Everything in my head SOUNDS LIKE THIS right now. MY APOLOGIES. But I've been drinking A LOT OF COFFEE and I'm listening to the NEW GIRL TALK (download here) ALBUM and I'M SLAM-DANCING THROUGH A MARATHON OF AWESOME.


(Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.)


I'm gonna throw out some bits and pieces of newsy things, because that's ALL I CAN MANAGE:

• I was just in NYC for a week! I did work stuff! I hung out with friends! I forgot to take pictures! Except for this one! You're welcome!


I actually did take one more picture with my agency sister Erin Danehy, who I'd never met before and who I LOVED. But the proof is still on my camera. And my camera is downstairs!

Which means it'll have to wait.

And it's lame that I didn't get any pictures of Manning and Marjorie, since I was staying in their apartment, which, by the way, was DECORATED LIKE A SPOOKY FOREST. Instead, here's a picture of them dressed like evil mechanical dolls that Heather (who makes EXCELLENT MACARONI AND CHEESE, IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING) took a few weeks ago:


• While talking to someone on my trip, it became apparent that I've been slack in reporting the foreign sales of Anna and the French Kiss. So far, Anna will also be published in: Germany, Australia/New Zealand, Taiwan, Hungary, and Brazil.


• If you're doing NaNoWriMo, GOOD LUCK. And KEEP GOING. I didn't have time in my schedule this year to participate, and I'm bummed. But I hope you're kicking word-count butt without me! If you need a pick-me-up, I've written a bit about NaNo in this post (scroll halfway down) and in this interview.

• I've been doing a lot of interviews, but those of you who read this blog already know most of my answers, so that's why I haven't been linking to them. But this interview has some new/different stuff in it. Also, if you're waiting for my interview response (or email), you haven't been forgotten! I'm just a bit backlogged.

• In my last post about the fantasy dinner party, I mentioned a recent dream that featured John Waters. In the comments, Tone mentioned her own film director dream:

"I once dreamt I was at a dinner party with George Lucas. My chair was too low, so I sat on my legs to reach the table, the way kids do. George Lucas frowned at me, then ducked under the table, then reappeared with the comment 'Resourceful.'

See? Mr. Lucas though I was resourceful. That has to count for something."

It TOTALLY counts for something. And it's adorable!

• A handful random things I've starred on my Google Reader in the last few months:

"Sense and Swoon-ability": Lilie watched and ranked eleven period romances. Fun!

"I Dream of Houses": Connie finds a website that specializes in photos of gorgeous movie homes. LOVE.

"An Interesting Experiment": Shelley Moore Thomas reads aloud the beginning of several books and asks her after-school writing club if they'd keep reading them. The result? Pretty great.

"Squares and Triangles Agree": Kristin Cashore talks about how hard writing her new book is, and it makes me feel (a little) better about Lola. I also love this subtle but oh-so-insightful writing lesson.

—And while I'm thinking of Kristin Cashore, she wrote a brilliant article for The Horn Book about fantasy world-building. I don't remember if I've linked to it before, so here it is, just in case. I also love this Horn Book interview with Sarah Dessen.

Hmm. There has been a steady decline of ALL CAPS and exclamation points. (!!!) You know what that means . . .



  1. Have I told you how adorable you are recently? Because I think this post merits me repeating it AGAIN!!! (see, I can abuse all caps and exclamation points too--and I haven't even had any coffee. Your post was THAT infectious!!!) :D

  2. I'm going to be reading for a while. Thanks for all the links.

    Congrats for taking over the world. Your Risk board must be looking pretty good about now.

  3. Erin's the bestest. :)

    Thanks for the links, I'm off to check some out!

  4. I <3 NYC.

    Oooh those mechanical doll costumes are really impressive. They spook me out a bit haha. But even before I actually read that they were dressed up as "mechanical dolls", that's the first sort of thing that came to my head when I saw the picture. xD So yeah, they did a good job with that!

    Sarah Dessen rocks! :) Her books are awesome.



  5. Thanks for the shout-out. And it was a good thing for me to read my own advice....hardeharhar.

    Are you hyperventilating yet?

    Only two weeks til December!

    (You have to check out my post about Quidditch...'cause you'll want to know about this. Trust me.)

    *Crawls back down into depths of revision cave....*

  6. Awwwwww!!!

    I had an absolutely FABULOUS time meeting you and I'm excited/terrified to see those pictures!

    And the liiinks! I must go read all of those... later. Now... *slinks back off to play NaNoWriMo catch-up*

  7. How funny I am working on doing a post on period romances. Maybe I will work on it today since I am home and sick, but after I read your links.
    PS that twitpic of your books is so dang sexy!

  8. Thanks so much for the links. I hadn't seen the one from Shelley's blog yet.

    Hope you enjoyed that coffee!

  9. Tee hee! How does it feel to be (a coffeedrenched) George McFly?

  10. Anonymous2:56 PM GMT-5

    Hi Stephanie.
    I just wanted to let you know that Booklist has a review of your book. Let me quote:
    Perkins' debut, narrated in Anna's likable, introspective voice, is an absorbing and enjoyable read that highlights how home can reder to someone, not just somewhere." For more stop at your local library and ask to see the November 15, Booklist! Congrats!!!

  11. OH GAWD! NANO! I went away for four days and I haven't touched my book in over a week. I just realised that I have to write 20k in 9 days and I'm working all but 2 of them.

    AHHHH!!!! *runs away*

    Of course, you're probably wondering why I'm on your blog instead of writing, but I'm pretty sure you can answer that yourself.

  12. Brazil, really? AWESOME. Can you say which publisher? Can't wait to see Anna around here!