These days . . .

I've been working a lot on that.

And I've been feeling a bit melancholy about this. While it's not surprising—and while it's nice to already know that Jack will keep making great music—they DID have a certain something together.

Not to mention a hell of a lot of style:

It's possible I'll miss their wardrobe as much as their music!

Here's my favorite recording of my favorite White Stripes song. It's raw, hard, and sexy, just the way rock should be:

Any fans out there? What's your favorite song?


  1. I'm sad about this, too! I saw them live once and I was AMAZED to find they are the loudest band I have ever heard perform. I don't know how two people can rock so hard. I'll miss them.

    I love Icky Thump, too! I also really love Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground. Oh, and Hotel Yorba, for sure. And a sleeper favorite is Cold, Cold Night, sung by Meg!

  2. Awwww...I hate when bands break up. It's so sad. I like Icky Thump too.

    Will listen again and wallow. *sobs*

  3. I'm a big fan. My favorite songs are "Little Room", "We Are Going To Be Friends" and "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground".

  4. They're in my next book. :(

  5. I was bummed but not totally surprised when I heard the news. My favorite song by them is "You Don't Know What Love Is."
    At least we have them on our i-Pods and we can hear them whenever we want.

  6. My husband saw them perform live in a community college auditorium. Like Jessica, he thought they were the loudest band ever. I love "Death Letter" and "Hello Operator." And I'd still choose their Peel Sessions as my Desert Island CD.

  7. At ASU Mimi was in charge of doing this talent show & needed people to sign up. My friend Lauren decided that our friend Alexis, her & I needed to form a band & play Seven Nation Army. We were going to call ourselves Harsh Scrawl or something like that. But while we were borrowing instruments that none of us played to practice we found out they were not allowing bands. So Harsh Scrawl never came to be & I never learned to play the bass. It is all very sad :(.

  8. I'm super sad as well! Never got to see them live :( :( though, Jack is still rocking, and I do love The Dead Weather so all is not lost lol.

    Fav songs are 'Finding it harder to be a gentleman' and 'I want to be the boy to warm your mothers heart'. Long live TWS! XD

  9. Sadness! But yeah, not totally unexpected.

    I am a huge fan of Dead Weather, so not all is lost. Although, I'm paranoid Alison is going to eventually leave The Kills now, which would break my heart.

  10. I love Icky Thump! Great song. But I have to say "You don't know what love is" is my fav. WS song. The break up sucks, but I doubt we won't be seeing them again. Jack has his other band. And I'm sure Meg has something in the works.

  11. It's her shoes that get me! I admire anyone who can walk in heels like hers. I admit, though, I've only ever heard a few of their songs.

  12. I"m a big White Stripes fan, so needless to say this really bums me out. I'm a fan of Jack's side projects but its just not the same. Like you I believe there was just something special about the two of them together. Magical almost. Raw creativity.
    They have so many songs that I love but a few favorites would be...

    Blue Orchid
    My Doorbell
    Dead leaves and the dirty ground
    Hotel Yorba
    Icky Thumb
    Seven nation army
    Just to name a few... :)

  13. I like "We're Going To Be Friends" and "Blue Orchid"

    I will miss them <3 One of the most famous indie rock ever. They will be missed TT_TT

  14. Hi Stephanie!
    I just wanted to let you know that I literally JUST finished Anna and the French Kiss and it is quite possibly the most adorable, mushy, feel good book I've read in a long time! SO glad to hear you're writing more! You've definitely made a longtime fan!
    Keep up the good work!

  15. I passed your book on to a fellow traveller in NYC who was going back to Brazil, as I needed to make my case weigh less. Passing on the love!

  16. I feel the SAME way!! I love them, I love Jack White. I live in the Detroit area so I've seen them live at least twice. He is the show... For real. The man's genius is just amazing. And i was lucky enough to meet jack!!!! I remember it like it was yesterday!!! He kissed my hand! lol! I was smitten. Anyway, i'm very bummed out about the news too. I'm going to miss them sooooo much!!! But at least we have Jack in The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. :) Not many people on here mentioned The Raconteurs. Seriously ladies, check them out. Saw them live too and... no joke... one of the BEST shows I've seen... and I go to A LOT of live shows with my husband. That's our "thing". Others go to the movies or theater... we go to concerts. all.the.time. :) Check them out.

    Great post Stephanie.

  17. Bummer, but maybe this will help:


  18. Sad day! People hated on The White Stripes. You can have solo artists, and you can have a slew of people in a musical group, but everyone knows a two-man band isn't ever truly complete.

    But I actually liked TWS. Jack's voice was a refreshing sound in the rock business and their quirky style was pretty amazing. My favorite song of theirs has to be "The Denial Twist". Love the lyrics and the music vid is straight up bizarre <3

  19. Fell In Love With A Girl will always be my favorite. It rocks so hard.

  20. I was devastated when I heard the news! The White Stripes are my favorite! The sad thing is I never got the chance to see them live. The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather are awesome as well so at least there's that. And of course, Jack White is a musical genius so I trust everything and anything he touches. I also trust his decision to end The White Stripes. Can't wait to see what's next.

    I truly love each and every song, but a few of my favorites are:

    Jimmy the Exploder
    Death Letter
    Red Rain
    I Fought Piranhas
    I'm Finding it Harder to Be a
    When I Hear My Name
    Effect and Cause
    Rag and Bone
    Catch Hell Blues

    I better stop...I could go on and on!