Thank You, Dear Readers

I am so happy and discombobulated and overwhelmed and exhausted and thrilled and excited and thankful for your support.

Thank you for your emails, posts, tweets, comments, messages, texts, phone calls, and for every other way you've reached out to me this week. I'm preparing for tonight's Anna and the French Kiss release party—Malaprop's in Asheville, 7 pm!—but I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have you all in my life.

I am especially thankful for my husband, who works hard so that I can stay at home to pursue my dreams. Jarrod has the first and last mention in Anna—the dedication and the final acknowledgment. (He also deserved several acknowledgments in the middle, but I worried that might disrupt the flow of the story.) It is my greatest wish, my love, to someday be able to support YOU so that YOU can pursue YOUR dreams.

I'll blog more in a day or two, once I have my head back.

Thank you. Much love to you all.

Edited to add: I will reply to your emails and messages as soon as I can! ♥]


  1. Happy Book Birthday Stephanie!

    What a lovely post and lovely dream. Good Luck!

  2. Congrats, Stephanie! The book is absolutely phenomenal. Without a doubt my favorite book of the year (which is saying a lot-- I've read more books in 2010 than I even can count, across most genres). In fact, it's going on my all-time favorites list, period. I'm buying copies for almost everyone I know and giving 'em as Christmas gifts! =D

    Now... is it too soon to start the countdown for Lola? ;)

  3. So happy for you!! Enjoy this day and revel in all the good stuff. And have fun tonight!! I SO wish I could be there, I bet it will be a wonderful event!!!

  4. It is happening!!!

    I would love so much to be albe to come to your event tonight! Good luck, you will be great, it will be great!! As William Miller's mother says "Be bold & mighty forcess will come to your aid."

  5. Happy, happy book birthday! Can't wait to read it.

    And may your dream for the both of you come true. :)

  6. Happy, happy, happy book birthday. I didn't ever notice 'till I saw the comments. Hope you have a ├╝ber, super-sparkly day. Much love.



  7. Have an amazing time!! I only wish I could be there.

    I have begun stalking my mailman, but no sign of Anna yet.

  8. So happy and thrilled for you! Congratulations and have fun tonight--I so wish I could be there! This post was beautiful!

  9. Hehe. There was a tiny rave of ANNA on my review of Across the Universe (comments). Loved it. One of my favourites of the year! I'm sure you're tired of hearing that--everyone is saying it! ;)

  10. Congratulations, Stephanie! I'm so happy you finally get to release Anna, after reading about it on your blog for so long. It's definitely going on my Amazon orders as soon as possible, and I can't wait to read it this Christmas. Have a good release party!

    Oh, and you managed to use discombobulated in an ACTUAL sentence. You are officially amazing.

  11. Anonymous8:29 PM GMT-5

    Happy release day, and congratulations!

  12. Congrats on the release of your book! Happy book birthday!

    I loved Anna!

  13. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to go buy my copy! I've heard such incredible things. Hope you get to celebrate!

  14. Happy Birthday to Stephanie and Anna!!! Very excited for you!!! The Universe seems to be in love with your book! Can't wait for my copy!

  15. Huge virtual hugs since I can't be there in person.*sad face*

    Enjoy tonight, and have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!

  16. I was tempted to skip out on work today to drive the two hours to Asheville for your release party. VERY tempted. I hope there are more signings to come in the area, because I would love to give you a high five. Happy happy!

    P.s. Can I just tell you how awesome I think it is that the day before your book came out, you posted about eggnog? Respect.

  17. Ahhh best of luck with the release party! :) I'm SO excited for you. Hope you have a great time!!



  18. OHMYGOODNESS, and I thought this day would never come! CONGRATS, Steph!
    I literally had to drag my mom to the bookstore to buy my copy (I seriously had to push and pull her. Very MATURE of you, mom.), but I have no doubt that it'll be as amazing as everyone already says! My best friend is part of some teen book advisory board (wish I could join it but it clashes with my piano lessons) and it's her favorite read of this year. :)
    I couldn't pounce on it today, but I sure as hell will tomorrow (my mom hid it and won't tell me of it's whereabouts until after school tomorrow. Let me just throw in the fact that I'm fifteen; not old, but clearly old enough to resist such temptations. Because psh, as if I'd, you know, totally just drop my schoolwork to devour ANNA... puhlease. ;))
    And I'm so excited to become best friends with imaginary Anna, but it's the delicious boy I can't wait to befriend. ;) Maybe I'll buy a copy for my bf and tell him, "Try to be more like St. Clair!"
    Oh shit, I have Algebra homework to do... I hope you had a great, super hectic release day!

    Love, Hannah

  19. Stephanie,

    Congratulations! I cannot wait to get your book in my hands! Except now I want you to read the whole thing to me.

    You were phenomenal last night! It was so fun listening and watching you as you read the first chapter.

    I don't know where it came from but as you walked out and began speaking I totally teared up! How amazing to see someones dream become a reality!

    I loved your advice about "taking it seriously" and how that is where the change occurs! And that can relate to any dream.

    I'm just so glad I was able to be at Malaprops last night. You're inspiring!

    Sorry so long!

  20. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
    Can't wait to read it.

  21. Woot! I picked up my copy at lunch and peeked at it a little and can't wait to start really reading it tonight.

    Way to go, Stephanie!

  22. I already tweeted this, but geez Louise this book was good!!! I finished it in one sitting, and I'm going to read it again this weekend. I was sort of mad that Anna and Etienne weren't real people by the time I'd finished. It made me laugh, it made me gasp, and it made me almost cry (I only held back tears because my parents were in the room, and they already think I'm weird when it comes to books).

    Anyway, suffice it so say that I'm recommending this book to everybody I know. Fo reals. Thank you for making me happy! I had a very stressful week studying for finals and Anna was a nice escape. Now off I go to study some more. :)

  23. It's good to hear it. We really are happy for you...

  24. YAY! I am so glad your book birthday went so well! Now will you get to tour?
    You are a lovely twatwaffle ;) Enjoy your time at your release!