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Jarrod & Steph, Halloween 2009

Sometimes pictures are better than words.

And then we stole our friend Jeff's Anton Chigurh wig:

And Anton's compressed-air cannon:

And then Jarrod stole MY wig:

And that is why my husband is my favorite. Of all my favorites. And you know I have a lot of favorites.

We don't have costumes planned for this year, but we ARE seeing Jónsi twice this weekend! One acoustic show inside Harvest Records, one all-out show for MoogFest. (Update: The acoustic show was canceled! Bummer, but I understand.) You may recall me gushing about Jónsi last winter.

I saw his all-out show last April in Minneapolis, and it was like NOTHING I've seen before. Feathers! Animals! Thunderstorms! I'm so excited to see it again. You can kinda sorta get an idea in this cool tour trailer, but it still doesn't capture the ecstatic magic of the real thing:

What are your plans this Halloween? Are you dressing up? Going out? Both?


  1. Why is it that I miss out on the one holiday that involves costumes? #Australiafail

  2. My mom made me an AMAZING Mary Poppins costume (Jolly Holiday) I am going around to visit my nieces & nephews then maybe a party if I still feel up to it.

  3. You two are adorable in the craziest way. That is all. :P

  4. We're having a small party which will culminate in a viewing of The Walking Dead (SHUT UP SHUT UP GUYS IT'S ON). I'll be making butternut squash soup, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and a meat hand (google it, my friend Megan/notmartha is a genius). Mike and I are going low-key for our costumes. We'll be going as Tonks and Lupin. I'll be changing my wig throughout the night, he's shaving his beard into a creepy moustache.

  5. I'm going to a book signing in Richmond, VA on Halloween. It's Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce- how could I not go?! :) It's gonna be awesome.

  6. I'm working on the kids costumes. My son is going as Will from Ranger's Apprentice and I had to do that one from scratch. Sew. Sew. Sew.

  7. Hey, Jarrod totally looks like Alpha in Dollhouse (or the hot pilot in Firefly, same guy)! And you look like an angel. I'm suffering from a light case of pumpkin envy. There was no Halloween in Norway when I was little (I watched E.T. and thought 'huh?'), and though the commercial interests are slowly catching up and some kids go around trick or treating, it's still not what you guys have.

  8. Happy Halloween! :) Love the Lost in Translation parallel with your costumes.

    My friend (who's coming over for Halloween) and I aren't in any sororities or fraternities because they're not really our thing, so for just one night we're going to dress up as a frat boy and sorority sister, respectively. :D


  9. Great pics. Nice Lost in Translation referencing - very subtle.

    I'm dressing up to hand out treats, but Hubby is taking the kids. I wanted to be a bar wench, but I didn't get the pieces organized in time, so I'm going put on my scrubs and be a doctor.

  10. I love wigs! Wore my purple one tonight!

  11. Oh, those pictures are amazing!! I love the pink wig! If I didn't already have pink hair, I'd totally run around in a pink wig. I love funky colored wigs-they always make me feel so posh and futuristic!:)

  12. My wife and I also have so much fun with her front lace wigs. When she wears them, she becomes even more gorgeous. When I wear them, it's a whole different story. For me, I look ridiculous, but she tells her friends that I look pretty wearing lace wigs. Oh, you should see the photos!



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