Closer and closer, Lola . . .

My parents are in town — for the first time in four years! — and I'm editing Lola and Cricket's story, so I won't be online much this week.

It's still thrilling to be able to publicly say Cricket's name now. Cricket! Cricket! Cricket! Oh, I hope you guys like him. He's kind of odd and very sweet, and I've spent a LOT of time with him in the last year.

I'm line editing, which means that (most of) the big stuff is taken care of, so I'm clarifying/prettifying. I love this kind of nitpicky work. And it's exciting, because this means that the novel is that much closer to becoming an advanced copy, which means that you guys are that much closer to reading it.

(Have I mentioned lately how much I hope you like this book? I've been working my butt off over here. If you hate it, please, for the love, lie to me.)

Three random things before I disappear again . . .

(1) Hey, did you hear about that one time a mutual fan gave Taylor Swift a copy of Anna and the French Kiss? Yeah. That was awesome!

(2) After years of dragging my heels and squirming every time my friend Natalie Whipple mentioned it on her blog, I have finally converted to a single space between sentences, thanks to this article on Slate.com: "Space Invaders: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period."

Knowing the history of why two spaces existed in the first place was extremely helpful and persuasive for getting me to quit. I even emailed my editor — JUST IN CASE — and she confirmed that she single spaces everything she receives, because it looks weird to her to read sentences that are double spaced.

So. You win, single space fanatics.


And double space fanatics panicking about switching? It only took a day to reteach myself. Easy peasy! And if you use Microsoft Word's Find/Replace feature, you can quickly remove any preexisting double spaces.

(3) My friend Connie sent me Camera Obscura's "French Navy" video ages ago, and I've been meaning to share it. Catchy! Perfect for fellow Francophiles:

Have a good week, friends. Talk soon!


  1. Oh - I LOVE the nitpicky editing stage. It seems like forever to get there though!

    Can't wait to meet Cricket and Lola!


  2. I'm so excited for Lola and Cricket! I love his name!
    After reading Anna's story, I have no doubt that Lola's story will be just as charming and beautiful.

    And since my B-day is in September, I'm already dropping hints to my sister that I want this book wrapped and sitting on the table for me...hopefully next to french toast and strawberries covered in chocolate, but I'm not picky. I'll take a doughnut.

  3. Yes! Single-spacers win!

    Have fun editing and with your parents. Although, I wouldn't suggest trying to edit your parents. I don't think it would work well.

  4. Anonymous2:52 PM GMT-5

    I switched to one space when I started working in publishing six years ago. Now my day is filled with find-replacing those double spaces in nearly every article I copy edit. Old habits die hard for some. I'm so glad you've seen the light, though.

  5. I've arrived at the nitpicky stage. It's a little terrifying on account of what comes next...

    Have fun with your parents!

  6. An exciting week for you! I'm a two-spacer ... guess it's time for me to re-evaluate that! :-)

  7. I'd never heard of double spacing- sure, double line spacing, but never between words. Gee! You learn something new every day! I cannot wait to meet Lola and Cricket! (Heck, I can't wait to get to know Isla!) If you were planning on showing your parents any waterfalls, let me know. There are some fabulous ones in my area. :)

  8. Anonymous3:13 PM GMT-5

    that's so awesome that someone gave Taylor Swift your book :)

  9. o.O Taylor Swift has your book?!?! WOW!

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    Daisy W told me to read Anna a few months back...I did and LOVED so, so much. Can't wait for Lola!

    Also, you're a great blogger. I need to channel some of your wittiness as I try to blog more. My first novel is coming out in June so I'd better get on it!

    Oh no. I just realized I typed the majority of this (super long) comment with double spaces after the periods. Ahh! Help! I can't stop!

    Anyway, best to you and good luck with the prettying...

  11. Oh but I don't know if I can stop the double spaces! I'll have to train myself since I was taught to type using just one. I tried very hard to only use one in this comment!:)

  12. I was so happy when I found out I only had to single space, what a silly rule the double was.
    Did you know that Mimi made a video of our Paris picture to French Navy? It was a dream come true.
    I hope you have a lovely time with your parents!

  13. I've switched to the one-space team as well. You're right, so easy to adjust. AND I've been following for a while as a fellow writer but just finished your book and now a Huge fan of your writing! Wow, loved it. Made me smile:)Can't wait for Lola!

  14. I'm not sure the single space thing is so easy-peasy. I've been trying to force myself to single space for a couple months now and I just can't force my brain to do it. (See, just now I had to go back and delete a space! :p)

    I will be sure to lie to you if I hate Lola, but I am like 99.9% sure I will love it! (had to go back and fix my double spacing again) I absolutely can't wait to read it!

  15. Wait really? Word converts it for you with F&R? How in the world...

    One of my CPs converted me although my typing fingers are still hardwired to make a double space.

  16. Ahhh--that Taylor Swift photo is so awesome! Have a great time with your parents and happy line editing!

    (Also, I totes had to quit the double space habit about a year ago for much the same reason. It felt WRONG at first. But now it's like...why did I do that again?) :)

  17. Cricket sounds like a great guy (sweet and odd is a good combination) and yay that the single space fanatics won. I'm always a bit irritated buy double spaces.

  18. Oh I was without internet when you announced Lola but ohhhh I LOVE the cover, and I LOVE the name Cricket, and I can not WAIT to read it! Yay!!!!

    Now I have to go off and see why I can't put two spaces :)

  19. Oooh, I love Camera Obscura. I saw them in a tiny club in Norway a few years ago. There were only about 50 people there, which actually packed the club, so the atmosphere was nice and cosy.

    At the end of the show they accepted requests from the "crowd". Someone shouted out a song (can't remember the title), and the lead singer nodded. The band looked over to the girl on synth, and it was obvious that she was supposed to begin. But she just blushed, and the lead singer said: "Ah, right. That was before you joined the band. Well, it's in the key of A." And they played the song, sort of.


    Also, I can't wait to read LOLA. Can't wait! And I love Cricket already.

  20. I am not having much luck with the single space thing. But I will try.

    Lola is almost ready!



    P.S. I gave a little love to Anna on my blog not too long ago...

  21. I converted to single spacing about a year ago.

    Did you see that my pre-order winner chose LOLA? :)

  22. Mandi Barnett9:33 PM GMT-5

    Advanced copies? WANT.

    I've been an avid single-spacer for years. I'm glad to see we have another convert. :)

    Have fun with your parents!

  23. I second Mandi there :)

    Thanks for working hard on this, Stephanie. I'm sure we'll all love it.

  24. Glad you've joined the one-space crowd. And I can't wait to meet Cricket. I have a space all picked out for him on my bookshelf.

  25. Oh my gosh, Cricket is such a cute name! Looking forward to hearing more about him and Lola. <3

    I hope you enjoy the time you have with your parents. :)



  26. Yay to line editing! Yay to Cricket! (Who will soon be so loved :-) And yay to single spaces between sentences. I hadn't noticed that you did this? Jim does it. I'll have to send him the link . . .

    Hi to your parents!

  27. I can't wait to read!! *swoons* Do you do library visits? If so, plz point in the direction of who to contact.

  28. Yay for line edits! A: because they are fun and make me feel powerful. B: because that means I'm closer to reading Lola and Cricket's story which is a huge yay for me.

    But seriously. Do I *have* to single-space after the period? Yes, I know the history. I just think it looks better with two spaces. Important. Fashionable. Comfortable. Like the best jeans I've ever owned.

    *slinks off muttering about single-spacing*

    - Liz

  29. I found out about the secrety, dark reason why double-spacing began in the first place some time ago, and made the switch myself. It wastes less paper, too, so it's a win-win in my book.

    I can't wait to meet Lola and Cricket! :)

    I hope you know you are one of my favorite people.

  31. I just switched to single space a few weeks ago! I still do slip up every once in a while, but it's becoming less frequent, for sure.

  32. Change always takes a little time. I like to single space unless I am working a manuscript or something. Best wishes on your editing and your company visiting. :)

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  34. Hi Stephanie! I really enjoyed Anna- I just passed it onto a friend and I'm excited for Lola and Cricket!

    If it makes you feel better, those of us of the law school persuasion still adhere to the tenants of double spacing.

    PS-Will you be at the LA Festival of Books? I think they have a special session just for young adult lit. It's during my finals but if you go I'd totally come out to see you!

  35. I am so excited to read Lola and Cricket's story. I just finished Anna and the French Kiss the other day, and I gotta tell ya, I'm suffering from withdrawals. You know it's a good book when you miss the characters when after the story is through