Accio Books!

Hermione will keep looking at you like this until you donate.

The Harry Potter Alliance is up to their usual awesome. From now until the end of March, they're throwing their annual book drive, Accio Books!

If you have books in your home library that you aren't going to read again (AND I KNOW YOU DO), please consider donating them to your local public library or to this year's sponsored location, the Bedford-Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School in Brooklyn, a school that opened in 2010 and — EEP! — doesn't have a library.

The school is looking for gently used books for ages preschool through young adult. I mailed them a big ol' box this afternoon, and I hope that some of you will, too. (Tip: Ask your U.S. post office to ship the box via media mail! It's cheaper.)

For further information, including the school's address, please visit this page.

And, for funsies, you can log in your donation to The House Cup page. I gave my points to Ravenclaw!


  1. I've already got a hundred books set aside to ship :)

  2. I would, but I doubt that they want books written in Swedish :/ All the books I dont read anymore is Swedish books (and many of them is from a bookclub - my library can't/won't take them, I tried..)..

  3. Anonymous3:37 PM GMT-5

    Yay Ravenclaw!!! I've got a box too, but am hoping for some more from some friends and family before I ship it out.

  4. I donated! I also figured out that if you tell the post office it's books then it's cheaper to ship. I wish I could donate more. I believe books are meant to be shared, not kept on a shelf.
    Also, go Ravenclaw!

  5. Hoorah for Ravenclaw! ;] Alas, I honestly DON'T have any books I'm not reading. :( However, I wouldn't be against finding some of my favorites at the local used book stores to share with them! I'd never even heard of Accio Books!

  6. That is so awesome! I've never heard of the Accio Books! Book Drive before but that is an absolutely wonderful drive! I'm definitely going to look through my shelves and find some I can send out! Thanks for the info! :D

    Meredith :)

  7. I would love to donate, but I am terrible with departing from my books. It also wouldn't feel right giving them books that I don't really like.

    Lemme just tell you though...you have such a sense of humor. I love it, teehee =) Can't wait till Lola and the Boy Next Door. I wonder who lives in those houses on the cover....=O

  8. Ravenclaw FTW!!

    I'll be dropping off a nice collection as the post office post-haste!

    Thanks for the reminder, Steph!

    - Liz