Where I Have Been . . .

Hi, everyone!

Ahhh . . . it's nice to be back. It's funny how when one thing settles down (work), another thing inevitably acts up (family). The last several weeks have been filled with birth, death, illnesses, and emergency room accidents.

[Note to my family: Can we please just chill out for a while?]

But things are okay. And my new nephew, whom I visited last week in Minneapolis, is most certainly a happy and welcome sight! As were my friends Sara and Jeff, who moved from Asheville to Nashville last winter, but who returned for a visit over Memorial Day weekend.

Like us, they never did many of the touristy things while they lived here, so now that they're officially visitors again, they're making up for it. Jarrod and I were eager to tag along with them on Sunday to Grandfather Mountain, the tallest peak in the Blue Ridge mountains.

The following pictures are courtesy of Jeff Zentner, with the exception of the one he's in, which Jarrod took:

My husband is incapable of acting normal in a photograph. Also, this was the moment Sara almost loaded her son into the trunk. My kinda gal.

Jarrod and the French Kiss. With a bug.

I'm actually holding my "friends" hostage.

The Mile High Swinging Bridge, which is no longer wooden, and, therefore, no longer swinging.

My necklace is totally a panda bear, you guys.

Sara is so beautiful!

This is why I live in the mountains of North Carolina.

Fixing Jarrod's hat hair.

Happy June!

I'm off to return to work, which is, unsurprisingly, piling up again. But I still hope to see you all a lot more on my blog this month!

Never give up hope, right? ;)


  1. Is that dress from H&M? Because it looks a LOT like a red and white polka dot dress I got from H&M...

    Anyway, sounds like a nice time (minus the accidents and hospital stuff, of course) and you look adorable!

  2. Kristan — Ha, yes! I bought it at H&M last week. :) And thank you for the sweet compliment!

  3. Nice vacation you had there!
    And it's funny how in this novel I'm trying to write, people go in a summer camp there, in North Carolina, in those beautiful forests.
    I love the light in those photos, not sunny but yet warm. Is it like that all the time, or was it just lucky weather?

  4. Kristan — Wait, no. I think it was Forever 21??? One of the two, at least! The sunglasses are definitely H&M, though.

    roxo — Yes, it's usually like this. :) Good luck with your novel!

  5. oh, and by the way, that shade of blue is AMAZING!
    you look pretty and happy!

  6. Lol nice! H&M is like my fave store ever.

    (Used to be Banana Republic. Then I realized BR is expensive and the cuts don't look as good on me. The clothes are usually great quality though...)

  7. We are so glad you are back! Do we ever get to see the princess army? No pressure...

  8. I have missed you! So glad to have you back!

  9. Yay! Your back! :) I love Grandfather mountain. I have some really wonderful sunset photos that I took there. Last time my husband and I went the wind was blowing like crazy and the bridge was
    Actually moving pretty good. I'm the one that's afraid of heights but I was all wrapped up in picture taking and my husband was getting nervous about being on the bridge, it took some work but I got him to finally admit he was scared.Anyway, Glad you had a nice time away for the most part. :)

  10. Oh em gee I live in Minneapolis, and I totally saw someone with your hair in the street. Mayhaps it was you?? If it was, well then crap, I totally had my copy of "Anna and the French Kiss" with me. But congrats on the new nephew, I'll bet he's adorable!!

  11. Yay! Glad to see you back! :D

    You are so pretty. Seriously. Gorgeous. And you look so so happy. :)

  12. Aw, sorry to see there were some stressful things in that list--but I'm glad everyone's okay and that you had some fun things in the mix too. LOVE the pictures. Why are you so photogenic???? *jealous sigh*

  13. The nature shots are enough to make me want to move to NC--how beautiful. Glad to hear things seemed to have calmed down. BTW guess what I read over the weekend...LOLA! LOVE! :D

  14. The mountains look so beautiful! We don't have mountains here. I hope I have time to check them out.

    One week until I'm in America!!!

  15. That photo at the top of the post is GORGEOUS! Artistic and fab. Love it.

  16. Anonymous6:09 PM GMT-5

    Welcome back. Glad to see that you're not an all work and no play kinda gal.

  17. okay.. did you go turquoise or is that just what happens when the blue fades?? either way, it's awesome. :)

    the landscape looks gorgeous! it's totally flat here in Houston... boo!

  18. You look like you had lots of fun! It looks really pretty there.


  19. Love the first pic of jarrod :)

    And that dress rox sox!

  20. That was so fun! I think I'm going to put YOU in the trunk and keep YOU hostage.

    P.S. You are so photogenic it's not even fair.