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Anonymous: I just re-read Anna (in preparation for Lola) and I was wondering, which Captain Jack is Captain Jack named after?

Thank you for the re-read! You must be a Doctor Who/Torchwood fan. The official answer is that, because I never specify, it can be either one. YAY!

The for-real answer is . . . Sparrow. I used to have a scene in which Captain Jack's guinea pig cage was described as being shaped like a pirate ship (Anna and Bridge built it together), but it was cut for pacing. I didn't think anything about it because, at the time, I'd never seen an episode of Doctor Who. But then this question starting arriving. And then I watched the (AWESOME) series.


But they are both The Sexy, non?

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Suze: Ohhh was Beth telling the truth? Can we pre-order signed books from Malaprops? Do tell :)

YES! Actually, I've never been to an event that didn't allow out-of-towners to call the store, purchase the book over the phone, have it signed, and have it shipped. I'm sure there are exceptions (like if I were Neil Gaiman or anyone else who draws insane crowds), but it's always worth calling a store to check!

Malaprop's has two phone numbers:


So if you can't make it to my event this Saturday, but you'd still like a signed copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door, give them a ring this week. I adore them, and I'd love for them to get the extra sales. Thanks for asking!

nevertakeusforgranted: I was wondering if you knew what the Australian release date for Lola was. (Because in the land down under, we tend to get books later than everywhere else—even if we did get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 before the rest of the world.)

Re: Harry Potter. Lucky you!

Lola's Australian release is October 3rd. And — *psst* — my Australian publisher has the first chapter online. Read it here.

Different fonts. Copyrights, I assume?

I love you, Penguin BTL! My Australian publisher has been very, very kind to me. And thanks to all of you wonderful Aussie readers for the support! I REALLY hope to visit you someday. (Particularly in Melbourne, which my friend Jade assures me is My Kind of Place.)

That's it for now. Isla and the Happily Ever after calls . . .


  1. Anonymous4:49 AM GMT-5

    I believe they’ve changed the cover a little bit, as the Australian version now has the same font as the American one does! Although our version of Anna has the different font!

    And YES. You’d fit in perfectly in Melbourne!

  2. As a Melbournite have to say it would be awesome if you came her to try it out for fit!

  3. Yay, I've been wanting to get a signed book from you!

  4. Oh pleeeaaaaseee come to Melbourne!! It's a beautiful city!
    Thanks for the answers to those burning questions, very cool - as are you :)

  5. I live in Australia, even though I'm British, and I ordered Lola and Anna through Amazon because I couldn't wait. However, even with shipping, it still cost less because books in Australia are obscene in price.

    Just a heads up for my fellow Ozzies!

  6. Wow, I loved Anna and The french kiss and from the looks of the first chapter, Lola and the boy next door will be pretty awesome as well. I can't wait to buy it. Oh and I don't know how I fell upon it but in one of your old blog post you mentioned Princess of thieves with Keira Knightley and I wanted to thank you for the recommendation. Have a good day.

  7. Hi Steph - we're hoping (planning) to be at your party Saturday night! Can't wait -

  8. I'm not an aussie, but I couldn't resist the temptation to click on the link for the first chapter.

    Now I'm like ----> D: "There she is!!" (although I don't know who she is exactly :/ )

    I want mooooooooooooooooore! ):
    Is it october 28th, yet?

  9. Yes! Melbourne! Come here :D
    I can't look at that cover and not think Lola looks like Ashlee Simpson hehe. I love it so much, can't wait for the book!