Anna and the French Kiss: New Scene

My German Cover*

Did I write a sexy new scene about Anna, √Čtienne, and Star Trek?


Thank you so, so much to Richard Grooms, winner of last May's HelpWriteNow auction. Richard asked for Vulcans, and Vulcans he received. Thanks for giving me such a fun/hilarious topic, Richard! I had a blast writing it.

If you'd like to read the new scene (OF COURSE YOU DO), you'll find it here. And there will be a second bonus scene next month. Yay!

*Gotta love the phallic croissants. Tee hee. Also, the text in the pink circle translates to something along the lines of: "Finally, a love without vampires." "It still exists, love without vampires." Can I please get that printed on ALL of my editions? Ha!

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: According to Anna (!) in my comments, the title itself translates to Heartbeating in French.


  1. VERY cute! Love it. And I love the vampire thing, too, that's hilarious!

  2. Nwaah Loved it!! So cute! I can't get enough of these two. Awesome.

  3. Anonymous7:38 PM GMT-5

    awwww it was super cute!!!

  4. So cute :)

    Love your writing!

  5. Awww! I heart Anna and Etienne so much! The vampire translation is quite possibly the best thing ever!

  6. *happy sigh*
    Love Anna and Etienne!

  7. Love the new scene! I could read about these two forever. I'm so super excited to read LOLA..already on pre-order!

    I love the quote about the vampires!

  8. Apparently, the title translates roughly to "Heart Palpitations from a French Woman," according to my friend in 3rd year high school German. :D

  9. This story makes me so giddy.

    I just finished reading Anna three days ago, and am now re-reading it after a few failed attempts at starting another book. I just wasn’t ready to leave this sweet world you built!

    Can't wait for Lola!

  10. LMAFO.

    Hhahahahaha you loved how phallic those are??? hahahaha wth, steph??
    please behave :P

    *must confess, I thought that same thing.


  11. Loved to "see" more of Etienne and Anna as a couple! I can't get enough of these two!

  12. Squee!!!!!

    Anna is obviously going to show him ALL of ST:TNG after the makeout session, right? RIght?

    Enterprise was fun in the first season. =)

    T'Pol is definitely sexy. So is Patrick Stewart! Are you kidding me, Anna? Have you watched him do any Shakespeare? Or even just his five-minute scene-stealer in Extras? It's comedy gold!

  13. haha, actually the title just means "Heartbeating in French", which sounds way nicer in German.
    I might actually read it again when it comes out again,
    this way this time they won't look at me like a complete loser when seeing that my name is Anna XD

  14. I really love this book and I'm so happy that I finally can sell it in our shop in Germany. :D God, now I have to think of an awesome reading tip like "it's awesome. read it!" Yeah, I'm so creative.
    And just like Anna I will read it again (like if I haven't read it already an uncountable times).

    And of course thanks for that scene! I just love this part: His voice is overly nonchalant. "Do you find Patrick Stewart to be attractive?"....XD


    P.S. Also thanks for the Playlist. I fell in love with the Hellboys :) (I've got their Demo CD - 12 Songs of la grande musique Yippie!)

  15. Love the new extra scene, it's so funny and hot.
    And I definitely prefer Enterprise over Next Generation, but my favourite will always be Voyager.

  16. Ha! Adore the new scene!

  17. You could get a seal that says that and put it on all of your books! "It still exists, love without vampires"... Maybe that could become a new section in bookstores!

  18. :) Looking forward to reading Lola...

  19. I saw that cover when I was in Germany last month -- it's even cuter in person and I was v. tempted to get it. LOVE the new scene, esp. because YES everyone knows TNG is the best of the 'treks. Though I have to say, I always found Capt. Picard VERY attractive :D

  20. Haha! Love it! It made me laugh, of course! :)

  21. That was tres magnifique! And I do love the phallic croissants.

    Pre-ordered two copies of Lola last week (one is for a giveaway). Can't wait to receive!

  22. why oh why to I subject myself to this torture? etienne st. clair torture, that is. I'm in love. and everyone knows it. Good thing he is a fictional boy or I would be a stalker. I promise...I would be. (3fixedhearts)

  23. "Herzklopfen" literally translates to "Heartbeating", true enough...but it makes more sense when you know that it's a word almost exclusively used in a romantic or nervous (or nervous-romantic) context.

  24. Anonymous9:06 AM GMT-5

    Who needs vampires when you have adorable Vulcan-crushing nerds :)

  25. Simply super duper scene! Thank you so much Stephanie :) You made my day again. The first time I read Anna, it was on a very tense day in my life. And reading it was like therapy for me. All the best for your next book :) I'm really looking forward to reading it :)

  26. Don't worry, I just died reading that.

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