaaauuutiful Anna and Lola icons were designed by aimmyarrowshigh for toreadabook (I *think* I have that right), and there are SO MANY MORE. Check them out here! And make sure to click on through to the individual blog posts if you want to see them all.

Of course . . . my favorite icons are the dirtier ones, especially this one from p. 212 of Lola:


And this one was surprising to discover since it is, um, *ME*:

The original photo, which is from this old blog post:

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you have a great one.


  1. You know we love you, too! But it really, really makes me smile to see you love on us... gotta admit that. : D



  2. Congratulations on being picked for a Cybils award finalist! That is so awesome! I love those icons too. Some of them are hilarious :P I'm rereading Lola right now, btw. It's just as good as the first time around, maybe better.

  3. Ah! I remember that blog post! Back when you had blue hair…

    And I don't think I've actually congratulated you on the nom. So yeah. CONGRATS! You be awesome.

  4. LOL omg the icons rock!! Thank you for sharing.

    Congrats on all the goodness going on. You so deserve it. :)

  5. You know I love the icons, I wounder if I can make on into a badge for my library bag.
    Woot Woot for nomination!!!
    I was just thinking about how I was so lost before book blogs, goodreads & twitter it was so much harder to find awesome books.

  6. Congrats!! And those icons are precious. :)

  7. My eyes are popping out of my face! (And yes, I'm sorry if you feel weird that I did use that photo of you in the photographic St. Clair iconset -- did you know that if you google "le point zero," it's among the first images to come up? *grin*)

    I am flattered/humbled/EXTRAORDINARILY GLAD that you like the icons. (Particularly the dirty Lola one, which I debated deleting. Glad I didn't!)


  8. Congrats on the nomination, I really hope you'll win.

    I like those icons, and the ... cucumber one seizes one of my favourite passages of the book.

    I feel so shut out here in Germany from the whole book loving world, because there's hardly ever any book signing events ... :(

  9. By the way, will you add a playlist of Lola, too? I already posted one on my blog of what I was listening to while reading the book, so it would be really interesting to see yours. Especially because I like your taste in music so far; listening to Sigur Rós is always a plus.

  10. Hi, Stephanie!
    I completely and totally support your decision of delaying Isla, but I do have one question...

    Does the delay mean you won't be attending Comic-Con International this year? We met at last year's convention (I was the girl with really curly hair, I was shaking, and you and Kiersten signed the same piece of paper in my journal. It was AH-mazing), and I was hoping to see you again. If not, it'll be totally okay, of course, but I was curious and thought I'd ask. When Isla comes out next year, I'm sure I'll see you...

    Thank you for writing your stories, and being wonderful.
    - Ava

  11. I knew you were super awesome way back when I first started reading your blog. : ) So glad to have been right!

  12. I'm losing it over those icons. LOVE.

    It's thanks to book bloggers that I stumbled across your books, so I have to thank them as well. Book bloggers rock SO hard.

    And no, that wasn't meant to be dirty. =P

    Congrats on the Cybil nom! You totally deserve it! Enjoy!

  13. Congrats! You deserve it. I work in children's publishing and everyone I talk to raves about your books. I just read Anna and the French Kiss and can only agree how right they are!


  14. Number 1: HUZZAH for the nomination!!!
    Number 2: *googles for more dirty icons*
    Number 3: I love your black and white mittens... and your hat... and your coat... No wonder Lola has such an amazing fashion sense :D

  15. love this picture! :) I can't wait to one day visit it. I've done the Dolores Park Tour ;)