Maureen Johnson and I adjusting our pirate hats before an event in San Francisco. We take our jobs very seriously.

I find it odd that whenever I come back from a trip, and I have dozens of fun stories and photographs to share with you, I drag my feet and ache to talk about anything BUT the trip. I suppose it's similar to why I don't outline when I write; it's as if I've already told the story, and I'm a bit bored to tell it again.

Hats in action! (Photo: Alison Bogy)

Hat winners! (Photo: MJ)

So, today, I'm not going to talk about my first official tour (which was fantastic) or any of the related Lola stuff going on in my world right now (also fantastic).

I'm going to send you around the internet:

• I don't recall how I ran across MTV Iggy, but I'm so happy that I did. If you're like me — an American who sadlysadlysadly gets little exposure to world arts — check it out! (Why can't regular MTV be this music-based? I always sound like an old person when I yearn for ye olden days of MTV, but there it is. Sigh.) A nice place to start is this contest for the Best New Band in the World. Lots of interesting musicians in there!

Rainy Mood. My new go-to website. All it does is make it sound like it's raining outside. Simple but perfect, no?

• "The Internet is not to blame for your unfinished novel: you are." I just rediscovered this great article about Twitter by Colson Whitehead, who is, perhaps, my favorite author to follow on what is, definitely, my favorite social media platform. (His hilarious Twitter feed can be found here.) (Okay, @horse_ebooks is amazing, too.)

Kiersten White is on tour this week. If you live near Lynnwood, WA; Huntington Beach, CA; Highlands Ranch, CO; Boulder, CO; or Naperville, IL, you should go see her! She is sparkly and funny and wonderful. Tour details are here. Bring Anna and Lola, and she'll sign beside her name in the acknowledgments. She'll also sign, you know, her own books. So you should bring those, too. ;-)

• Finally, this is the best advice I've seen in ages.


  1. I really wish I can attend the event in San Francisco, wear my pirate hat and see you both taking your job very seriously. LOL. I hope you enjoy your official tour! I really wish you can travel to other countries and do signing too! I really super duper enjoyed Anna and Lola, but I would probably faint if I can actually see you and sign my copies. :D

  2. That's you two? I honestly thought it was a couple of teenagers! You both look so young. The hats seem like so much fun!
    Thanks for sharing the rainy effect website, it's amazing what people can think of to put on the web lol.

  3. Rainy Mood may or may not have just made my life. LOVE!

  4. You've been holding out on me! Don't you know I live in a drought-friendly country? Oh, sweet rain!

  5. Pirate hats!!


    Looks like so much fun.

    And I totally get the un-urge to blog about trips and tours and such. (But I love the little glimpses we get...)



  6. Rainy Mood! So simple, so perfect! Ha, I sound like a commercial. But no, really. Rain (or at least the sound of it) makes me write. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  7. That's pretty brilliant advice.
    Also, I'm on the opposite side of the country. :( I wish I could go to one of them. But I'm glad you're having fun on your tour!

  8. Anonymous7:53 PM GMT-5

    It was so wonderful meeting you in San Francisco! You were super nice and sweet. I'm glad you liked the salted caramels, and I hope the mix CD fills you with joy when you get a chance to listen to it. :)


  9. Last week I read Lola and The Name of The Star (I had a lot of homework, but seeing all the fun you two were having at San Francisco made me read them at once), I loved them. Lola's dads were a pleasant surprise 1)I haven't heard anything about it from reviews 2)it's not something you encounter often in YA and I think it's interesting.
    It really is great to be a YA reader right now, where you can read your favorite author's blog/twitter/tumblr and it gives you another perspective to the story you are reading, like inside jokes or references.

  10. that first photo is so beautifully awkward. I love MJ AND you!

  11. ha. signing by her name in the acknowledgements. adorable.

    WISH I was near Boulder, CO! I'll bet the weather's lovely.

  12. I've been meaning to thank you for linking Rainymood.com. My roommates and I had a lot of fun last week, and at one point I forgot that it wasn't really raining outside :)