The New Harry

Isn't that the sweetest? I re-stumbled across this moment from Chamber of Secrets this morning while doing some research.

Oh, how I love it!

Speaking of Harry, have you seen the creepy-beautiful trailer for The Woman in Black yet?

HOLY SMOKES. Can I please watch that NOW?

Tomorrow — as long as it doesn't get overly terrible reviews — Jarrod and I are going to see the new Fright Night. I'm not generally a fan of remakes, buuuuuuut . . .


It also stars Andrew Anton Yelchin (I swear I knew that), a seriously underrated actor. I thought he was fan-taaastic in Charlie Bartlett.

Plus, his hair can do this:

Love me some messy boy hair!

Any films you're looking forward to these days? And, to quote one of my favorites, do you like scary movies?*

*A few of those favorites: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Let the Right One In, 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, An American Werewolf in London, Session 9, The Silence of the Lambs, Halloween, The Thing, and, of course, Scream.


  1. Okay, Charlie Bartlett is one of my most favorite films, ever.

    But Anton looks like he's aged a lot in the last couple of years, I don't know what it is.

  2. I saw the trailer for woman in black yesterday and watched it 7 times in a row. I love seeing Daniel in other movies besides Harry Potter.

  3. I'm so excited for Fright Night! That's not usually my kind of movie but I can't resist David Tennant and Anton Yelchin together.

    And I love that passage from Chamber of Secrets as well.

  4. DUDE. That trailer gave me goose-bumps. Like, my hair stood on end!!

    I like scary movies that are clever and not filled with senseless gore. Such as Seven and Silence of the Lambs. I did like Scream, though. But not the sequels.

    And I'm dying to see Jane Eyre at the moment.

    (Also, I hope the writing is going well!!)

  5. You got to love Anton, his parents were professional figure-skaters in Russia. I also just saw him in a Japanese movie based Gabrielle Zevin's book A Teenage Amnesiac. Yep I watched it on youtube on my iphone, if that is not dedication I don't know what is.

  6. I don't generally like scary movies (I don't scare easily so the point is a little lost on me) but I am OVER THE MOON about seeing Fright Night tomorrow night because I love David Tennant SO MUCH. And OMG...eyeliner? WHY ISN'T IT TOMORROW NIGHT RIGHT NOW?! (Also, Toni Collette is a goddess.)

    And regarding Charlie Bartlett...I expected to really dislike that movie but Anton Yelchin absolutely blew me away and it's one of my favorites.

    I am also excited about The Woman in Black, mostly because of Daniel. I've been trying to find the book so I can read it first but my local library isn't the best so I think I'll have to just order it.

  7. Charlie Bartlett is so good!

    Come to think of it... in that picture especially, Anton Yelchin kinda reminds me of Etienne in a way!

  8. I went to a pre-screening of Fright Night last week and I have been telling everyone to go see it! It's fun, suspenseful, funny, campy, sarcastic, everything. It is probably one of my favorite movies ever.

  9. Oh wow Thank you for sharing The Women in Black trailer that looks amazing! Speaking of amazing, David Tennant wearing eyeliner. Oh My My. :D Thanks for that picture to, that is my now my new wallpaper. Anyways... I'm very much looking forward to the new Fright Night and I don't normally approve of remakes especially if its one of my favorite horror movies. But I must say it looks like its going to be pretty good.:)
    I hope your writing is going well. <3
    Oh and Great taste in Horror movies by the way *thumbs up*

  10. I'm also slightly obsessed with David Tennant, especially since his Doctor Who days! Can't wait to see the remake, although I do adore the original.

  11. I LOVE Charlie Bartlett! It's my second favorite movie! I don't even care if Fright Night gets bad reviews. I'm seeing it just for the novelty of 10 and Charlie sharing a screen. My sister who hates, hates, hates, scary movies is even going to go see it. (Although, she has a life size cardboard stand up of David, so it would be rude of her not to ;) )

  12. SO EXCITED FOR FRIGHT NIGHT. Because I loves me some David Tennant. How much, you ask? I planned my honeymoon specifically so we could go see him in Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Company. That's how much.

    Also, that is quite a lovely picture of Anton Yelchin.

  13. I plan to go see Fright Night sometime this weekend, solely because David Tennant is in it. I am excited.

  14. I am completely creeped out by scary movies. I hate them.

    And yet....An American Werewolf in London was awesome. And that new Daniel Radcliffe trailer, well, I can't stay away.

    I think if there's a strange ghostly, mythical element, I am intrigued in my creeeped-outedness. But if it's a slasher flick, I can't deal.

    (Shhhhh...Poltergeist scared the crud out of me.)


  15. That trailer is AMAZING! And I LOVE that passage like woah--the Weasley house reminds me of mine growing up. Can't wait to see Fright Night either--this is too much awesome in one post :-)

  16. The last part with Dan standing in front of the window made my stomach drop to my toes. It looks really well made and scary!

  17. Yes! Yes! The Woman in Black looks wonderful! And Daniel looks so HANDSOME. I feel wierd saying that.

    I'm looking forward to Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. (Pan's Labyrinth is one my favorite movies, ever, ever, ever) Paranormal Activity 3. And...well...hopefully some other creepy movies will be coming out around Halloween time. I love it!

    I also want to see The Help and One Day, both wonderful books.

  18. Scary movies scare me to no end. I did not sleep for days after I saw The Ring and have refused to see another scary movie since.

    I might be able to withstand The Woman in Black though...if I go with a buddy.

  19. Wow, well I guess I didn't really NEED sleep tonight anyway.

  20. Oh, The Woman in Black is a hubby squeeze-fest for sure! Can't wait!

  21. P.S. After reading this post/watching the LiB trailer, I had my husband watch it, and HE was the one squeezing ME! HA! So, looks like it will be a hubby/wife squeezefest, or H.W. Squeezefest, if you will. (dibs on H.W. Squeezefest as a British character name!)

  22. I HATE horror movies...but I LOVED Fright Night! I laughed more than I was scared, and that was nice since my fear is what keeps me away from horror films.
    I admittedly went for David Tennant. I'm a Whovian, what can I say? And David Tennant is too yummy to pass up. He was brilliant, in short!

  23. CRIPES that trailer looks scary! And wow, Daniel is all grown up. Makes me feel super old.

    I'm pretty wimpy about most creepy movies...

  24. I can't watch horror flicks but I LOVE Darkness Falls.

    Hottie. Evil toothfairy. Hottie. Young love reignited.

    You should watch it. *swoon*

  25. Charlie Bartlett was Amazing! Loved it! I REALLY want to see The Woman in Black....wait, FEBRUARY?!?!?! Ugh.....FINE, I shall go off and find the book....after all, I'm in a library. ; ) THANK YOU! (less caffeine, ok....)

  26. I'm a big chicken, but I have to see the Woman in Black for that creeptastic trailer alone. The RHYMESSSS!