BEDITSHOA: There's still time . . .

. . . to enter my Anna and the French Kiss advanced copy giveaway.


It's the last day! Do it, do it!

The novel is funny and romantic and smart. (Says the author.) The heroine is BFF-worthy, and the hero is crush-worthy: French name, English accent, spectacular hair. And look what Gayle Forman—Gayle! Forman!—said on her blog this weekend:

"It somehow managed to be the perfect romantic comedy, lovingly and excruciatingly (in the best of ways) drawing out the realistic relationship between St. Clair and Anna over a year at a boarding school for Americans in Paris. But it’s also more."

If you want to know what the "more" is, check out her blog. P.S. You'll also find another opportunity to win an advanced copy.

In honor of the best book written by myself set in France that's being published in 2010, here's one of my favorite French bands, Phoenix, doing a "Tiny Desk Concert" for NPR:

I love them.

FUN FACT #1: Phoenix's vocalist Thomas Mars is in a long-term relationship with film director Sofia Coppola. They have two children together. Anna Oliphant—heroine of Anna and the French Kiss—named her car Sofia in her honor.

FUN FACT #2: Sofia has a goooorgeous-looking new film called Somewhere. Phoenix is on the soundtrack. Phoenix's song "Love Like a Sunset" plays in the beginning of the trailer. That song is on my Anna playlist! I'll release Anna's complete playlist this December, but here's Sofia's trailer now:

Good luck, everyone! I'll announce the winner tomorrow night.


  1. I pretty much check apple trailers every day for new trailers & somewhere had me at Love Like a Sunset. Must be nice to say hey father of my children will you write some songs for my movie. Especially if the his band is Phoenix.

  2. Noel and Isabelle love Phoenix...which means I've heard the CD about a jillion times in the car on the way to Disneyland.

    Well, okay, so we didn't go to Disneyland a jillion times...but I've heard them lots and they are soooo listen-to-able.

    And North of Beautiful sounds like such a good book. Going to have to check it out.


  3. Somewhere was filming a scene in Vegas when I was there, so of course I loitered around. I got to see Sofia Coppola! Working! Like actually directing and stuff! It was really cool. Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning were there, too, but it was really cool to see Sofia working like that. I'd be excited for the movie anyway, but now I really want to see my scene!

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM GMT-5

    I'm following your blog. I found it a few days ago from a link on Laini Taylor's blog (growwings@blogspot.com) , but I am now OFFICIALLY following it so I'm entered to win an ARC of Anna! Congratulations!

  5. whee! excited to know the lucky winner ! ( i am following, and also put the widget up raorr )

    nice music also !

  6. Anonymous9:35 PM GMT-5

    hmm, the Sofia connections increase my interest in your book

  7. Fun Fact 3- I was supposed to see Phoenix in concert in Osaka last year, but then they got swine flu. lol.

  8. Wow ... congrats! What a great review!!!

  9. Gayle is so awesome.
    I'm reading it NEXT. Well not after Gayle. I'm sure she has her own copy. I have mine too. Which I'm so happy about. :-)

    Also, Somewhere? Can't wait. Sofia Coppola is my favorite!

  10. I totally missed your contest, but wanted to say that I love the cover of your book... very cute. And I also love your hair!!