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Outbox Confessions

Email I sent to a friend at midnight:

Writing is THE WORST.

Email I sent to her an hour later:

Actually . . . it's not . . . too bad.


  1. LOL. I SO know what you mean. It's definitely a love/hate thing. But your words are so wonderful, I'm glad you stick with it. :)

  2. You're adorbs. ;)
    Btw, word verification: cauck

  3. I feel you.

    Me after writing 11k on my new story in 2 days: this story is a piece of cake. Go me!

    Day 3: *stares at screen* *panics*

  4. Ha! It isn't that bad, it just feels that way sometimes.

    Jade, that was me Saturday and Sunday. What happened? I wrote my characters into a situation I'm not sure if I can get them out of!

  5. You're funny. But I suppose I will take "not too bad." Yay!

  6. So true. That's why we keep writing, because of the "not so bad" days. =)

  7. yups!!!

    My relationship with writing is like that on again- off again soap opera couple.

  8. Hee hee. How true. I'm translating today. And today, I really suck at it. Apparently, I wax poetic when describing the moonlit winter forest, to the point where I enthusiaastically invent new words. And now I sit here, scratching my head, trying to come up with gramatically correct equivalents in English. I disgust myself.

  9. I came back to work and had 525 emails. 525! Talk about the worst.

    P.S. - When's the next AATFK giveaway?
    I gotta get my hands on it!

  10. Haha, writing always makes me feel like I'm incredibly hormonal, switching from one mood to the next. At least I know there will always be an upswing!

  11. Spelling is the worsp.

    Without it, writing is nothinp.

  12. Writing isn't so bad. Ever reaching the point where you think it's finished is what kills! =D

  13. Yep. The words. They come and go.

  14. This made me laugh because it's me right now. I'm really looking forward to a "Writing is the best!" moment.

  15. I totally know how you feel... Don't we just love it and hate it and love it in cycles that repeat thousands of times within one sitting?
    I just stumbled onto your blog and decided that you are adorable. So consider yourself officially followed, okay? :) I look forward to hearing more about you, and can't wait to read your book (which, by the way, is SO me. I'm a YA romance writer that speaks French and did a study abroad in Paris my sophomore year in college... I WANT your book!)
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