Happy Half-Birthday, Anna!

"Whoaaaa oh ohh! Sweet child o' mine . . ."

Anna and the French Kiss has been out for six months, so I thought now would be a great time to answer your most frequently asked questions. Thanks to Mindi Scott for the idea!

Exactly how tall IS Étienne?

My lips are sealed. But, yes, I assure you that he's shorter than Anna. I had a great joke that revealed his height in Lola and the Boy Next Door, but I cut it due to pacing issues. Maybe you'll see the joke in Isla and the Happily Ever After? Hmm . . .

Also, YES, that means what you think it means. If you're thinking it.

What actors do you picture as your characters?

I'm sorry, but I never publicly answer this question either. I don't want to interfere with who you, the reader, imagine! That's part of the magic of reading.

How do you pronounce Étienne St. Clair's name?

I actually reveal how to pronounce his first name in his first scene ("Eh-t-yen says my name like this: Ah-na"), but here's the full scoop:

Étienne is pronounced Eh-t-yen. Think of the upward sound the "é" makes in "café."

St. Clair can be pronounced several ways.

American: Saint Claire
French: Saun Clai (you can make a slight throaty French "r" sound or drop it completely)
English: I've heard it pronouced both ways PLUS "Sinclair" and "Sink-lur"

I pronounce it somewhere between the American way and the French way. The characters in the book most likely pronounce it the French way. But, really, any of these are okay.

Will Anna and the French Kiss be made into a movie?

Man, I hope so! But the film rights have not been sold. Yet. And then there are, like, eighty billion other hoops that have to be jumped through.

Will Anna and the French Kiss be released as an audio book?

YES! I sold the rights to Listening Library for Anna, Lola, and Isla just last week! I can't even begin to tell you how psyched I am about this. I *love* audio books. The current goal is to release Anna and Lola during Lola's hardcover release this September, and Isla's audio book, of course, with the release of her hardcover the following year.

And to answer the potential follow-up question:

No, I won't be reading it myself. I wish I could! But — like Anna — I cannot pronounce French words. And the idea of doing an English accent is similarly terrifying. So, no. I'm not going to audition to read it myself.

(And, yes, for an author to perform their own audio book, they generally have to audition.)

Will you please write a sequel? Or a book from Étienne's point of view?

I'm thrilled that you're interested, but I'm sorry. No. I'm very happy with how I left my characters. BUT . . . there is more of them to be had!

Ah hem, companion novels.

I found Isla! But where's Lola?

Lola is not in Anna and the French Kiss.

Will Anna ever be released in Spanish?

I hope so. I really, really do. But, as of now, I haven't sold to any Spanish-speaking countries.

(Nor to France! Hello, France? Please. I love you. Buy my book!)

When will Anna be released as a paperback?

August 4th of this year. My paperback editor has done a WONDERFUL job. I've seen the proofs, and it has these amazing French (!) flaps with scalloped edges and a lovely new blurb on the front:

"Magical. Anna and the French Kiss really captures the feeling of being in love.”
—Cassandra Clare,
New York Times bestselling author of The Mortal Instruments series

I couldn't be more thrilled!

Oh. And it also contains the first chapter of Lola. ;)

When are you going to put those Anna extras on your website?



Actually, this is only the first stage. You can find the official playlist here and listen to it here. Hurrah! I'll keep uploading more extras as I find the time. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to do this, but this sort of thing is incredibly time-consuming, and I am only one wee little author.

But I hope you enjoy the playlist! Listening to it again brings back such crazy, fantastic, heart-breaking, heart-warming memories . . .


  1. Joyeux Demi-anniversaire Anna!

    Also loving the playlist! It makes me want to dance around my flat like a mad person in love which is EXACTLY how 'Anna' made me feel!

    Now that the portion of crazy capital letter enthusiasm of this comment is done, I want to say how awesome that playlist is!
    Also, you said the first chapter of Lola is going to be in the paperback, but will there be anyway for your adoroing Australian fans *cough*yours truly*cough* will be able to read it?

  3. Loving the playlist! Man, I like that you closed with The Jesus and the Mary Chain. Nice. I saw them a few years ago. Very impressive.

    And yay for Anna's half-birthday and yay for Lola!!

  4. Thanks for posting this! This is one of those books that have really stuck with me and I just can't get enough! I'm SO excited for the companion novels! I can't wait to know Etienne's height, and I wish I knew how you envisioned Etienne to look like when you wrote him ;)

  5. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE AUDIO BOOK!!! Excuse me I need to go do my happy dance!

  6. Anonymous6:10 PM GMT-5

    I was looking at Library Thing and noticed that Lola is on there. I've signed up for a copy. Congrats.

  7. I LOVE that Cassie blurbed it!!! I can not wait for Lola!!!

  8. I am so totally buying the paperback copy of Anna in August!! I can't wait!

    Thank you for clearing up how to pronounce the names, especially Etienne. Now that I know, his name sounds even more luscious when I say it out loud than when I read it. :P



  9. Oooh. I love these Q&A's thank you! I heart audiobooks I'm going to have to stalk the anna one closer to the release date :). ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  10. I will definitely be listening to the audiobook when it comes out! I don't often READ and LISTEN to an audiobook separately but I will make an exception for Anna!!!! :)

  11. Yay! Happy birthday!

    I'll have to go buy those songs...I would love an Anna playlist on my iTunes!

  12. Oooh, can't wait for the paperback of Anna!

    Excellent playlist! I squeed a little bit upon seeing "I've Just Seen A Face" on there. I love the original but I have such a soft spot for the Jim Sturgess cover (HELLO, JIM STURGESS).

  13. Am listening to the audiobook and now feel an incredible need to read the book again. Why oh why did I loan my copy out? I might have to buy the kindle version for the bus tomorrow...

  14. Truly one of the most wonderful books I have ever read.

  15. Loved the book and the songs that played a tiny part in its making :) :) Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Anonymous4:24 AM GMT-5

    Thank you for putting me onto awesome French rock music! I study French and am often despairing at the utter lack of awesome French music.. Although Coeur De Pirat has to be one of my all time favourites... :) :)

  17. An ANNA audio book? YAYYY! I think it'll be a permanent fixture in my car for traffic jams -- the cure for road rage! :)

    Congrats on the half birthday, and I'm so excited to read LOLA!

  18. Isla was in Anna?! Where? Where! I must know. Anyone know the page number for the hardback?

  19. I can't wait to read Lola, you know?

    BookFanatic101: Isla is the girl crushing... er... cough cough... can't tell..

  20. sunsetgloww4:42 AM GMT-5

    I read it twice in a day and that's still not enough!!
    This book is totally awesome and I freaking love Étienne and Anna!

  21. I haven't had time to listen to the playlist yet, but it looks really awesome! I can't wait to get more tidbits from Anna, and then Lola. Squee!

  22. Anonymous4:51 PM GMT-5

    @Elaine Christina...Isla is the who crushing what ? :)

  23. I'm pretty sure Lola is going to be the BEST BOOK EVER
    -1: I really enjoyed Anna
    -2: My name is Lola too
    -3: It comes out in october, same month as my (this year's 18th) birthday

  24. I sooo want there to be a movie, it would be the best thing ever!

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