Local Event + Linkages

First, the local event:

I've been asked by a few Ash-villains if I'm having any events soon. You're in luck! There's one this Thursday, November 3rd at the East Asheville library at 6:30 p.m. I'll be reading and answering questions, and I think prizes will be given away. I won't be selling my books, but if you bring your own copies, I'll be happy to sign them. The event is free, and it's for teens and adults.

Linkages, before I skedaddle off to work:

(1) I like this new two-page comic by Lucy Knisley, "Scaredcited," which explores paranormal creatures and the fears they represent. The subject fascinates me, too.

Lucy is the author of a great autobiographical comic about Paris called French Milk. I highly recommend it! And she did these awesome Harry Potter posters. And I own this tiny, random watercolor she made of Zach Galifianakis holding a cat:

(2) I'm excited to be seeing humorist/television personality/former literary agent John Hodgman later this month. I'm not generally interested in book trailers, but this one for his latest, That Is All, is tops. I also enjoyed yesterday's NPR interview.

If you aren't already familiar with his work, may I suggest browsing through his Daily Show clips? Like this one about Borders closing? ("It's been a tough couple of years for condescending nerds.") Or this one with book promotion tips? ("Writing a book is the most important thing a human being can do. Not only do books pass knowledge on to future generations, but they're also a check on the rampant growth of trees.")

He also has a hilarious podcast. And, of course, there was THIS.

I wish I could steal his funny.

(3) Finally . . . happy National Novel Writing Month! Anna, Lola, and Isla all have humble NaNoWriMo drafts, so I'm a huge advocate for the event. Read some of my tips here and here.

I'm not participating this year, because I'm working on draft eleventy-billion of Isla, but best wishes to all of you!