NC Reading/Signing + Princesses + Freebies

"This is my idea of happiness." — Jamie B. on Twitter

Few things make me feel as tingly and warm inside as seeing a picture of someone with my book. I've been fortunate to be sent a few of them, but this one . . . well, isn't it perfect? Isn't this how reading SHOULD feel?

Thank you, Jamie. I wish that I had a million dollars, so that I could buy this image from you and plaster it all over the world as my advertising campaign! Happy sigh.

And now for another scattered post.

First: If you live in the Western North Carolina region, I'm having a reading and signing this Saturday at Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville at 3:00 p.m. I hope that you'll be able to come and hang out. I'd love to meet you!

Moving on: My last week-and-a-half were unexpectedly busy, so I'm sorry that I haven't posted our Princess Army yet. It's INCREDIBLE. I'll try to post it later this week, though, admittedly, it would've been perfect if I could have shared it on this day:

. . . but ah, well. Such is life.

[Yes, I know Kate isn't technically a princess yet. But we're all going to call her one, right?]

What I loved about the royal wedding was having the opportunity to watch something nice on television, for once. You know? Gorgeous cathedral, stunning dress, insane hats and fascinators. (MAN, do I want a crazy fascinator for promoting Lola!) It's rare to have the opportunity to watch a historical moment that's not about death or war or natural disasters. So thank you, William and Catherine. I hope that you have a beautiful life together.

Hmm, what else? What else?

How about some links?

• Kiersten White's short story "Tick, Tick, Boom" from the Corsets & Clockwork steampunk anthology is available FREE and ONLINE. Obviously, I am extreeeeemely biased when it comes to the work of my friends, but it's only because they're so talented! This story is fantastic, hilarious, and romantic. It knocked my socks off — so much accomplished in so few pages. I wish I had that particular talent.

• Last Friday, I was interviewed for the Waynesville paper about my upcoming signing. The interviewer, Stina, and I had SUCH a fun time talking over coffee, and I like how her article came out. You can read it here.

• I generally feel uncomfortable linking to interviews, but here's another one I did back in March. It's a different sort of article, because I'm talking about music. I like this one, too, although My Celebrity Boyfriend Thom Yorke would be horrified to discover the misquote about my favorite celebrity crush! Hee hee. (I do love Chris, but numero uno has been Thom for over a decade!)

• Finally, Rome, the new Danger Mouse/Jack White/Norah Jones/Daniele Luppi album is super-great and mellow. I've been streaming the entire thing all this morning here on NPR. Thanks to Jon Skovron for linking to it on Twitter yesterday.

And now I'm off to work. Talk again soon!


  1. I just finished listening to that Danger Mouse project! Great minds.

  2. Just wanted to say that you created a monster by sharing that Princess Maker link! I can't even guess how many princesses I've made in the past couple of weeks. (And yes, I did make a Kate Middleton after the wedding.)

    (BTW, hi--first-time commenter. I love YA books and want to check yours out.)

  3. I can't wait to see the army of princesses! And I so wish I would've known about the signing earlier. I already have plans this Saturday or I would be there in a second (or, you know, 4 hours or so...).

    Also, Kate is technically a princess, she just isn't referred to as such yet. Her official full title is Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. Yep, her official title includes William's name, not hers. :P

  4. Love the pictures from the wedding. It was SO beautiful.

    And, yes, we are going to call her a princess, no matter what.

  5. Debbie called me and said "Stephanie really is the princess of procrastination! I have been on this princess making website for way too long!" I think she had to get off before she finished it, I need to remind her to finish it.

  6. I am so distressed that I had a chance to meet and chat with you in nearby Waynesville and can't be there! Alas, I will be in Atlanta catching Fleet Foxes, another terrific band! I wish you would come to the Carolina Mountains Lit Festival here in Yancey County! We would absolutely LOVE to have you!!

  7. Moar blog posts, PLZ!?

  8. When I was 12, I was SO sure that I would one day be in Kate's shoes, walking down Wsetminster Abbey on my way to becoming a princess. Things didn't work out and that's cool. I mean, whatever. I have my own tiara anyway.

  9. I just thought I should add that the above comment is from me and not some other random Jade. I was signed in with my other gmail account.

  10. I didn't know about Rome, I'll be checking that out ASAP!
    Great interviews! :)I'm a Monkees fan to. One of my really good friends Shaun introduced their music and show to me years ago. Mary, Mary gets me every time! Love that song! Shaun actually looks like Micky Dolenz to, its pretty uncanny.

  11. I love Jamie!! she took that picture for a feature on my blog that goes up on Thursday :-)

  12. EEEEH! Jamie is my favorite! I agree, love that picture. Also I feel EXACTLY the same way as you about the wedding. Wish I lived close enough to come to your signing:-)

  13. That's such a great picture of such a great book. LOVE.

  14. Sigh. I really must work on my teleporting. Will you please at least blog about the signing, so I can live vicariously? :)

    Side note: my word verification is dooti. It's too fun not to mention. :)

  15. Hello there Stephanie, I figure I'd just throw my comment on a random blog post.. I just wanted to pop in and say that I LOVED Anna and the French Kiss. It was my 2nd read of 2011 and I ate that baby up! St. Claire became my 4th book boyfriend, he is a delish character, loved him bunches! The description of him was marvelous. Oh and I enjoyed all the other characters as well. Then I turned around and pimped this book out to my friends and my younger sister. This book as been around the block, and I've only got back positive feedback, and a lust for St. Claire!
    Now I have a suggestion, a request: give us more Anna & St. Clare, please? Pretty Please with a cherry on top of your favorite dessert? haa haa Thank you for an enjoyable book. Keep on writing.

  16. Megan ISom8:25 PM GMT-5

    that sounds incredibly creepy, but over the last few days i have gone back through the depths of your blog and have read all the way back to the beginning. Every post. And you are AWESOME. Seriously. I want to grow up and be just like you. My favorite book used to be Harry Potter HPB, but now it is totally ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. I love it so much. I came across it at my library around two months ago and just returned it... (I tend to read books OVER AND OVER until I get sick of them. Seriously, I start at the beginning, read until the end, and then start immediately at the beginning again. I did this about six times before I returned it, and I wasn't even sick of it. I just can't stand returning things late) and felt awful because THREE PEOPLE had it on hold! That's crazy! So I wrote three individual notes on Post-Its and stuck them in the front cover, (Dear Person Number [1,2,3] Who Had Put This Amazing Book On Hold). I absolutely detest when people are rude enough to not return things on time. OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO READ THAT. I immediately went out and bought myself a copy and read it. Again and again. I'm still reading it. I had a dream the other night about Etienne. Mmm. I am also an extreme neat freak like Anna (though I don't iron my bedspread) (: and I completely relate to Mer in all her liking-someone-that-isn't-interested-in-you stuff. And before, I fully thought that Paris was full of snooty Frenchmen/women who hated Americans, and you have changed my mind on that. I plan on going to Point Zero as soon as I graduate high school.

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing this book. I am so excited to read Lola. (And sorry for the huge long post. I hope you read it all, but I know how busy you are). You have truly inspired me. (:

    -Megan (meganisom95@gmail.com)

  17. Ooh, thanks for the heads up on Rome. (Also, there is NO SHAME is loving Gaga's Telephone.)

  18. I can't wait to see the Army of Princesses!

    Taking over the world, one tiara at a time.

    And yes, you must find the most amazingly wondrous fascinator for the Lola events! I'll keep my eyes peeled here in SoCal.


  19. Holy crap! Thanks for the NPR link - I miss so many great albums. What a weird combo...love it.