Writer Friends & Giveaways & Such

If you want to know what I've been doing for the last three months, the above picture says it all.

Okay, well, first it says: HOW GIANT IS THAT PUMPKIN? And then: WAIT. HOW TINY ARE THOSE PEOPLE?? But that's just Kiersten White's husband having fun with forced perspective.

What the photo actually reveals is Kiersten answering one of 8,000,000 panicked/morose/doomed texts that I sent her about Lola, even when she was doing Important Family Things like picking out a pumpkin for Halloween. I have been RELENTLESS. Since autumn!

I want to take this moment to thank her, even though a moment is not enough for the debt I must repay, even though there are no words strong enough to express my gratitude for her friendship and guidance.

Thank you, Kiersten.

I have absolutely, positively no idea what I'd do without you. Probably bite off my own hair in a frustrated rage. And then eat it. And then quit.

Thank you for reading every draft in every stage. I'm sure you've memorized my novel by now, and for that, I also apologize. (Maybe Penguin will hire you to do the audiobook? I'd even let you substitute the word "fudge," especially in that One Scene, which would be really, really funny and much better than what I actually wrote.)

I also want to thank Daisy Whitney, who swooped in like a superhero during the Extra Hard Time, who edited my book ON NEW YEAR'S EVE, who filled all of my inboxes with hilarious messages that I will never, ever, ever be able to share publicly. Thank you, Daisy. I needed that. I needed you.

And Gayle. Gayle!

Gayle Forman is not only one of my favorite authors, but I've had the great pleasure of getting to know her over the last few months, and she has also become one of my favorite people. She is my fountain of wisdom, she is my inspiration. She is my friend.

And, lucky for you dear readers, she is also Anna's champion! Right now she's doing an AMAZING and GENEROUS giveaway on her blog. All you have to do is comment on this post to enter to win a signed copy of Anna and the French Kiss. But even better? If you've already read it, you can answer a few questions about the story and enter to win an *additional* second prize:

Artisanal Jacques Torres chocolate!!!

Trust me, you want this chocolate. Gayle will even let you choose if you prefer dark or milk!

Also—because friends tell each other more than they tell other people—the accompanying interview is more revealing (meaning: interesting) than most. It also contains mild spoilers, so if you haven't read Anna yet, beware! Or skip straight to the comments.

I hope you check it out, and I hope you enter to win fabulous stuff!

In further writer-friends-who-are-champions news, last Friday, I guest blogged for Natalie Whipple during her weekly Happy Writer's Society meeting. I don't normally write guest posts, but I'm a HUGE fan of her idea to bring more positivity into writers' lives. I was honored to be asked to contribute. I blogged about one of my favorite writing tricks, creating "Love Lists." If you're curious what those are, you can read my entry here.

And it received a really positive response, which made ME a happy writer!

[Actually, I have something else wonderful about Natalie to share, but I need to take an accompanying picture first. So it shall have to wait! Along with a few dozen other awesome stories that I want to share with you. Have I mentioned lately how much I've MISSED blogging?]

And in final writer-friend news, have you seen the amaaaaaazing pictures on Laini Taylor's new blog? Holy kitty cats! She spent the entire month of December in Morocco and Italy, and her pictures are incredible. Laini is one of those rare people whose life is as magical as the stories she produces. She inspires me to be a better writer, a better traveler, a better housekeeper, a better gift giver, a better everything.

Seriously, check out her blog. It is a treasure.

Also, I may—MAY—be seeing Laini again soon. In a VERY cool place. Which is exciting! I haven't seen her since Clementine Pie (above, in the cutest hijab I have ever seen) was in her belly. I have missed my Laini!


One final thing.

If you wanted to go to this website and write-in Anna and the French Kiss (and Kiersten's Paranormalcy!) as one of your top teen reads of 2010 (if it's true!), I would be grateful. Normally, I'm like, "No biggie, I didn't make a list." But this time, I confess that my ego is getting the best of me, and I'm looking at the sheer length of that list and thinking, "Seriously? How did our books not make THAT?"

And in final-final news, egos are embarrassing, and I can't believe I just asked you to do that.

But I did.

If you want.


(Thank you.)


  1. You made me cry.

    I love you.

    And I will never be able to read that scene the same way again. HA HA HA HA HA--fudge. Fudge indeed.

    And, for the record, I prefer you even over the giantest pumpkin in the whole entire world.

  2. Did you just say How tiny are those people and Kiersten White in the same paragraph? lol.

    Agreed, writer-friends are the bestests. Off to Gayle's bloggy.

    And yes, Anna was one of my fave reads of 2k10. I think you might not make lists because you were so close to the end of the year. But I definitely read the book, put down my Kindle, picked it back up and read it again. In like 3 days.

  3. Where would we be without our writing friends? I can't speak for everyone else, but I'd be living under a bridge doing a good impersonation of a troll.

  4. What a lovely thing to read in the middle of the night when I can't sleep because I keep thinking about that one book.

    Also, now I'm DYING to know what that One Scene is.

  5. Okay, first, writer friends rule and you are lucky to have such great ones. I have good writer friends too and it makes everything easier. Plus, they are very forgiving when I ask them to please read my revisions one more time.
    Second, I am not sure what is going on with that list but I added both you and Kiersten. However, I cannot take much stock in any list that excludes the two of you but includes not just one but TWO X-Men books. This list was made with 8 year olds in mind.

  6. I love that top picture... I was so confused. After making my family suffer through multiple drafts of my work (which I know they are sick of)...I'm learning how awesome having writer friends can be, they are tireless and totally understanding--thanks for all the updates.

  7. Selfishly, I am alway excited to see a new post from you! Always interesting and fun, and wonderful! Thanks to your blog I have also found some of these other amazing people, and books. : )

    Of course, I found you through Laini and her through BookMoot, so I really owe Camille at BookMoot a debt of gratitude.

    You are an inspiration! : )

  8. You totally belong on that list. I don't know what they were thinking! I'll just head there and help make things right.

    Writer friends really are the best <3.

  9. It's always a pleasure reading new posts on your blog, Stephanie. :) Even though you're always so busy, we really appreciate you keeping us up to date on how you're doing. :D

    Excellent giveaways! That is indeed very nice of Gayle.



  10. Anonymous2:42 PM GMT-5

    I loved the interview. One, your research tactics are amazing. I should follow in your footsteps. Two, I love that you and your husband are high school sweethearts. My boyfriend and I are as well and Wednesday is our four year anniversary. We aren't married, but we will be when we're done with school. So many people have told us it won't last so seeing people who have made it is always wonderful!

    I love your book. I can't wait for more. I'm seriously telling everyone and anyone who will listen to read it.

    Last note, I can't believe ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS did not make it on that list and TWILIGHT the freaking GRAPHIC VOLUME did???? INSANITY!

    If I could have, I would have put Anna in every single slot on that form.

    St. Clair on my mind (a month later),
    Meredith :)

  11. I submitted yours (and Kiersten's) books yesterday. Can't believe they aren't on there yet. *shakes fist*

    Also, you are surrounded by such amazing people because you are one yourself. Thank you for sharing your books and journey with us. I can't wait to read LOLA, and I'm so happy you've finally finished her. :)

  12. HAHAHA! I wrote in your and Kiersten's books BEFORE I read this post, so HA! Don't think you have a big ego!! :D :D :D

    Also: I am so glad you live nearby and I can be cool by geographical association with you.

  13. Yeah, please don't share any of those texts or messages!!! Ha ha! Love you and your books and your characters!! And of course I wrote both of your books in way back when!

  14. So this is totally unrelated to your current post, but when do we get to see cover art for Lola? I'm jonesing for another dose of the Perkins magic and some cover art might ease my suffering.

    Maybe I'll go read Anna again.

    - Liz

  15. Every single book that I wanted to vote for wasn't on that list. You all are just too awesome for it, I guess.

    Yeah! For writer friends! And contests! And voting! And interviews!

  16. Wonderful blog :) I really enjoy it and appreciate your humor, sweetness and honesty. Thanks!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  17. Kiersten is the best. Our writerly buddies who read our stuff are invaluable. I'm glad you're back blogging. I'll have to check out the post at Natalie's. I'm still catching up from my hiatus.

  18. You should know another talented author adores you :)


    (I, personally, adore BOTH of you!)