GIVEAWAY: Where She Went by Gayle Forman

This week, I'm giving away *THREE* advanced copies of Gayle Forman's latest novel, Where She Went, which won't be released until this April. It's the sequel to the massively successful and brilliant If I Stay, and it's already been picked for this spring's Indie Next list. Here's the description:

It's been three years since the devastating accident . . . three years since Mia walked out of Adam's life forever.

Now living on opposite coasts, Mia is Juilliard's rising star and Adam is LA tabloid fodder, thanks to his new rock star status and celebrity girlfriend. When Adam gets stuck in New York by himself, chance brings the couple together again, for one last night. As they explore the city that has become Mia's home, Adam and Mia revisit the past and open their hearts to the future—and each other.

Told from Adam's point of view in the spare, lyrical prose that defined
If I Stay, Where She Went explores the devastation of grief, the promise of hope, and the flame of rekindles romance.

I don't want to spoil it for you, so the only thing I'll say is that everything you loved about the first — the intensity, the romance, the surprise — is alive and thrashing. The sequel is just as good, if not better. Seriously.

Also? Adam is still super duper duper duper duper hot!

I want these advanced copies to go to Gayle's fans. To enter to win, please leave a comment here describing what you loved about If I Stay. Obviously, if you haven't read If I Stay, DON'T READ THE COMMENTS, because they'll be filled with spoilers. (And if you haven't read it, what are you waiting for??)

I'll randomly select three winners next Monday, February 28th. Good luck!

EDITED TO ADD: Yes, this giveaway is open internationally.



  1. I haven't read the first one yet...but I am always willing to find any excuse to buy a good book!

    (There, I got it in first so that I wouldn't see any spoilers...)


  2. what i didn't love about IF I STAY would be a shorter list. actually, it's not even a list because i loved the entire book, even if it (and its audiobook counterpart) left me a slobbering, sobbing mess.

    i want to be gayle forman when i grow up.

  3. Thanks so much for the contest. I read If I Stay and loved it.

  4. Hope this giveaway is open for international readers.

    I loved about "If I stay" that it's a book you can share with your sister, mother and even grandmother because the story and characters are so amazing and Mia's conflict is interesting for all ages. And I even enjoyed that I had to cry throughout most parts of the book also I normally hate when that happens.

  5. I loved how it seemed so real and it played with my emotions!


  6. I loved so much about IF I STAY but I'm going with the first thing that rises to the surface:

    When Adam "plays" Mia as if her body is a cello.

    That scenes sticks in my mind. So beautiful.

    Can't wait for WHERE SHE WENT.

  7. I just wrote a "Waiting on Wednesday" post on my blog about Where She Went so my mind is fresh about what I loved so much about If I Stay.

    I am dying to read Where She Went despite the fact that I think If I Stay could have stood on its own without a sequel. So, if I feel that way, then why do I want so desperately to read the sequel?

    If I Stay introduced me to a world and a set of characters that I wish I could know in real life. I loved Mia and her family. I loved Adam and Mia's relationship. I loved that the characters in the story were intensely musical but not intensely competitive. Music was a part of their family and their soul. It wasn't just something to excel at.

    As you mentioned here on your blog once Stephanie, expectations are always higher for the second book when the first book was so brilliant. It's hard to compete with the magic of that first one. But even though I'm approaching this book with trepidation because of that trend of the sequel disappointing, when you invest so much of your emotional memory to a book and a set of characters, you have a tendency to want to go back to see how life has been treating them since last we met. I see Mia and Adam as real people. I care about them. I want to know how they're doing. So even though I might not get the same magic from the second installment, I will be happy and content just being in Mia and Adam's presence.

    beths0103 at yahoo dot com

  8. True story: I gasped (GASPED!) when I saw the post title just because I'm so excited for Where She Went. One of my favorite parts from If I Stay was hands down the relationship between Mia and her parents. Her parents completely won me over, which only made the book all the more heart-wrenching.

  9. I love how poetic the language used is.

  10. Want! I so agree with Gretchen. It was so refreshing to see such a healthy relationship with parents in If I Stay. That made an impression on me too.

  11. What I loved most about If I Stay, was Adam. I loved how devoted he was to her and how it was intimately him who helped her decide to come back.

    I actually think I will enjoy Where She Went more because it is told from his POV. I'm really excited about that.

  12. The love story between Adam and Mia broke my heart. His fear for her was soooo touching and I just wanted to cry and cry. Gayle did a marvelous job developing Adam and I am so excited to read from his POV!

  13. what I love about If I Stay: the fact that is an AWESOME book and it's already translated in portuguese, so I can recommend it to my friends. I always go through awkward moments with my friends, going "oh, this book is grrreeaat" and they're like "oh, cool. but it's in english" and they're don't really know that much of english so they can't read it, and then I come out as the snob girl who only reads in english and rubs it in people's face.
    but not with If I Stay. NOT AT ALL!


  14. I loved that it wasn't what I was expecting . . .

  15. Anonymous4:00 PM GMT-5

    IF I STAY is one of my all-time favorites because it is a beautiful, emotional,and gripping story. Mia's story is heart breaking and thought provoking.
    I recommended the book to both my mother and my daughter and they both cried at the end and loved it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Where She Went. I have been dying to read it ever since the book was announced.

  16. I started "If I stay" in a clothing department, I had just bought it and my Mom wanted to try on clothes. Bad mistake, I burst out into tears within the first chapter. The writing of this story is so beautiful and powerful. It brings up emotions that no other book has done for me. I seriously love this book so much, I brought it to college with me because I wanted to be reminded of the reason I became an English major. The characters are just so real, and you hurt so badly for them. I was in love with the relationships that Mia had. Her brother and her's relationship was so strong and beautiful, how she would read to him. I am so excited for this sequel. I never wanted Adam and Mia to break up, I couldn't imagine that happening when Mia had already lost so much. I can't wait to see how much stronger Mia has gotten. This book played with my mind and kept it thinking about this story long after i closed it.


  17. Time! That's what I'm waiting for. :)

  18. I haven't read the first book, but it'll be awesome have the second, so my mother won't be able say me no when i ask her for money for the first one!

    dani dot prmr at hotmail.com


  19. What did I love about If I Stay?


    I loved Mia's relationship with her family. I loved how just as she became confident that she belonged with them, was a part of them, they were taken away from her. I loved how important and special her brother was too her.

    And I loved, loved, loved, when Adam asked her to come back, even if she didnt want him in her life anymore, he just wanted her to be alive.

    And I loved that Sigur Ros made a cameo. Awesome band.

  20. Anonymous4:01 PM GMT-5

    It would be impossible to pick one thing I loved best about If I Stay. The book was utterly engaging, absolutely beautiful, and I was enraptured from the start. While the book poses a sort of poetic quality, the language was incredibly real and very now. Everything about the book was utterly realistic. However, perhaps what I most loved, was the way the book looked at life, and what about life was really worth staying. Was it worth it to live if everyone you'd loved - your family - was gone? Was it worth it to live if you knew you would miss them incredibly, forever, if you went back without them? And was it worth it to die, to be with them, if that meant leaving behind everyone else?

    While most books are in some way predictable and more about the journey, this one left me guessing, and I LOVED that. I LOVED not knowing how it would end, not being able to pick how I thought the author would end it. It was intense, it was beautiful, and it kept me on my toes. I literally COULDN'T stop reading, even at the parts in which I burst into tears - sometimes because it was such a beautiful, happy moment from the past; sometimes because it was heartbreaking-ly sad; sometimes because the beauty was too much to be contained.

    I love the books that examine life from the viewpoint of death, weigh out what is really all that important. And this book was filled with such promise and more than delivered. It did exactly what I expect it would have - it drew me into the book fully and had me rooting for Mia until the very end.

  21. SQUEE!!!! I cannot wait for this book to come out. Awesome giveaway! I loved If I Stay! Everything about it. But especially Adam. He's just too sweet and cute. :)


  22. Oh goodness, I can't wait for the new book! I loved the thoughtfullness of the book, and how tough this decision is for her. I also thought her family was awesome, which really added to how devastating their loss is. I also totally bawled at the end, but thankfully I read it at home, so it wasn't too bad. :)

  23. What didn't I love about If I Stay? Man that was an emotion filled book. I think one of my favorite scenes was in the hospital when Gayle made me want to punch Mia's parents in the nose for not letting Adam into that hospital room. I don't think I've ever wanted to physically harm parents as much as I did when reading that book.

  24. ah, sounds so sad! I want it!
    Haven't read the first one.. *goes to check it*

  25. I actually have not read it yet. It's on my TBR list!


  26. I loved that it made me cry. I can't remember which scene it was, but there was one day when I was reading at my desk during my lunch break and sobbing into my salad. Luckily none of my coworkers came in to see me :)

    The part with Mia's grandparents at the hospital was really touching.

    The part with Adam's band in the hospital was awesome!

    The WHOLE BOOK ROCKED! I can't wait for Where She Went! :)

  27. Anonymous4:06 PM GMT-5

    I haven't actually read the first one yet, but I'm open to an excuse to get it! Haha I'd love to win this book. Thanks for the giveaway.
    renahe_90 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

  28. If I Stay was written in a spare, stripped down style yet it packed such an emotional punch. It was a beautiful story and I know Where She Went will be just as powerful.

  29. If I Stay is a book that makes you think about your life and the choices you make. However, it also gave you the romantic edge that most teens want. And let's not forget, you get music too. Which I happen to love.

    I'm going to have to go with the normal opinion; the cello scene was one of my favorites. Because of the fact that he didn't know how to play it. Yet, he knew what to do. He was really gentle to Mia as well.

    I would love an Advanced Reader Copy, and I'm sorry if this isn't very detailed, I lent out my If I Stay to my friend, and they haven't given it back to me x.x

    IF I do win, this is my email--

  30. What I love about If I Stay was that it managed to make me smile and laugh at the same time as it managed to make me cry. It was one of the most touching stories that I read in a really long time.

  31. I love how the main focus wasn't on death. It focuses on how she has to decide who she wants to be.

  32. Thanks for making this international, Steph!

    I loved so many things about If I Stay. I picked up the book not really knowing much about it, and it has definitely stayed with me long after reading it.

    I love the beautiful simplicity of the prose and the powerful punch it packs.

    Most of all I loved the relationships. Mia had a great relationship with her parents, and little brother. I loved watching her relationship with Adam unfold, and her friendship with Kim was so real and so easy to relate to.

    Oh, and it totally made me cry. It takes a lot for a book to make me cry!

    I can't wait to read Where She Went!


  33. I loved If I Stay because it hit on something very personal for me. I haven't been in a car crash, and lost the rest of my family, but I do have a terminal disease and thinking about someday having to make the choice of , "do I stay, or do I go," is something I have to do.

    It really conveys what I think about; how would those people I've left behind feel, both on Earth and whatever is beyond. It's very real and emotional, and it's a book I have no problem sharing with my family and friends. It's easy to feel connected with Mia and her struggle. To choose to stay in a world where your close family is suddenly gone would be so challenging, and the strength she shows in making her choice set her above many contemporary heroes/heroines.

  34. Great that the contest is international! Where she went is high on my want-to-read list, as I interviewed Gayle when she was on tour here in Amsterdam! I loved If I stay and just am so curious what is going to happen in Where She Went!

    marjoleinbookblog at gmail dot com

  35. ohmigosh, id LOVE to win this book. im entering pretty much every contest i come involving it across in hopes of scoring an ARC. :)
    anyway, what I loved about if i stay was that it made me realize just how very special life is, even in all its painful glory. how precious the people around you are, and how love sometimes overcomes everything in the end. its such a beautiful message i cried.
    thank you SO much for the giveaway!

  36. I love the way IF I STAY burrows its way inside of you and doesn't let go. Such a powerful, evocative read.

  37. Gruesome as it sounds, I loved the way that death was portrayed. Mia was honestly torn between this dark, sweet unknown with the possibility of seeing her family again, and the prospect of a life to live. Gayle wrote IIS so well, and gave her world so much depth, that I remember thinking that I would be satisfied with whatever choice she made. Oh, and I also loved the total chill I still get when I see the word "cauliflower."

  38. Um... my favorite thing about IF I STAY is that I will bump it up to #1 on my TBR list if I win this arc?? (Does that count? Lol. If not I totally understand.)

  39. I haven't read it, but I actually just got it for my Nook so I'll be reading it soon! I can't wait either -- I've heard a lot of great things!

  40. Oh my email:

    TweetyB99 at aol dot com

  41. Anonymous4:12 PM GMT-5

    I loved If I Stay because it was told from a perspective I hadn't seen (read?)before. The fact that no one else knew she was there forced every single character to be seen as completely honest, the whole thing felt simple and truthful.

    - Lisa

  42. Anonymous4:13 PM GMT-5

    I loved If I Stay so much it kind of hurts! :) I thought it was so beautiful, not only in the heartbreaking choice Mia is asked to make, but in the way Forman so perfectly captured Mia life— those moments of insecurity, of swoon, of pain and of pure, deep down to the tips of your toes happiness. If I could crawl inside it I would.

  43. I so can't wait to read this book! While the romance in If I Stay was wonderful, at the time, I was much more drawn to how close Mia was to her family and her struggle to let them go. When I read this, I was on a plane heading to live over 2,000 miles away from my family. It made me want to turn back around and never leave my family again.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  44. Oh, wow. What is not to love about If I Stay. I devoured every single word. If I Stay is not my favorite book, but it is the most beautiful book I have ever read. The words were sewed together seamlessly. I was trapped inside the story from cover to cover. I loved that you truly didn't know her decision until the very end.
    In so many books when the main character must make a choice, one choice is always better than the other. One choice is always made for a boy or on a whim. Her choice wasn't that way. Truly amazing. Her family, a loving family, or her life? But really without your family, what is life? I admire her choice, I can't imagine the courage or strength it must have took to open her eyes.
    I laughed with some of her memories, I cried with the heartbreak. I was sucked into her world and I refused to leave until I was finished.
    I can't wait for the conclusion of this story, I know it's not done yet. I can't wait to get in Adam's head. Writing this makes me want to go reread it right now. I think that I might.

  45. I ADORED If I Stay. I love how it was told by looking back through memories. I especially loved the wit and smart comments made by Mia's mother.

    At the start of the novel, it's quite unfortunate that her family is dead, but it's not until AFTER you 'get to know' them through the memories that you truly feel affected by these characters deaths.

  46. I haven't read If I Stay yet but I've read Delirium and love it. I've heard so many great things about If I Stay!

  47. I loved If I Stay. Such a good book. I don't really have a ONE favorite part, but I do love that it goes back and forth between the past and present. It was great.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  48. I read and loved If I Stay. What i loved about this book was, it wasn't only about Mia's choice about living or dying... but it also collaborated stories about her family, Adam, and her best friend. Which, i think, is awesome and entertaining. And i look forward to read When She Went.


  49. I loved Gayle Foreman's prose--so simple and beautiful

    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  50. I have to admit that I HATE sad books. I like HAPPY ENDINGS, but when a book gets talked up by everyone and their mother, I have to read it. That being said, I made sure I knew the ending of the book before I read. And THAT being said, I loved 'If I Stay' for its poetry, its music, for its magical hopefulness and humour right alongside horrible grief. And I loved loved loved Mia and Adam.

  51. What I loved the most in if I stay had been the feelings it made me feel, it is one of my favorite books I can't atop reading it! Parker182@hotmail.fr

  52. It was such a touching and moving book, and the strength, courage and maturity that Mia shows at the end of the book, choosing to live, even when it would be so much easier, for her, to instead chose to go with her family instead.

  53. IF I STAY was such a lovely, powerful book. I think my favorite thing about the story is that it is always Mia's choice... even from the very beginning. She is faced with the horrifying idea of carrying on even without her family, and only she can decide if she is brave enough (or willing) to do that. Her relationship with Adam is also touching, as well as how music plays such a strong role in both her life and those around her.

    Would LOVE to get my hands on WHERE SHE WENT :) (pick me, pick me!)

  54. What I most loved about If I Stay was the musical influence. I liked how it wasn't limited to just one type of music: there was punk, classical, rock 'n roll, etc. I liked how Gayle Forman made it such a big part of the novel. Music is a big part of my life, so it made it very easy to read and easy to relate with.

  55. I loved everything about If I Stay.

    I loved how it was so real and that I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it and that it left me a sobbing, blubbering mess. And I loved how much it made you think - about you're own life, and what you would do if you had to make a choice like Mia did.

  56. When I first started my new job as a YA librarian, I surveyed the YA collection before me. The first book that caught my eye was If I Stay. I checked it out and read it in one sitting one morning at the circulation desk. When I reached the end, when Adam ran out for an iPod and held Mia's had as he begged her to stay, I burst into tears right there in front of everyone. I had to flee into the staff room to compose myself so patrons wouldn't be alarmed by my behavior. I still cry every time I read that part. If I stay is heartbreakingly beautiful, I can't wait to read Where She Went--I'll just make sure I'm not at the circulation desk when I read it!

  57. I'm usually pretty bad saying what I loved about a book. So...
    dhsjkwjehgdhsjkwjenhbewjkjnebdvhdnenheeh it was so amazing *-*, i cried so badly. ILOVEDITILOVEDIT<3 ghsjwhgewh. (That's usually what I say, but I'll try to be a little more coherent)
    I loved this book for many reasons. One is that Mia is an amazing character, and the fact that she liked to hang out with her family was totally awesome, because it makes you know that she's sad and depressed because she loved her parents and brother, not because she's full of remorse for haven't shared enough time with them.
    I didn't knew what this book was about when I started, but I never regret while I was reading. I freaked out, I cried, I smiled, I had butterflies.
    Also, Adam is a great reason to love If I Stay.
    I read this book in one day, and I was alone at my house, and yes, I had cried, but not as much as I wanted, so when my parents and sister arrived home, I totally started to cry, I think they freaked out, because I haven't cried like that in a while.
    Anyway, the book is awesome, every single page is. The ending. Her decision. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
    (If there are two comments of mine, is because Blogger is messing with me; sorry)

  58. It was a poignant and touching book. I loved these characters immensely. They were written brilliantly and I couldn't help but feel for them.

  59. This is going to sound completely strange and even a little crazy, but what I loved about "If I Stay" was that it made me cry. I don't usually cry when reading books, so only three books have that honor: Bridge to Terabithia, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and If I Stay. I figured If I Stay had to be a truly great book if it stirred up that much emotion.

  60. OMG...I really want to read this book!

    I LOVED If I Stay. It was rec'ed to me by some friends and I'm SO glad that I read it. I adored the voice, Mia was a very belieavable character given her out-of-body experience. Adam was super hot and I have to say that one of the many things that I loved about the book was the guitar scene err...the scene when they "played" each other's bodies. I am a sucker for romance and that had to be one of the most romantic scenes ever.

    My copy of If I Stay is looking really lonely, so I hope I win. *crosses fingers*

    Thanks for holding the contest!

    Email: raven.ashley187@yahoo.com

  61. I love that If I stay is about choices. Every character have to make a choice but I think Mia had to make the hardest one. This book shows about love, sorrow and moving on even when it hurts so much. And the ending was perfect, realistic and above all honest and raw.

  62. If I stay is such a beautiful novel. I actually teared when reading it. Mia is an amazing character, her relationship with her parent was very touching.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Happy reading!

  63. The love story of Mia and Adam's beautiful. The novel has a powerful attraction, moves you, it is painful and full of difficult decisions but still, one of the best stories I've read.

    Thanks so much for this contest. I´m dying for read Where she went.


  64. Anonymous4:31 PM GMT-5

    Great book. Loved the great big ol twist at the end and am excited to read the new one and share with my students.

    email: jennyhrh at sbcglobal (dot)net

  65. I loved If I Stay (reviewed it here: http://theendingunplanned.blogspot.com/2010/10/book-spotlight-gayle-formans-if-i-stay.html)

    While everything about this story was beautiful, the music and the way it became its own character, made it special. I walked away feeling as though I'd been to the symphony, had therapy and fell in love all at once :-)

  66. If I Stay grabbed me because of the character development. The use of music, flashbacks, family interaction: all of it created an immediate response in me. I cared about what happened to all the primary characters. Lovely, sad, sweet book.

  67. I loved the narration of If I Stay. I actually felt like I was a part of the story,like outside looking in. I laughed, I cried along with Mia and her family. If I Stay definitely tugged at my heartstrings.

  68. Um, I just realized I was describing a scene from a different book. lol Okay, so it was the nurses in this book that wouldn't let him in. (I was describing Linger) That's what happens when you read too many books. I was playing bejeweled blitz when my mind came to this realization. I really do love gayle foreman and If I Stay.

  69. Oh man, i loved everything about IF I STAY! The emotional roller-coaster it gave me had me dreaming about it for weeks! I really want to get my hands on the sequel!

    Jamad Artan

  70. I loved the descriptions of her family are so real. They aren't perfect, but they all care about each other so much. Even though they're dead, they seem so vibrantly alive.

  71. My favorite part of If I Stay were the character descriptions of Mia's parents and their interactions with Mia. I loved her Dad, how he was a retired aspiring musician who continued to foster Mia's musical abilities from his love of music. I loved her funny and understanding Mom. I was devastated to know that she would not know them further. :(

  72. IF I STAY was the first YA I read that moved me the way I want MY writing to move other people. My very favorite scene is the one near the end when Adam crie's in Mia's hospital room. Breaks my heart!

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  73. love this quote "Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you."

  74. LOVED If I Stay. I loved the relationship Mia had with her family. I loved the music references. I loved Mia's struggle with deciding whether life will be worth living without her family. What DIDN'T I like about If I Stay?!!!!


    bookfaredelights at gmail dot com

  75. I loved it! It was beautiful, real, and poignant -- like any good book should be. Thank you!

  76. Ahh! I'm itching to read "If I Stay" now! The second book sounds like it could be really touching. I'm going to have to run to the store to pick up a copy of the first book.
    Thanks for putting up this contest!

  77. Anonymous4:46 PM GMT-5

    I liked how most of the "rebellion" was actually acted out by Mia's parents' generation. I thought it was a nice reversal and made for a more dramatic choice since as a "good girl" Mia wasn't influenced by a lot of angsty pain and baggage.

  78. What a great giveaway thank you I love Mia and Adam what a great book it's one you don't forget!
    tishajean@ charter.net

  79. Oh goodness, I have been counting down to Where She Went. If I Stay was so incredibly beautiful-- I fell in love with the characters and music and the intensity developed throughout. Cannot wait to read this one!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Stephanie!


    Jennifer [dot] L [dot] Dempsey [at] gmail [dot] com

  80. I loved that Gayle Forman didn't take the easy way out with anything in this book. The choices the characters had to make were tough, not only Mia's decisions, but the other character's as well. While the characters were easy to like, no one was perfect and the relationships faced challenges. I loved at the end of the book Mia was just starting to face the pain that was to come, so much of her story left to tell.

  81. I think my favorite part was how close Mia and Adam were. They were just sooo cute together!

  82. I really love that Mia is forced to examine what she holds important in life, that she has to ask whether her life is worth living when her entire family is gone. I love that she chooses to keep on living her life, even when she knows that it will be full of pain and suffering and loss.

  83. If I Stay gave me chills, in all of the best ways. I'm glad that I didn't know much about what it was about before reading it, because I would have thought that it sounded horrible and scary and sad. And you know, it is all of those things, but it's also beautiful, and all about love -- the love that the whole family has for one another, and everyone for her and her family comes through every word of that book. I didn't know there was a sequel, and now I can't wait until April.

  84. Anonymous5:14 PM GMT-5

    Mo favorite part of If I Stay is the descriptions of Mia's relationship with her family and Adam. I felt so many emotions reading this book. I loved everyone in her family and, of course, Adam. Amazing book! Can't wait for Where She Went!!

    Ivis Suarez

  85. I generally read urban fantasy, but I (begrudgingly) read If I Stay for my LIS department's book club. I've never cried (both joy and sadness) for half of a book before. And I never felt like I had to "buy-in" to the ghost-Mia...she just was.

  86. Anonymous5:19 PM GMT-5

    If I Stay is probably one of my favourite books. It's one of those books that I read over and over again. It's one of those books that makes me feel like everything is going to be okay, even when they don't seem like that - whether it's in the book or in real life.
    It can take me away from whatever I'm going through or what I have to worry about. It's poetic and honest and the characters seem like real friends.
    The only thing I didn't like about If I Stay is that it ended, leaving me with these friends, a family that meant so much to me.

  87. I loved If I Stay. Hands-down my favorite part was at the very end when Adam plays for her--and cries.

  88. I loved the book If I Stay because it had depth and made you think long after the last page was read. On the surface, it was a simple story, but underneath it was a complex and thought-provoking journey and ultimate questioning of one's belief about life and death and what keeps us engaged in life.

    I also started thinking about family and what that means, how we are shaped by family, but also who we choose as our family and the power of love, always love.

    I thought about what my choice would be, and what my daughter's choice would be. What would I want for my daughter as a parent? What would my daughter reflect on in her life if she were in Mia's situation. The questions were nonstop, and hence my inability to stop thinking about this book and my countdown to its sequel!

  89. Oh gosh, what *didn't* I love about If I Stay? The book made me laugh, cry, and ache for humanity in a way only tangible between the lines; in the pages of a book, discovered after falling in love with the story over and over again.

    Mia's decisions are so real to life, making them all the more beautiful and complex. I grieved with her, I laughed with her, and at the end I was left with wide-eyed anticipation on what would come next - for Mia, for me, for life.


    Gah, I loved everything about If I Stay. If I had to pick one thing off the top of my head: how full of music it was, classical and punk. And Adam. And the writing. And, yeah, everything.

    shutupjessicasreading @ gmaildotcom

  91. I loved If I Stay because it really evoked strong emotions in the reader. Most books leave you liking the characters but Gayle's characters make you feel connected to the story. I also loved that it was written in flashbacks. How the story and emotions that Mia is relieving we get to feel for the first time. I just loved everything about this book it was amazing and I can't wait to continue through Adam's perspective!

  92. Haven't read it, but would love to take part in your giveaway.

  93. What I loved about IIS is that it is one of the few books that pulled me in and made me think about what I would do in that situation. What would I do if I could choose to live or die? I'm still not sure.

  94. OMFG!!!!! I am seriously crying just reading your post and the description of the book. I will be at your mercy if i win!!! I will do ANYTHING for you. Seriously. I'm not trying to be creepy but you have no idea how much I loved If I Stay and how it affected me....Just...WOW. This is the best giveaway and blog and post I've ever seen. Thanks so much!!!!! <3


  95. Alexandra M5:41 PM GMT-5

    I loved If I Stay because it was one of the first books that ever affected me so emotionally. It wasn't just the loss Mia suffered after the accident, but the indecision she has towards what she will do with her life if (when) she wakes up from her coma. I also loved Adam and how perfectly realistic he was, yet completely devoted and wonderful. It was real, honest, and beautiful. The book all in all was amazing. I couldn't wait when I heard about Where She Went.

    Thanks so much for the giveway and for writing a book as amazing as Anna and the French Kiss. :)

  96. I loved how If I Stay was simple yet heartbreakingly beautiful story about the power of love and loss. The flashbacks about Mia's love for her family, her friends, and Adam were a brilliant idea and flawlessly wove themselves into the story. Music was another ingenious component of the novel; along with hope and grief, it contrasted and paralleled the characters while helping to propel the story forward. The ending was another chapter in itself, so short and simple yet full of hope and inspiration.

  97. Melissa Down Under5:45 PM GMT-5

    What I loved about 'If I Stay' was the depth the characters had, from her parents, grandparents, boyfriend and bestfriend to her parent's friends (Willow & Henry) and the nurses who were caring for her.

    I think this came from the wonderful way Gayle Forman was able show each personal relationship, and the impact they each had individually on Mia.

  98. Anonymous5:52 PM GMT-5

    Oh man, my stomach clenches every time I think about reading this book...or If I Stay...
    Here are a few favorite bits:
    The scene where Adam and Mia are in her room, and he begins to 'play' her. So sensual and beautiful.
    The scene in the hospital where the rocker chick, lead singer of the band, essentially storms the castle so Adam can sneak in.
    The relationship between Mia and Kim. It feels so real and, from the perspective of someone who didn't really have that in high school, so enviable.
    I started If I Stay not expecting to like it, and ended up putting it on my list of frequently recommended reads.

  99. My favorite thing about If I Stay was the relationships Mia had. With her parents, with Teddy, with Adam, with Kim. I love how different they all are and how perfect-without-being-fake they are. I also LOVE the characters. Adam is my dream boy. Kim has the exact same personality as my best friend. Her parents are so cool. Teddy is crazy and entertaining. Willow is the perfect aunt everyone wishes they had...I love all of them. There was nothing about If I Stay that I didn't like, and I can't wait for WHERE SHE WENT! Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. What I loved the most about IF I STAY was the different kinds of love that it portrays: romantic love, sibling love, friends love, family...,etc. It was beautiful and so tangible, and thus it made the circumstances more heart breaking.

    PS: Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! :)

  101. I loved how I could really relate to Mia. I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind spending time with her parents at all. And I love going for drives with my family.

  102. I loved how If I Stay made me feel. Heartbroken for Mia's loss, swoony over Adam, envious of her friendship with Kim...I adored this book. Thanks!

  103. Whoa wee! Look at all the comments! I loved the intensity of If I Stay. Plus the writing was amazingly well done. I definitely want to read the 2nd.

  104. I haven't had the chance to read the first book yet (don't worry, I'm squinting to stop myself from reading spoilers), but I got so EXCITED about the next book just from reading the summary. I think I need to have my brain rewired!

    Definitely be buying the first book ASAP!

  105. I loved so much about If I Stay, so to choose one thing? Very hard. But I would have to say Mia's courage. I can't wait to read Where She Went.

  106. If I Stay is as much an experience as it is a story; that's what I loved about it. I love that I read it straight through, tucked into the backseat of our car with my siblings, and feeling all too mortal when Mia's family's car crashes because I could feel the highway disappearing into the dark beneath the wheels of our car as I read. I love that my body went into hypochondriac anxiety mode out of empathy when Mia was on the operating table. I love how Adam's efforts to get into see Mia made me want to cry as much as they made me smile. I loved listening to my 50 Most Essential Classical Pieces album while I read, hearing the cellos hum and moan in harmony with the musical drama of Mia's tragedy. I love that when I closed the book I felt swollen, like I had just spent the last hour sobbing into my mother's shoulder. I love that I couldn't just read the story, I had to FEEL it.

  107. My favorite thing about If I Stay was Mia and Adam's ending. I rate a book as good or bad by the ending and this is one of my favorites. It was just SO emotional.

  108. I loved the characters in If I Stay.They felt so alive and I truly cared about what happened to them.

  109. I have to find my FAVORITE thing about IF I STAY? Ughhh.

    Hm. Let's see . . . I loved the emotions of the book; I remembered I was sick when I read it, and I probably should have read a happy novel, but I chose IF I STAY because it had been sitting on my shelf for weeks.

    The characters, especially Mia and Adam's relationship, I loved. I wanted to know what happened to Mia and Adam. I mean, they were so right for each other . . . and here they were, one choice that could ruin it all.

    I loved how Gayle Forman made me care so much about the characters and the story and that choice. And man, oh man, I think that book needs to come with a package of tissues.

    And the thing I loved the most, I think, has to be Adam. How could he go through that? I loved him and what he went through with Mia ripped my hear out.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to read WHERE SHE WENT. :)

  110. If I Stay, was absolutely beautiful. As I ran through the pages, I felt as if I was Mia and I got to learn about her. I found myself crying through every page, it was so unique and pure..I never read a story so touching that it made me cry! When I finished the book, I was so speechless. I had to remember what I was going to say, it literally had me thinking of life and my family.

    Crossing my fingers I win Where She Went! :) <3

  111. My favorite part of If I Stay, was Adam's words to Mia on the end. I honestly cried my heart out at his words, it left me breathless!

  112. I loved about If I Stay the sensibility with which Gayle wrote the words down, how they made me feel for Mia- like i was there with her and held her hand all the way through her story. The book made me think about all that's impotant, and made me laugh about all the petty booboos in my life.

  113. Ahhh I haven't read this book but I do have it and plan to read ut next so does that count?? But I love how it looks and it sounds amazing and emotional. I was told by A Casual Reader that it's soo emotional and that I have to read it and that I will be crying the whole way through lol.

    Anyway I hope I win this book =D


  114. Eek sadly I can't say that I have read If I Stay, but it and its new sequel both sound AWESOME.

    I'd love to win Where She Went, I'd most likely end up buying If I Stay as well. :)

    Thank you Stephanie! This is most generous of you.



  115. My favorite part of If I Stay was the devotion and love Adam expressed for Mia. Through those things and his strength, he pulled her back to life. It was written so amazingly and was truly inspiring.

  116. I honestly picked up this book wth out knowing anything about it simply because Mia plays the cello. As a cellist since the age of 11 I'd never seen a book about a girl roughly my age who played, so I was super intrigued. I loved hearing Mia talk about playing, it described exactly how I felt when I played. There's a sense of peace and wonder to it all.

    I cried because I was terrified she'd never be able to play again and that has honestly been one of my biggest fears for years.

  117. If I Stay was amazing! I loved the whole book. I really enjoyed how it would switch back and forth from her being dead already to past things that happened to Mia. There were so many amazing things about this book. I loved Mia's fun and crazy parents and he bestfriend Kim. However, the relationship that stands out to me so much in this book is Mia and her grandfather. I have a soft spot in my heart for grandpas because I no longer have mine, but I could see how much he loved Mia so much throughout this book. I cried when he told her she could let go if it would be easier for her. This book is amazing and even if I don't win I will be buying my own! :-)

  118. I really enjoyed If i Stay... I think my favorite part of reading the book was the emotions it dragged out of me. It was so beautiful, so sad, so quiet, so loud. I can't wait to read the new one and I really hope i can win this!


  119. What didn't I love about If I Stay?! I loved that it jumped back and forth from Mia's past to her current condition (her spirit lingering between the afterlife and life). It made the story have so much more meaning. Should she stay and live the life she was meant to live or go be with her family? And even though she had every reason to go, she decided to be strong and stay.

    Ooooh, and Adam! Gosh, he was really swoon-worthy.

    I'm been dying to read this! I just hope Mia and Adam end up together. I'm curious as to what has happened between the two of them, especially with Mia after she recovered from the car accident.

    Thank you so much for hosting this!

    *crosses fingers and hopes*


  120. One of the things I loved the most about If I Stay was the way that the tension was created throughout the flashbacks and present with Mia. The tension Gayle created was done in such a masterful way throughout the whole book that it allowed me to truly be surprised at the end because I really didn't know which way Mia would choose.

    The other thing that I loved because I was able to more personally connect with it was the use of the cello and music to add the mood - as a former cello player myself it just added that extra music playing in my mind as I read the book.

    I'm so excited that there's going to be another book to read. I hope I win so I can read it, review it, and then share it with my 8th graders. Especially since I've already had many requests for it from my students even though it's not even out yet!

    teach8bookblog [at] gmail.com

  121. Whoa! I think I aged 5 years while I scrolled down the comments! I guess a lot of people want this.

    My favourite part of If I Stay was the scene where Adam "played" Mia like a cello. Um, swoon!

    I'm usually a bit hesitant of sequels, but I've only heard good things about this one.

  122. I really enjoyed Mia's relationship with her family in the flashbacks. I also loved the relationship between Mia and Adam.

  123. Anonymous9:57 PM GMT-5

    OMG, what didn't I love about "If I Stay?" It was a beautiful, heartbreaking story that had me sobbing like a little baby throughout. I can't wait to read the sequel, which will probably have me sobbing again!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. I loved EVERYTHING about If I Stay!
    I cant wait for the second book Mia and Adam are truly one of my favorite couples in YA books, or any type of book!! Since i cant pick just one thing i liked about If I Stay since i loved it all ill tell you my favorite part: it was when Adam finally got to actually see Mia for longer than 3 seconds and he droped down, grabbed her hand, and said "please please please.....dont make me write you a song" I seriously cried for like 5 minutes!!! I hope they end up together in Where She Went.

    Thanks so much for the Giveaway and sorry i rambled i just love this book!! :-)

  125. What I loved about this book? Do you have a couple hours? Just kidding. One of the many things I loved about this book is the way the story is told, minutes go by and we feel the pressure that Mia has on making a decision, wil she stay or go for good, but then she starts telling you her story and you lose yourself in that narration, forgetting that the time is important in this book.

    And I love the relationship Mia and Adam share, it's a real thing, it's not about "we looked into each other's eyes and it was magical and we knew we loved each other that very second" or "we will be together forever, happily ever after" thing, it's about fears, doubts, joyful little moments that make a relationship special and real. It's something you believe in and you beg that something great happens in the end for them.

    Oh, well, I can keep writing about what I liked and loved, but I bet you have many other things to do, so I'll say goodbye and thank you for this giveaway.

  126. I love how real and raw with emotion the the story is. When Mia's family dies, I feel what she feels. There were parts of it where I just wanted to throw the book across the room and stop reading it forever and pick up a happy Sarah Dessen book instead. No matter how much I felt that way though, the story was too compelling for me to actually do it. I had to know how the book would end. That's what I loved about it. :)

  127. What did I love most about IF I STAY? Hmmm. . .

    What I loved most about IF I STAY is that it immediately grabbed me and it never let me go. I remember well the first time I picked up the book to read: it was around 3 a.m. and, in typical insomniac-like fashion, I thought a book would help calm my mind and get it ready for sleep. WRONG BOOK TO CHOOSE. I stayed up for the next three hours and sped through the whole thing. I loved the focus on music and how it played out in the plot, I loved the characters and their emotions threaded through the scenes and dialogue, I loved the whole journey Mia went through as she decided between staying or going. It was simply a wonderful book all around that would make anyone smile or want to cry in equal measures.

    And need I say that I love the chance to win the companion novel, WHERE SHE WENT? ;)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    E-mail: furuba4ever (at) hotmail (dot) com

  128. I'm dying to read this book.

    What I loved most about IF I STAY was the iPod scene at the end. And that's all I'm going to say because I hate spoilers.

  129. Yay for giveaways!!! :)
    I'm so excited about Where She Went.
    I read If I Stay last year and totally fell in love with the twisted story.
    The thing I loved most about it was the recurring question for Mia about her choice to live or move on, to stay or go.
    She processes so many emotions with the reader, and Gayle does a fabulous job of giving those emotions their due words without overdoing it.
    The whole story felt real, like I was walking around with Mia's spirit and through her mind and memories, feeling everything as she felt it.
    True talent on Gayle's part for the writing. :)

    Definitely cannot wait to find out what happened after.

    Email: whitneywriteslove [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

  130. i love that one of the main themes is death yet it's not a sad book.

    i love all the romantic gestures adam made for Mia. Nice guys FTW!!

    i love all the classical and classic rock music references.

    i love the "less is more" way gayle writes.

    thanks for the giveaway stephanie :)

    chelleyreads AT gmail DOT com

  131. What didn't I love about IF I STAY? I think what I loved the most was the simplicity & beauty of the writing, but also how effortlessly the story moved from present action to flashbacks. There was so much told in so few pages and it made for such an intense read.

    I couldn't put it down, and when I finally did, I freaking cried my eyes out.

    I seriously can't wait for the sequel to come out. It may or may not be on my calendar.

    Thanks for giveaway!

  132. Mia's story kept me up reading late into the night. She not only made me cry but made me appreciate all that life has to offer.
    And the ending. The last few pages were absolutely haunting and brilliant and without a doubt left me wanting more..

  133. Anonymous6:27 AM GMT-5

    What did I love about If I Stay? Wow, that's a question with a very long answer. Though as I can see how many comments you already have to read through I'm going to keep it wuie short and to the point.

    In a nut shell, If I Stay is the only book I have ever read that has made me cry. And I read ALOT. Seriously, I'm that kid who's reading while the maths homework glares at her.

    And I didnt cry simply because it was sa though that certainly contributed, I cries because it was heartbreakingly real. The boy wasn't a vampire who sparkled, a really hot shadowhunter or a werewolf. He was real with faults. And Mia wasn't that classic Mary Sue character who knew exactly what she wanted she, like so many teenagers, was confused and indecisive. And most of all, ALL the relationships were real. The one between Mia's paren, her grandparents and especially her and Adam. Sure they had their problems but not only did that show how real it was but it also made them stronger because of it.

    Wow, I said I was going to keep it short and concise. Well, I would love to win this book as I'm not actually sure if Australia is getting it the same day as the US. And if we're not and I have to wait extra long or order it online and wait for it to be shipped I'm going to have to fly to America which I can't really afford :)
    Anyway, just wanted to add, I loved and I mean L-O-V-E-D Anna and the French Kiss.

  134. I absolutely loved If I Stay, I could not put it down. I don't think it was that fact that she was in a coma or that she was in love that kept me hooked, I wanted to see if she could come out of it, when so many cannot and who may be stuck in the same place as Mia.
    I think I was mostly in love with the fact that she plays the cello. I have always loved the big instrument and I have always wanted to know how to play, it was so romantic how she and Adam incorporated their love with their music. And I loved the fact that they were together not for any mysterious stupid reason, just that they wanted to be together, not because they had to be together. And that their relationship is so real, he tried his hardest just to see her, and she did things because he thought of her, this relationship is more real than some of the other romances that I have read.
    I love the first novel, and I would love to find out what happens next!

  135. If I Stay is so compelling. I'm a YA librarian and recommend it to teens ALL THE TIME. To this day I still think about if my best friend were in the hospital and how I would try to get in her room if it were family only.

  136. I loved this book, from the simple hardcover design to the beautifully written and touching story. "If I Stay" was one of those books that you just MUST devour, and I can't wait for Gayle's next book in the story.

  137. I loved the story of "If I stay" the entire concept on if living is actually worth all the pain is something we as people consider constantly. And I think "If I stay" illustrated that beautifully

  138. i loved just the story itself, and the music in it. its just heart wrenching and surprising and just amazing! I love it

  139. I loved the way the book made me feel. It took me two days and within this time I could barely eat anything because my stomach flipped over and over again as I thought about all the choices Mia has to make.
    And I very much liked how I inevitably started thinking about the choice myself. Would I rather die with my family or stay in a world where I know I'll encounter so much pain.

  140. I loved how Adam would go to any lengths to see Mia in the hospital because he knew she would want him there.

    Email: Soccer08_qt@yahoo.com

  141. If i Stay, was one of the best books i have taken the time to read! The book hit me in the best way, there is a reason to live even after everything is gone. It sends a great massaged to everyone. I asked my friend to read it when she was having a hard time. She told me it had helped her so much. Shortly after this she told her mom how she was feeling and got help! I love this book, it has changed the way i think about life. The next book is at the top of my to read list!

    Its another book i will be sharing with my friend!

  142. I don't know how you cannot love If I Stay, it's ultimately heart-shattering! It had me crying for hours! I think the main reason why this book really appealed to me and made me sob is because I got in a car accident like this before-- and it ended up with my sister in the hospital, it was so scary, and when I read this book it reminded me of the fact that you need to keep your family close. You never know when something big can come out and tackle you, or steal the life of your loved ones of you yourself. It's these sorts of books that need to be passed around to people, a good message should always be shared. :)
    Email: Kellieb@surewest.net

  143. Anonymous1:29 PM GMT-5

    I haven't read it yet D= I own it though and read up until they get into the accident and then I got sidetracked with school and got busy...but it's next on my to-read list!

  144. Anonymous1:35 PM GMT-5

    I've seen "If I Stay" several times on my local library and have always wanted to check it out but the book itself, was always checked out! So inshallah I could have the chance to read it as well as the other books written by Forman! :D

  145. I adored If I Stay. This was predominantly because of Forman's practically flawless writing style but also because of the way she incorporated music. It was pretty cool to have the spotify playlist on, matching the songs in the novel!


  146. I about peed myself with excitement when I saw this giveaway because Gayle Forman is a genius! A story is only as good as it's writing and If I Stay was written beautifully. When I first started reading it I coulnd't put it down really. It wasn't really till I had finally finsihed it and just sat in bed thinking about it that I knew I'd just read something special. The choice to stay or leave for two different kinds of love was intriguing and enthralling and I loved this beautiful story. If a story can linger within me for days after than I know it's amazing, and If I Stay was no exception.
    I loved the characters. They were real and authentic. I loved the love story, it was heartbreaking and rewarding all at the same time. And mostly, I loved the heart that this book had. The way it asks the big quetions of what would you do? Would you stay?
    Email: maerkis@onid.orst.edu

  147. I LOVED If I Stay and after I saw the trailer I absolutely had to buy it! It was a different kind of story with switching between her past and present, and following people around. I love her choice for the cello as her instrument especially since my best friend plays it. It had me crying and laughing at all the right parts. I connected with her parents and brother and it tore my heart to hear Teddy die. It was beautifully written and I loved the emotion in each page. I couldn't stop reading. I even started shouting at the book after she wanted to give up. And of course last but not least: Adam! I love him! So much. Swoon! One thing that stuck with me the most was how she said people can be put into two categories. I've noticed that in my life and school, and it really is true.
    I can't wait to read Where She Went and after I read some reviews I'm so excited and anticipating finding put why they broke up. Adam is the man! Wonder what goes on in his gorgeous mind, guess I can find out in the book. Love the cover, too.

  148. I loved everything about this book! If I Stay is a beautiful story that I could not put down. I loved Gayle Forman's writing style and I loved Adam and Mia's relationship. I cannot wait to read the sequel!


  149. Anonymous3:20 PM GMT-5

    What I loved about If I Stay? That would be hard to say.
    First, I should start with the fact that it's a NDE (Near-Death-Experience) kind of story. Mia is in this sort of...ghost form between life and death. I mean, how cool is that—in a tragic way, of course, but...still pretty...epic!
    Second, ADAM! Um, hello, he's like...a teen girl's dream! (Well, at least, he is for me). He's definitely swoon-worthy and he plays music, man! That, itself, is a point.
    Next would be that it really is about music and stuff. I mean, I'm a musical chick myself. I love listening and reading and learning about music—whatever kind of music. The book really made music a lot more beautiful.
    Fourth, their love. OMG! They had the STRANGEST love but it was so beautiful! I mean, I remember that one scene Mia spoke about, saying how she, I don't know...they were having some sort of romantic, "sexual" kind of moment or something and she played music on him or something? I don't remember exactly but I thought it was so weird and cute at the same time—like it really made them a different, cuter couple than most of the couples you see most commonly.
    Lastly? The way it was written. It wasn't written in a precise form but it was easy to follow and...I don't know, I just liked it. The emotions were real too, you know what I mean? It went from past to present and how many stories are written like that?
    I can't wait for Where She Went! If I Stay was such a beautiful story and it was heartbreaking—I cried when her little brother died! I mean, I don't know...that just...tore my heart out. Adam and Mia belong together in my opinion and now I'm...DESPERATE to find out if they ever get back together and see her world through Adam's eyes.

  150. I loved how vivid it was; the writting, the characters, the emotions. It was all so gut wrenching!

    email: fjnunes (at) hotmail(dot)com

  151. I would love to win this! My absolute favorite thing about If I Stay was Gayle Forman's flowing, descriptive writing. She almost made the grisly details of the accident sound poetically beautiful yet heartwrenching at the same time. One of my other favorite things about the book was Mia's close relationship with her family. It was nice to see a portrayal of a family in a YA novel that actually enjoyed spending time with each other.

  152. Elizabeth Keyser4:06 PM GMT-5

    I love Mia and her great realtionship with her parents. I love Mia and her realtionship with Adam. I think I just love Mia. It's a great book, and can't wait to read Where She Went! Please enter me in th giveaway!

    (my email just in case : lizzykeys22@gmai.com)

  153. I love how she actually wrote the book If I Stay. Forman wrote it beautifully!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  154. I loved If I Stay for a list of reasons!! It was soo adorable, and tragic at once! I loved the relationship between Mia and Adam, they were so adorable together. And I felt heartbroken when Adam went to visit her in the hospital. I had to read this book for a book club for school a couple summers back and I thought it was boring and kind of weird. It wasn't until I finished it did I finally say "I think this might just be one of my new favorite books." And now when someone asks me for a list of my favorite books it's one of the top 5 that I list. Even if I don't win a copy of Where She Went, I'm still gonna get my hands on that book!

  155. I just got If I Stay and your book. I can't wait to read both of them.

  156. Anonymous5:55 PM GMT-5

    What's not to love about Gayle's book? The intensity of the car accident, the tenderness of young romance or the pain of making one choice that will change your life forever.
    If I Stay is an amazing read and I cannot wait for Where She Went to come out in April!
    Also If I recieve this ARC I will do two things:
    1. Read it and write a review for my library's newsletter.
    2. Donate the ARC to my local library when I am finished reading it.

    I hope I win! Thank you for this contest!

  157. What isn't there to love about If I Stay? It's intense and interesting. You can totally understand her dilemna in choosing to stay or leave.
    I love the romance between her and Adam. It's so sweet and I love how he was so essential in bringing her back. It really hurt when I read the summary for this book. I really want them back together. ;)
    Thanks for the contest!

  158. Anonymous6:26 PM GMT-5

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  159. Anonymous6:28 PM GMT-5

    "If I Stay" was one of the BEST books I have ever read. I loved that it was so emotional and I loved the flashbacks Mia had. I really hope I win. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Email for just in case: thunter_5@yahoo.com

  160. well, i havent read if i stay yet, but i have always looked at it longingly in Barnes and Noble =] one thing that always caught my attention was the intriguing cover...it always draws me in.

    please enter me!!!

    Holly S.

  161. I loved If I Stay, because it was bigger than Mia's romance with Adam. Obviously, that was also important, but it wasn't the only focus. Mia's family was supremely important to her, and she had to decide if she could survive without them. That was the most touching thing about this book.

  162. I loved the relationship between Adam and Mia and their love for music

  163. I loved how it was solely based on flashbacks. If Gayle only wrote about that night, it would only be 50 pages or something. It's beautifully well written and eloquently organized.

  164. If I Stay is brilliantly real. I remember all those feelings- like I was different from everyone else, and that there were times that I wasn't sure life was worth fighting for. At the time I didn't have such an amazing boy to give me a reason to trudge forward. . .

    Loved If I Stay so very much. <3

  165. Anonymous9:55 PM GMT-5

    "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman is the reason why I began my long & loyal love affair with Young Adult novels in college. It was what I needed to inspire my life & my own writing at the time & is still the book that I recommend to anyone & everyone. What do I love most? The fact that we fell in love with the relationship between Adam & Mia in just a few flashbacks. We never got to live in the present-day love between them & yet, we understand what they meant to each other & we rooted for them all the way through. Such a genuinely beautiful love, I feel like Adam & Mia are out there somewhere living out our teen fantasy LOL. I cannot wait to read "Where She Went". It's my number one anticipated book of the year. I cannot wait to fall in love all over again!

    -Alexandra H.

  166. If i stay is an amazing book, I loved how Mia and adam are so revolved around music, and how it ties into their personalities. Its with you every page of the book, and i love how the cello music was what broke Mias comma. It was an amazing and lovely story and i hope Where she went is just as good!

  167. Besides the obvious (characters, dialogue, tension, hotness, drama), I love how Gayle makes her seamless transitions from present to past and makes it all flow exactly how it needs to. LOVE.

  168. What I loved about it is that it felt real, and believable, Mia's decitions and Mia's struggling to decide which one was the best, felt like what a real teenager, like me, would have done.

    and her relationship with Adam! it was the best

  169. The thing I loved most about If I Stay was that it was told through a series of delicately woven flashbacks and memories. It wasn't what I was expecting from the book AT ALL, and it was a delightful, and sometimes heart-wrenching, surprise.

    It didn't hurt that Mia was a cellist - I teach middle school orchestra and I'm primarily a violist. Any book that gives that much special attention to instrumentalists gets an A+, in my opinion. :)

  170. I haven't read the first one yet, but I am on the waiting list at the library! And I am so so so grateful for libraries! How's that?!

  171. What I loved about If I Stay? Everything. But that wouldn't be a very good answer, now, would it? What I really loved was the part where Mia's grandfather is talking to her, telling her that she can stay or go. I cried when I read it.

    There, is that a better answer?

  172. If I Stay is the kind of book that needed to be released. It is so sad, so heartbreaking, so simply profound, that you never forget it. Gayle is such a great writer and such a sweet woman and Where She Went is going to be brilliant. THANK YOU for having this giveaway.

  173. Oh, I loved the fact that Gayle creates characters you actually *care* about. So many times, I read books and think, "Huh, I am supposed to be sad now," but I'm not. At all. While reading "If I stay," I was a blubbering mess. As an author, it's inpired me to create rawer, more genuine emotions.

  174. I am SO EXCITED there is a sequel!! What I loved about IF I STAY was the "play me like a cello" scene, the scene at the end where Adam slips the headphones onto Mia and her whole being comes alive again, the relationships she shared with her parents, the tone (which made you feel as if she were telling you all her secrets, and trusting you with them, too). I bawled at the end, and it wasn't just because I had a newborn baby at the time. Man. Cannot wait to read the sequel!

  175. I really love the "music-ness" of the book!

  176. My favorite thing about If I Stay was everything. I just loved that book. It really opened my eyes to the fact that no one is guaranteed tomorrow and you have to live each day like it's your last, as well as treat people like you'll never get the chance to speak to them again. It really made me appreciate everything I have and not take it for granted. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Can't wait to read WHERE SHE WENT!

  177. Great giveaway! I loved IF I STAY, especially the love story between the characters. :)

  178. How awesome! I just picked up If I Stay and it's on my nightstand so I can read it and then go pick up Where She Went (I've seen some great things being said about it on Twitter and Goodreads).

  179. is it bad to say that I loved everything about it? The way the story was told, how it made me feel, the fact that many many many books later I can still remember favorite lines and phases? Everything.

  180. This comment has been removed by the author.

  181. IF I STAY is a sweet, sweet story filled with complex relationships and conflicts. Mia's story is thought-provoking, and her voice is powerful, emotional, and reaches out to the reader. It's hard to say what I liked about it in a short comment, but the most touching thing to me is its message of how family and love shape us.

    I would love to own an ARC of WHERE SHE WENT :)

    kristarwrites AT gmail DOT com

  182. I loved if I stay. I loved everything about it. I loved that it made me cry, laugh, cringe, and smile
    Adam and Mia were such an amazing couple. They were so different from the couples I usually read about.
    I loved mias family. And when Mia realized her brother had died my heart stopped. 
    If I stay is an amazing book and ever since I found out a sequel was coming out I couldnt wait.
    I can't wait for another one of gayle formans book to take my breathe away

  183. If I Stay was such an emotional book. I cried and laughed with Mia. But I especially loved the intense dynamic between Adam and Mia. They were such a real couple that I could relate to them very easily. They had cute moments, but there were also the bad moments. I really do not like perfect couples in books because they make me feel bad about my own lol. I cannot wait for the sequel!!

  184. What I loved about If I Stay was the emotional roller coaster it took the reader on. You felt the ups and downs with Mia every step of the way. There were moments where you wanted to urge her to go and be reunited with her family. Yet the very next paragraph was swollen with the need for her to stay and live on. Some passages were so very moving, you were right there with her, not sure which direction she would take - right until the very end when there was this breathtaking release, a deep sigh of contentment. I loved every second.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  185. I love love LOVED Mia's family. And the fact that Gayle was able to make me feel such an attachment to them in so few pages that I CRIED when that car accident happened. Even though I KNEW it was coming.

  186. I loved the first date (the concert with Yo-Yo Ma), especially the walk along the river.
    Guess I'm just a sucker for those kinds of scenes :p

    Thanks for the giveaway :)


  187. I loved If I Stay because there were so many was the story could have become cliche (think Lifetime movies), but Gayle's writing and twists and turns kept the story fresh.
    I made the mistake (timing-wise) of reading it on a winter car trip with my family, and I had to take breaks from reading it so that I wouldn't start crying in front of them!

  188. I really loved If I Stay. It makes me break down every time I read it. Forman's writing is truly incredible. I could feel what Mia was feeling as I read the book. I'm so excited for Where She Went. Thanks for hosting this contest!


  189. I loved "If I Stay" and cannot wait to read "Where She Went". One part that really touched me is when Mia's grandfather gives her permission to let go and she thanks him.

  190. The best part for me in If I Stay was the relationship Mia had with her parents and little brother. It was real. A lot of YA books seem to focus around the conflicts young people face with their parents (which is fine, by the way, because a lot of people have dreadful parents or they just don't see eye to eye), but this showed a genuinely loving and caring relationship she had with both of them, and her little brother. That is why this book makes me cry everytime I read it. I lay in my bed flat out sobbing sometimes reading this book and it's because of her character building. If Gayle Forman had not showed who Mia's parents were, this book would not be so heartwrenching.

    I also like the music tastes of her dad and mom. They were so cool!

    Oh, and I also liked that Mia and Adam saw Yo-Yo Ma for their first date. I love his music. :)

  191. I love the way the book is written, It feels real and not like most books out there. I loved that I couldn't guess how the book was going to end - if she is staying or leaving - and that I feelt that I would understand the choise Mia made, no matter what it would be.
    It was refreshing to read a book that I had no idea of how it was going to end (when with most books you get an idea of how the major plotline is going to play out after a couple of chapters) and to read a book that made me think as much as this one has. Its not an ordinary book, that you read and when you read the last page and put it away, you are "done". The story stays with you for a long time.

    (It's hard to explain how I feel about the book, but I hope I made the main point clear.)


  192. i loved if i stay and would love to win where she went!!!

  193. One thing I loved about IF I STAY, among many, many, many, other reasons, is that the world Gayle created sucked me in so completely, I was unaware of anything going on around me and was completely absorbed in the story. The characters were REAL to me. Gayle really made me care about Mia and her family and friends. I felt Mia's pain, heartache, confusion, and panic and I felt the choking hope of her family and friends as they waited by her side.

    I am extremely excited to read WHERE SHE WENT and reabsorb myself in the world of these characters!

  194. I LOVED this book because it was DEFINITELY SHOCKING in the beginning. And it really gives an in depth look at what it feels like to be for people that are grieving for a loved one. It's a book that I would DEFINITELY read over and over again. I CANNOT wait to see what happens with Mia & Adam's relationship!


  195. What I loved about If I Stay? How can I only pick one thing?! I loved the writing, and all of the characters (Mia's parents were AWESOME. Never mind the fact that they kind of... Y'know... (sensitive about spoilers)) I loved Adam! ;P I loved all the music! Everything about it I loved! :D

  196. Anonymous1:49 PM GMT-5

    If I Stay was such an emotional book for me. I think that's what I loved most. When an author can make you feel so many emotion through dialogue and character connection, its a truly fabulous read.

    thanks for this giveaway. I can't wait to read Where She Went!

  197. I haven't read it yet, but I will definitely pick it up if I win because you recc'ed it. :)


  198. I loved how Gayle handled Mia and Adam's relationship. Without being too mushy, she described one of the most beautiful romances in the world of literature. If I Stay wasn't overcrowded with the love confessions and sweet scenes, because, obviously, the book was primary about something else but it totally melted my heart everytime Adam came on scene.

    And of course I loved reading about Mia's memories and I was glad that they weren't sad and depressing but light and funny instead. I think that situation itself was tearful enough and it was nice to read something positive too.

    I LOVED If I Stay and I would be beyond happy to win Where She Went
    Thaks for the giveaway.:)

    judittten at gmail dot com

  199. What I love most about If I Stay is the emotional charge. (or maybe just characters...) Ok, so I loooove the characters. They're real and easy to connect with. I was entranced by Mia and her friends and family. Mia was easy to connect with, and I found my emotions echoing her's throughout the whole book. While I thought that If I Stay would make a great stand alone book, I'm thrilled that there's a sequel coming out~