Five Things I Love: August Edition

I love EVERYTHING right now, you guys. Seriously. This week has been fantastic. No Lola on my calendar?


Here are five things helping me celebrate:

(1) Bobby Fuller Four's "Let Her Dance"

A celebration has to start with a song, right? This was used to perfection at the end of last year's Fantastic Mr. Fox, and it's also the perfect Lola-be-gone party song! I've been spinning and twirling to it all week long.

(2) McClure's Spicy Pickles

Okay, so I just lost the people who hate pickles. But for those of you as devoted as I am? McClure's Pickles = YUM.

My husband and I saw them on the Food Network, and I've been lusting for them ever since! He finally tracked some down at Williams Sonoma. The woman who sold them mentioned to save the brine when we're done, to make our own pickles. Will do! These pickles are fresh, crispy, and classic. My favorite is the Spicy variety—I'm always game for a little heat—but if that's not your thing, the Garlic Dill is also killer.

(3) Kiersten White

I always love Kiersten.


Last weekend she did a huge Lola favor for me, AND she just posted about a recent conversation we had regarding why we write young adult literature:

"We don't write YA because we can't get over our teenage years. We're over them. Really. Thank heavens. We write YA because we remember so clearly what it felt like to be there."

It's a great post. You should read the whole thing. Also, I stole the above photo from the Official SCBWI Conference Blog. (Thanks, Martha!) I love that picture, because it's SO Kiersten.

(4) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I haven't actually seen this yet. It could be horrible. But I'm going TONIGHT. Because I don't have a BOOK to write, you see.


But this has hardcore potential for awesomeness. I'm a fan of both Bryan Lee O'Malley's comics (Thanks to Jim for introducing me!) and the director Edgar Wright (I watch Shaun of the Dead every Halloween), AND Jason Schwartzman is in it, and I will watch anything with Jason Schwartzman, because he is my best friend who-has-yet-to-realize-he-is-my-best-friend.*

*BONUS THING I LOVE: This interview, because it begins with this sentence: "Jason Schwartzman walks into a hotel room strumming a guitar, with a Cheeto affixed to his dress shirt." This is why we are BFF soulmates.

Also, Mae Whitman, a.k.a. Ann from Arrested Development ("Her?") plays one of Ramona's evil exes. Yay for Mae! If you've been out-of-the-loop (which I totally understand and can relate to), the trailer for the film is here.

(5) Orange Citrus Vegan Carrot Cake

Every celebration needs cake! I've had a slice every day this week. I'm not a vegan, but I'll happily admit that most vegan cakes taste better than non-vegan cakes, and the orange citrus vegan carrot cake from World's Best Carrot Cake truly IS the world's best carrot cake.

(Shh! I think it's my favorite cake period.)

If you live in my neighborhood—Asheville, North Carolina—World's Best should be on your radar. Jarrod and I used to drive past it and snortle, "World's Best? Harrumph harrumph." And then someone brought one to a party, and we ate our words. Ate our words in the form of cake.

Delicious, delicious cake.

And if you're a chocoholic, never fear! Of course it's available in chocolate.


What are you loving this month? Let me know in the comments!


Scott Pilgrim was mega ultra super gigantic huge tons of awesome. I *do* love it! A lot. Check it out if you enjoy WEIRD and FUNNY things.


  1. I am loving caffiene, because I have exactly 18 days to finish the first draft of my book and I don't get to sleep until it's finished. Hooray.

    I mean, hooray!

  2. You said, "Her?" and now I'm happy.

  3. Except in that picture I should be gesturing wildly with my hands. (I had no idea that picture even existed...thank heavens it's a decent one.)

    And for the record, you are on my permanent "Things That Make Me Happy" list.

    Along with, "Her?"


  4. I'm so pumped to see SCOTT PILRIM too! I saw it was out, but I'm up in N. MI in the land of extremely old movie theaters and am waiting until I return to Kalamazoo and nice, comfy seating. You must write your thoughts about it in a post or on Twitter or somewhere... I've got my fingers crossed that it'll be amazing!

  5. I'm a little slow in the movie world but I watched (500) Days of Summer last night (finally!) and I love, loved it from the opening line.
    I'm also (finally) going to see Inception tonight with Husband.

    I'm also celebrating this weekend (by not writing) because I finished my edits last week and my beta read it and then sent me an email where she proceeded to say EVERYTHING I ever wanted someone to say about my story.

    Um, yay!

    I'm also celebrating that winter is almost over.

  6. I love:

    comfy chairs

    dinner when it's made by anyone but me

    Revlon Fabulash mascara

    the smell of Fall in the air

  7. Steph! Hi! I loved that post by Kiersten. I'm finding that my current YA endeavor also rings true with what she said. Makes it more fun, too. :)

    Congrats on having no Lola to (sometimes) drive you bonkers!

    And yes, I WILL see Scott Pilgrim. Just as soon as I see Vampires Suck. I LOVE Twilight, really, I do. But it looks pretty darn funny. :)

  8. For reasons unknown, I'm kind of obsessed with yogurt and granola. Especially yoplait's Red Velvet yogurt with it. Wow, it's like dessert. I also found this cherry vanilla granola, and that with vanilla yogurt is fabulous.

    Bear in mind that Nick thinks I'm crazy on that one.

    I am also loving, shockingly enough, my rewrite. Almost done, and finally I'm proud of it.

    And I always love Kiersten, so add me to that one.

  9. So glad you loved Scott Pilgrim! I can't wait to see it, the books are made of awesome and Edgar Wright is fantastic.

    And, yay, Lola is finished. Congratulations (should poss have said that sooner).

    "What, is she funny or something?"

  10. Scott Pilgrim vs the World was simply wonderful craz-tastic fun! And that vegan carrot cake (#5) is going to make you basically "better than most people." :)

  11. I'm so glad that you loved Scott Pilgrim. It looks like mad fun, but I probably wouldn't watch it if you said it wasn't good.
    But it WAS good, so I don't have to worry about that!
    Those pickles sound super good, too. :)
    Love, Hanah

  12. I love this post you are too cute. Also I LOVE that you love vegan cake because I'm vegan and may have gotten a little too excited when I saw cake pictures.

  13. Cake! Always cake but especially Georgetown cupcakes. Plus vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce. Thunder storms (dramatic!) but not power cuts. Rubicon. Writing time. Anna :-)

  14. my sisters

    fresh peaches, plums, and any kind of berry

    I'm glad you're getting a break from LOLA. Revising isn't making my happy list this week.

  15. I love it that summer is almost over. That sounds crazy coming from a lazy student like myself, but this summer has been dreadfully boring. Also, I'm excited to start college! Other things I'm excited for/ love (I know I'll love these even though they aren't released yet) :

    • Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (Aug. 31)
    • Harry Potter 7 (November 19)
    • Anna and the French Kiss (Whoo! :)
    • Somewhere (December 22) directed by Sofia Coppola
    The last one has a trailer that I'm obsessed with. I love the music in it soo much.

  16. Anonymous7:16 AM GMT-5

    I also am best friends with Jason Schwartzman and was wondering if you listen to his band, Coconut Records. I love, love, LOVE his music and thought I'd spread the love if you hadn't heard of it. (Although you probably have but if you haven't you just aren't doing efficient internet stalking of your best friends.) :D

  17. What I loved about this month was WriteOnCon, finishing my last assignment with ICL, and looking forward to vacation. :-) Vacation always gives me more time to write.

  18. hmm...right now? Time. Time to myself (rare). Time to read my favorite blogs (like yours!). Time to write. Time with my family. Time for 'back to school'.....not necessarily in that order. : )

  19. Love this post, Stephanie: yes, happy about EVERYTHING, and Kiersten's post about why I love to write YA (I like to read it even better because it ain't as much work!) and carrot cake and, well, EVERYTHING! Plus you have very cute pics! ;-)