Oceanside with Kiersten & Andrea

I'd planned on returning to my LeakyCon adventures today, but yesterday I received some exciting news:

Kiersten White and Andrea Cremer hit the New York Times bestseller list! Again! Congratulations, ladies!!!

I was fortunate enough to join them both for a reading and signing last Tuesday in Oceanside, CA. They were each promoting their second books in trilogies, Supernaturally and Wolfsbane.

Like on all my July adventures, I only had my phone with me.

*head hits desk*

Here are my ONLY TWO pictures from the event:

Kiersten displaying a pink-wrapped Dr. Pepper gifted from one of her readers, Andrea displaying a STUNNING dress.

This is a HIGH QUALITY photograph.

That's me with Shelley the Storyqueen. Many of you know her from her wonderful easy-reader series Good Night, Good Knight, but I suspect several of you also know her from her hilarious and supportive blog comments. (Shelley recently joined Twitter, did you know? You can find her here.)

I was so, so happy she came to our signing! And I'm bummed that you can't see her necklace, because it was freaking gorgeous.

Here's a picture stolen from Kiersten's blog:

Blurry was the name of the game.

I love how Kiersten is standing on a chair so that the audience can see her. Hee hee! Andrea declined, because she was afraid of falling, and I declined because I was afraid of being TOO tall, and then everyone being able to see up my skirt.

Not that I speak from experience. No. Of course not.

Ahhh, but . . . WHAT IS THIS? A clear picture of us! Thank you, Shannon Messenger!

Our smiles were twitching by this point, but they're genuine.

By the way, if you'd like to win signed hardcovers of Supernaturally, Wolfsbane, AND Anna and the French Kiss (and you do, right?) visit Shannon's blog before this Saturday and enter to win her giveaway. Woo hoo!

Also, because I cannot resist, HOW CUTE WAS SHANNON AT COMIC-CON?

More about this in my future Comic-Con post. Obviously.

I'd like to give a huuuuuuuuge thank you to the Oceanside Barnes and Noble staff for being amazing. We had a blast, and the crowd they assembled was, um, LARGE. Large as in we signed for two-and-a-half hours large!

(We totally had to take a bathroom break.)

And I'd also like to give a humble and gracious and ohmygod thank you to Racquel, who won an oversize chocolate bar for reading Anna and the French Kiss ten times (TEN!!!), and Paranormalcy and Nightshade five or six times each. You wowed us, Racquel.

Finally, thanks to Kiersten and Andrea, two of the smartest and funniest women of my acquaintance. Thank you for inviting me to your double-release party. We mustmustmust do this again!

In other release-party news . . .

Today is the official release of the Anna and the French Kiss paperback. For the cherry-on-top, it contains the first chapter of Lola and the Boy Next Door. It's available at bookstores everywhere and . . . TARGET.


I am so serious when I say that this is one of the most exciting things that's happened to me all year. Being in Target is a BIG DEAL. It gives authors an incredible opportunity to reach readers that otherwise might not find them. Readers! I love readers!

Enormous bear hugs and thanks to Cristin and Julie for making this happen.

And merci to my paperback editor Ashley, who did a beaaaaauuutiful job adding fancy new blurbs and deckle-edge pages and French flaps with pretty scalloped edges. Seriously, my paperback is gorgeous. And I'm saying that as a former bookseller and librarian, not as the author. I am hyper-aware that it got the deluxe treatment. WOW. Thank you for putting such faith in my paperback, Penguin.

One last related note:

Malaprop's Bookstore & Cafe (by kleindigital)

Tonight, I'm participating in the From Asheville to Nashville book tour. I'll be at Malaprop's here in Asheville at 7 p.m. doing a panel about YA literature/publishing followed by a signing with three lovely ladies: Myra McEntire (Hourglass), Beth Revis (Across the Universe), and Victoria Schwab (The Near Witch).

I hope some of you local blog readers can come see us!


  1. Oooooh Target! I may have to buy another copy, I can't resist anything that is sold at Target! Oh no, if I go in the store I will spend my life savings and my daughter's future college tuition. Oh well, they also have SHOES!

  2. After such a description I am going to have to get Anna in paperback. I can't resist pretty books. Is it the same release in Australia?

  3. You're in TARGET?! That's flipping awesome! So happy for you! (And for Kiersten and Andrea!)

  4. YES! TARGET IS AWESOME! And I have bought plenty of YA books there!

  5. I am thinking a Target run at lunch will be required. It was so fun to see on facebook my friend Tamir post pictures from your signing!
    I like your outfit it seems very fitting for the leader of the princess army.

  6. Yea for book signings and all kinds of fun! You all look so cute!

  7. I don't know why exactly, but this post made me cry little tears of joy. Maybe because I just read Natalie's post about jealousy, which (counterintuitively) put me in a very cheers-for-everybody! mood... I'm just so happy for you and Anna and Lola and Kiersten. It's the dream come true. Congratulations. :)

  8. Ooh Target! Congratulations, Steph! That's really fantastic! And that paperback sounds so gorgeous! I'm going to have to go to Chapters to oooh and ahhhh over it. (Any excuse to go to a bookstore.)

  9. Congratulations on your book making it to Target! I'm so excited for ANNA to be in the hands of even more readers.

    And the signing in California looks so great! I wish I could have made it, but I did get to go to Andrea's release party for Wolfsbane, so that was the next best thing.

  10. Congrats on making it to the Target shelves! This is a big deal for me, too, because I love that book AND Target. I am almost tempted to buy another copy just so I can read the preview for Lola. I can always say it's for my classroom...

  11. The question that has to be asked: did Anna make it into SUPER Target??

    (And also, YAY YAY YAY!)

  12. Congrats on the paperback release--and on being at Target! That's so exciting! I know a lot of readers in my rural hometown get books from Target and Wal-Mart, not bookstores.

    I love the name Malaprops for a bookstore! I'd love to visit Asheville & go there someday!

  13. Maybe we were just to full of life and joy for a camera to be able to capture it...or maybe I am just naturally blurry!

    It was SO AMAZING to see you in person for real. One of the highlights of my summer!



  14. Congrats on making it into Target! I totally get your excitement there! I'll definitely be picking up a few copies of your lovely paperback as gifts (and I'm going to have you sign them all in Austin! :) so now I can get all my errands done at one place!

  15. Stephanie, I was wondering if you knew what the Australian release date for Lola was. (Because in the land down under, we tend to get books later than everywhere else--even if we did get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 before the rest of the world.)

  16. Wow- what fun! Looks like you had fun EVERYWHERE you went. I loved the Leaky Con photos, especially the cars. Looking forward to your SDCC update.

  17. Dear Stephsnie,
    I just recently read your book Anna and the French Kiss and i absolutly LOVED it. The funny thing is that i would not have picked this book up if not for the cover. I am obsessed with Paris and wanna go some day so bad, anyway the Effle tower on the front is what cought my attintion. This book need to be made into a movie so baddly. I love this book and that is that. Thanks for writting it!

  18. Ahhh--I can't tell you how much I love seeing my picture on your blog (even if I am dressed up as Alice!) It was SO great to see you again. Hopefully we'll find a way to run into each other again soon!


  20. TARGET!!!! I'm so excited for you and ANNA! And especially with getting the royal paperback treatment!

    I may need to buy a few more copies, because I've lent my hardcover of ANNA to all my 25+ year old friends, and despite that they all read it in one sitting and gush about how happy it made them, it takes them awhile to part with it. It's time they get their own! hehe

  21. Hello!
    I love those quality pics ;)
    Target .. very cool.
    I've just started reading Anna... I like your style. xx

  22. TARGET=success!!! Congrats! I'm tempted to buy the paperback, even though I already have the hardcover.... :)

    And now I'm going to do the obnoxious thing that everyone, including myself, hates... I'm going to link to my blog, where I just posted a review of Anna and the French Kiss. And it just happens to be my first legit post on this blog, so I have absolutely no readers. But i figured, if anyone wants to read this review, it might be someone here, so here goes:

    don't hate me for not-so-shamelessly self promoting my blog....