Three Things I've Been Doing This Month

(1) Watching Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights.

Last week, ABC Family started airing them back-to-back from their first episodes. I've seen several episodes of GG at random, and I've always enjoyed it, but I've never found the time to make the full seven-season commitment.


And FNL is one of those shows that writers always love (even writers who hate football!), so I felt like I should try it. And . . . yeah. It's as fantastic as everyone says it is. And every episode has made me cry at least once.

I'm loving them both, but I love Gilmore Girls a *little* more, because it's a world I actually want to live in. My favorite TV shows and movies and novels are always the ones that I wish were my own life! And come on, coffee at Luke's? Sookie's magic cooking? The Gilmore house? The twinkle lights downtown? I'm experiencing serious lifestyle lust.

If you're like me, and you're late to the game, I give both shows my highest recommendation. But I give Gilmore Girls, like, my highest recommendation plus.

P.S. Please don't put any spoilers in my comments. I only know a teeny handful of things that happen in later seasons on these shows, and I'd rather things stay a surprise. Thanks!

(2) Turning my upstairs hallway into a library.

It's beauuutiful and a longtime dream fulfilled. Guys, I have an entire bookcase JUST for young adult literature now! Pictures forthcoming, once Jarrod and I have accessorized the space a bit more.

(3) Pacing the black and white tiles of my kitchen at 3:30 a.m. and obsessing over writers who are smarter and/or more productive than me, which seems to be pretty much everyone these days, but especially one writer who shall remain nameless, who if I could write ONE SENTENCE like Nameless Writer, I'd never want for anything again, except that's a total lie, because I want to write ENTIRE BOOKS filled with these sentences, because if I just wrote one sentence, it'd probably be cut, because my critique partners would be like, "What's this brilliant sentence doing in your novel? It doesn't sound like you. You should cut it," and then I'd never even see the sentence go to print, so basically I am screwed, and why is everyone so much better than me???

This also accounts for the lack of blogging.


  1. Um, I made photo collages on the weekend. For a story I'm not meant to be working on, but I can't leave it alone.

    But yeah, photo collages.

  2. Cross my heart, no spoilers.

    I've watched the full seven season set TWICE THROUGH. You will be so happy you did. Keep us updated on what you think!



    I'm sorry. You know how much I love your posts, but I have to DISLIKE this one very, very strongly.

    Because when I read your stuff I think, "Ah, crap. Why can't I write like her?? WHY??? WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER??!!?? I WANT TO MOVE INTO STEPH'S NOVELS AND NEVER LEAVE AGAIN."

    Additionally, I also feel like that when reading Nameless Writer's work. But I know she'll agree with me that your sentences are magic. Quit punishing your poor tile and get more sleep. I need more of your writing to live in.

    (I love you, by the way.)

  4. *gives you wary eye*

    Are you living my life in an alternate dimension?

    Because I *JUST* spent the past two days rearranging my bookcases--moving one into the hallway, and organizing one to hold all my YA books...

    AND I've been meaning to watch Gilmore Girls like forever. I love the dialog in that show, but haven't seen more than a handful.

    AND AND I've not written anything for about five days for the exact same reason you're obsessing about.

    AND AND AND I want blue hair, but I'm a total chicken, so I just bought fake blue (and purple) highlights so I can one day find the courage to actually really die my hair.

    Wait...if I want your hair, that means I'm living your life in an alterante dimension...

    *fade out to creepy Twilight-Zone music*

  5. I haven't seen either of those yet, but I've loved all of your other recommendations (well, those I've gotten around to taking).

    Your hallway sounds amazing.

    And you DO write perfect sentences. I can't wait for my own copy of Anna, so that I can linger over my favorites.

  6. Gilmore Girls is an all-time favorite show of mine. I'm so excited for you that you're watching it! :)

    *no spoilers, cross my heart*

  7. Kiersten — Nameless Writer is actually a "he," but yes, the "she" you're referring to has thrown my brain into many, many equal fits of hysteria!

    (I love you, too.)

  8. NO! ANOTHER ONE??? Do I even want to know who it is? *is crippled by preemptive inferiority*

  9. So, I'm going to go ahead and be lame by leaving two comments.

    BUT. I just finished reading one of John Green's books and when I was done, I was simultaneously filled with awesome (because he IS awesome) and self-doubt (because I am not awesome).

    BTW, you can totally be filled with awesome, in case you were wondering.

  10. I have been doing too much of #3 too, but without snazzy black and white kitchen tiles to do it on. It's when I realise I'm angry at everyone for being better than me that I know I'm in trouble.

  11. Gilmore Girls is my cure-all. Seriously, when I'm sad, I watch it. When I'm depressed, I watch it. When I'm lonely, I watch it. When I'm bored, I watch it. It always makes me feel better knowing the problems I face in my life are common enough (and, therefore, somehow overcome-able enough) that they made them into a TV show. I swear I was Rori Gilmore in a past life.

  12. Maybe I should try FNL. I always like a good cry!

  13. Ooo--okay, you're inspiring me to give Gilmore Girls a chance.

    Confession: I've been intentionally avoiding the show--on principal. I used to work with these super catty, bratty, awful girls (you know the type: bitter, mean, turn everything into a competition and never feel satisfied until they've made someone feel THIS big *holds up two fingers really close together*) And they LOVED GG. Raved about it every week. So I decided it they liked it, it must be something I should avoid like the plague. (This is also why I've never seen Grey's Anatomy, and have a hard time finding Patrick Dempsey attractive. *hides*).

    But you're one of the sweetest, nicest people I know. So if you like it, it must be excellent, and totally unlike how I feared it would be. Perhaps I'll borrow season one from a friend. :)

    Oh, and, um, I've read your writing. And it totally filled me with character, wording, and sentence envy. So yeah, no more pacing. Go to bed!

  14. Gilmore Girls is one my all time favourites! I just finished season seven (again). It took me all of my maternity leave (roughly a year) to complete the round this time. I love Lorelai. If I was to pick one movie- or tv-character to suddenly become my best friend, she would be it.

    The library sounds wonderful! I want one, too, when I grow up.

  15. Am having a weird coincidence moment, as my friend and I are also working our way through Gilmore Girls with much yelling of "just get together with Luke, Lorelai, he's right there, you fool!" Well, that and "Sam Winchester, what are you doing not fighting demons?" Love the show, for all that we sometimes get a bit too involved in the characters' lives (that's a good sign, right? Def doesn't make us crazy). Not sure how far you've got and don't want to spoil, but Lorelai's mother is awesome in her scathing speeches.

  16. This is SO weird because I've been watching Gilmore Girls nonstop for the past few weeks. I didn't watch the show when it was on but then my sisters made me try it and I fell in love one winter break and we kept running to target to get the next season and now its my cure-all. I was sick for a week and so I basically just started watching Gilmore Girls while I wallowed in my sickness and Im better now but I can't stop watching--its that good! Also my baby sister and I think of ourselves as Rory and Lorelai and she calls me Lorelai sometimes because I'm kind of goofy like her. Also my dream is to marry a local Luke in a local diner/coffee shop/whatever. Just so long as he is my Luke. And between you and Gayle Forman I think I need to start watching Friday Night Lights!

  17. Aw, Steph....the thing is....no one can write like YOU either. I mean, I know you know this, but DANG, you write amazing words, words destined to touch the hearts of your readers. I know sometimes it feel like it's not enough...that you need write write words that will amaze the pants off of EVERYONE on the entire planet with their brilliance.....but well, then everyone would be pantsless....and...um...yeah.

    Quit pacing. Your words rock!


  18. I'm absolutely in love with Gilmore Girls and FNL (and Tim Riggins!). I've wanted to live in Stars Hollow for so long--it's just the perfect small town.

    Good luck with the insecurity game--I hate it when I read a book so good it makes me want to quit being a writer altogether. Just remember that your style is probably different, and I've heard such amazing things about your book that I know you're an awesome writer!

  19. Gilmore Girls is awesome! It's like the hallmark of my high school years. The sarcasm!!! And Kurt and his 6 gazillion jobs!

    Man, I miss the West.

    PS Stop comparing yourself. YOu rock!

  20. At the risk of sounding like everyone else: 1. I loved Gilmore Girls! 2. Don't compare yourself, you are awesome, and who wants every writer to write in the same way? Nobody, that's who! : ) Variety is the spice of life, and I love your blog, PLUS you have an actual REAL book coming out soon with amazing blurbs, and that has to count for something! That said, I know exactly how you feel, and am kinda glad I'm not alone there. : )

    One more thing....we're glad you don't think you're all that, because people like that are icky to be around. That's all I have to say about that.

  21. I own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD. Not kidding. My wonderful hubby bought me the set for Christmas last year because I GUSH about that show every day.

    Friday Night Lights is also made of awesome. I've been watching the first season on Netflix and now I get to watch it again on ABC Family! Tim Riggins = YUM.

    Just when I thought I couldn't love your blog anymore...you go talking about Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights...

    Don't be weirded out by that...I am very normal...

  22. Oh, Gilmore Girls. That show was my LIFE for soooo long. I've seen every episode more times than I can count, and often find myself quoting the show in everyday life.

  23. This is a really great post. I've been doing the pacing thing too. And thinking, "If I'm awake right now, I should just have another baby, so at least there's a purpose to it." Yes. That kind of thinking will get me far.

    Also, love the bookshelf idea. PLEASE post pictures!

  24. Gilmore Girls=Love! <3

    I've never watched FNL but it seems popular enough. :D Hehe maybe I will watch an episode or two...



  25. I have yet to read your book, but from what I've been hearing about it, I VERY much doubt that your #3 thought has ANY validity at all. Seriously, I've heard nothing but immense praise. I'm so excited to read it!

    Also, I LOVE GG so much. It is the best show. Except... I won't say, so I don't spoil anything. ;) Ha ha. Haven't seen FNL at all. I suppose I should try and watch it sometime. I just have no clue when I would. But I keep hearing about it...

  26. I thought, "Ahh ... I know the Nameless Writer of whom she speaks." Then I read your comments and saw that it was a HE. And ... I still think I know of whom you speak! Because those two ... him and her ... he and she? ... write at a level that is, well, unattainable to the rest of us. And if I'm right ... I've compared one to the other in conversation!

    I miss GG ... perhaps I shall start over w/ Season 1. And Lisa Schroeder is the one who urged me to watch FNL. Just another reason for me to be indebted to her!

    But there are *new* shows to enjoy, too. I'm excited about "Sherlock" coming up on BBC America. I've watched the first two episodes online, and they. Are. Brilliant.


  27. Okay, so now i'm thinking I need to try these Gilmore
    Girls out. Hmm. I'm having to wait for Season 4 of Mad Men to hit Netflix . . .

    And, I love your freak out moment. I have them daily. I've been panicked that someone's going to think I'm a poser who shouldn't even be in the world of children's lit. Especially when I see something else out there that is beyond brilliant.

    And, then sometimes, I'm completely fine.


  28. You did not TELL me you're finally watching FNL!!!! Ah, I'm glad you like it, or at least appreciate it, though I know what your mean about wanting to "live" in a book or world, and I would NOT want to live in Dillon! Not not NOT! But I love the show so much. Which only reminds me that I have not watched a single MINUTE of television in about four months. I have not even glimpsed it. Weird.

    Also, your writing is so smooth and beautiful and funny and full of truth and magic, how could you ever covet anyone?????!!!!!!?????? Prepare to be the object of much coveting, as soon as Anna is in the hands of the world :-)

  29. I must confess I've never seen GG or FNL(slinks to corner to wait for punishment), but your recommends haven't steered me wrong yet.

    Can't wait for bookcase pics.

  30. Anonymous2:19 PM GMT-5

    Love GG, but stopped watching religiously after season 3. You will probably understand why once you see it, but it wasn't for that reason alone. My life just became super busy and if I couldn't watch it weekly I didn't want to at all.
    We didn't have tivo or shows being played on the stations websites back then.
    I'm so old ;P
    But it was very much a guilty pleasure and my very close friend and I would quote it all the time. Sometimes we will still reach into the very dark parts of our brains and pull out a zinger.
    I'm trying to be vague and not spoilery.
    I hope I succeeded.


  31. Matt and I have been watching FNL, non-stop for a few weeks. Love it! Haven't seen GG...I will have to try it. Can't wait to get your book in my hands!

  32. I totally love GG. I have all 7 seasons on DVD. That was before I joined netflix so I bought them--supreme investment. My daughter and I will still pull them out from time to time and have mini-marathons.

    You are so a good writer. If you weren't, I wouldn't keep coming back here. How about a quote to cheer you? This is from a magnet that one of my daughters got for her car. "You laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at you because you are all the same." We as writers are all especially unique, and you are brilliant in your uniqueness. Glory in it. Your unique voice is what makes us all love you.

  33. One of my all-time favorite moments from my Hollywood days was leaving driving on the WB set after an audition (remember when the station was still called that?) and realizing I had driven into Stars Hollow! Of course I stopped my car and got out to explore. I won't tell you what happened when I opened Lorelei's front door...it's too sad...:D

  34. I've been meaning to get around to GG for some time now, so maybe I'll see if I can slot it in. I started watching FNL at the end of last season, and I like it, too. :-) So if you like that AND GG, then GG must be good, right?

    I'm with you on the #3 thing. I do that a lot, too. Except I've heard such great things about your writing, I'm sure it rocks, and I'm looking forward to your book coming out so I can finally read all the awesome writing I've been reading about. And then feel even more insecure. ;-)

  35. I've got all seven seasons (of Gilmore Girls) and can't count how many times I've watched them... This weekend (and last weekend) I've gotten NO writing done, and watched Friends. You're watching Lorelai, Rory, Sookie, Dean, Jackson and Luke, I'm watching Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey. All I'm going to say, is that you will positively LOVE GG. It's influenced my writing, I know. PLUS, there's some amazing kissing coming up in future seasons!

  36. I never watched all of Gilmore Gilrs. I started watching the 2nd season & fell in love with a character who wasn't in the first season. So I only watched the ones he was in. Even made up my own story of how what happens after the series finaly.
    FNL I am in love with pretty much every guy on the show, well not Smash with the only talking in thrid person. But Coach, Sorensen & Street. I always thought Riggins was hot but didn't get a mad crush on him till season 2. And I want to be Tami when I grow up.

  37. Gilmore Girls is amazing, I've seriously watched the full series about 3 times. Why couldn't all towns be as charming as Stars Hollow? And you're pretty amazing too, I've just started reading Anna and the French Kiss, and I already love it. You remind me of one of my favorite authors Sarra Manning :) Anyways, I'm an aspiring author and was wondering if you have any tips on writing and getting published, thanks. :)