BEDITSHOA: A sort of serious post that contains a lot of pictures of hot dudes.

HBM, TOP: Robert Pattinson, Eddie Izzard, Jim Sturgess
HBM, MIDDLE: Richard Armitage, Nicholas Hoult, Henry Cavill
HBM, BOTTOM: George Craig, Charlie Hunnam, Ed Westwick

Well, dear readers. I'd say that collage proves that you have excellent taste.

I'm gleeful to announce that there's more where that came from. MUCH more. And if you're just tuning in, there's still pleeeenty of time to send me a picture of a Hot British Person to win an advanced copy of Anna and the French Kiss! Giveaway details are here.

In the comments, there has been some mild—and understandable—confusion regarding whether or not the Irish, Scots, and Welsh count as "British." Here is my understanding of the extremely complicated word:

The geographic British Isles are Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales), Ireland, and over six thousand (!) other islands scattered around the world. So technically you could call them British. But the Scottish and Welsh wouldn't call themselves British. That word is reserved for someone English.

Ireland is tricky, because of that whole Northern Ireland thing. These are two separate countries. Northern Ireland is a part of the political United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. All of these are also separate countries, but they are united politically. Ireland—just plain "Ireland"—is completely separate and has no political connection. But whether someone is from Ireland or Northern Ireland, they're STILL not going to call themselves "British."

Technically, again, you sort of could call someone from either country "British," because of the geographic British Isles thing. And the term would be even more "correct" for someone from Northern Ireland since they're a part of UK. But . . . you shouldn't do that. There are a fair number of people in Northern Ireland—who'd like to be reunited with Ireland, not be united with Great Britain—who would take offense.

But . . . whenever you run across someone with a British (broad definition) accent you can't identify, I think it's probably fine to ask, "What part of Britain are you from?" (since this is a geographic question) rather than taking a stab at their nationality and getting it wrong!

Hint: Not Irish.

As for what *I* think of when I hear the word "British"—definitely the English. But I also kinda sorta think about the Scottish and Welsh, and sometimes even the Northern Irish. (But not the Irish.)

So when I say Hot British Men, yes, I'm using the term broadly. You see, this allows me to receive MORE PICTURES OF HOT PEOPLE. And why would I want to turn down the following images?

Colin Morgan, Northern Ireland

Wee James, Scotland

Christian Bale, Wales

Another interesting note for non-Brits: When listing countries, they're traditionally listed in alphabetical order so as not to play favorites.

Would anyone from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales like to comment here on this subject? Am I close? Way off the mark?

Also, before I change the subject, Jennifer pointed out that if you do a Google image search for "Hot British Men," my picture shows up on the second page. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm marking this achievement in the WIN category of my life.

Now! A book recommendation! I know I should post something appropriately British, but this is the (American) book on my mind:

Elizabeth Hand's Illyria was published in May, but I didn't hear about it until this recent intriguing School Library Journal review. I encourage you to click on the link, because it captures the spirit of the novel so well.

Now that you're back (because you read it, right?), I'll skip rehashing the plot and just say that the language is lush, the romance is sensual, and the hint of magic is tantalizing. I read it in one sitting. I checked it out from the library but loved it so much that I bought my own copy later the same day! My friend Elise Murphy also read it last week, and she enjoyed it, too. Her tweet to me: "I got it and meant to write today and instead, um, gulp, read it all. Gorgeous. Haunting."

I recommend Illyria to anyone looking for a unique, highly literate, miniature treasure trove of a story. Fans of Francesca Lia Block (similar themes, though this is more sophisticated) come to mind. But . . . my recommendation comes with a warning. It's a love story—a real love story—about cousins. They are intimate. If this makes you feel squidgy, stay clear. But if that won't be an issue, PLEASE pick it up.

It's spectacular.


  1. I know you said this was a serious post, but all I saw was hot Henry Cavill, and then I sort of passed out.

    I have to go watch The Tudors again now.

  2. I sooooo wanted to put up a photo of Colin Morgan.


  3. As an Australian, I am part of the British Commonwealth (or The Empire as I like to call because then I feel like I'm living the Star Wars dream.). Does this make me a HBM?

  4. Jade — I like to think of you as a HAIAH (Hot Aussie in a Hat).

  5. Me, too, Daphne Un. Me, too.



    Ahhhhhhhhhh .... *eyes roll back in head*

    Great rec for ILLYRIA - will read!


  6. How on earth are we supposed to read ANYTHING you wrote between those pictures? Seriously, woman.

    But yay for you on the second google page! Total win.

    - Liz

  7. I think I'll forget blogging for a few days and just stare at the collage. :) Love Rob, love Henry Cavill (inspiration for my YA WiP, actually!) and love James McAvoy. Great, great, great taste! =)

    And the Google search just might get you extra Anna and the French Kiss readers. (If they can pull themselves away from the collage long enough to order it, that is.)

  8. It is me, the HAIAH. I have returned to be sad and mopey because none of the libraries or bookstore here have Illyria. Massive fail, people.

    When I go to the U.S next year, I will be buying books like crazy. I'll move so fast people will think I am a ninja.

    I will go now.

  9. Where is Paul Bettany?

    Didn't you know it is illegal to post about hot Brits and not mention Paul Bettany?

    Off to the Tower with you, Steph!

  10. Hi, I'm from England. To me, British means English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish but not Irish.

    As for the Scots and Welsh not wanting to call themselves British, I am not so sure. True they tend to prefer to say they're Scottish or Welsh primarily, but I think very few would object to being called British.

    In my experience it seems that a lot of Americans use British to mean the same thing as English. This is mainly based on the term 'British accent' that is often used by Americans - Welsh and Scottish and Irish and even some English accents are very different to what is meant by this.

    Anyway this is just my input and other Brits may well disagree with me, so don't take this as The Ultimate View of Britain!

    PS Hugh Grant, another HBM http://topnews.in/light/files/Hugh-Grant663.jpg

  11. Oh, goodness.

    You put Christian Bale up. It doesn't get any better than that.

    Also a fan of Jonathon Rhys Meyers. Believe he's Irish. And he sings. Yum. Those blue, blue eyes...

  12. You linked me!!! :D

    Too many hot men. That is the main problem (problem? ...ok....NOT a problem...at all!)....what was I saying? Oh yeah! Extreme excellent job trying to sort out the "British" question. Just never call a Scottish person English. I witnessed that once. Not happy. On the other hand, I did get a conversation with two very nice Scotsmen, and that is always a happy thing. ; )

    The book is not something I might have picked up on my own, but now? I want to read it very much. Thanks! The SLJ review was very persuasive.

  13. I had no idea the HBM picture hunt could become so technical. Thanks for all the interesting geographic info. And the pictures. Of course, the pictures. Congrats on the Google dealy, and thanks for the book recommendation. I noticed that my library system bought it this month, and I've been debating putting it on hold...I think I will now :)

  14. Mmmm, lovely pictures. Especially that first one of RP. :D

    If I am correct, Great Britain includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. England just includes England. Hehe, I just took an AP Government: Comparative class, and we talked about this. xD



  15. That book sounds very interesting, I will have to check it out.

    And yes, there are lots and lots of HGM, no matter what your definition is. I say any man that is hot with an accent (be it Irish, Welsh, Scottish, or "british") is just that much hotter. Sigh...

  16. Oh that was a weird typo, I meant HBM. Anyway...

  17. I'm English and I always say I'm English when asked, except on official forms when I put British as my nationality. I must say we do have a lovely lot of HM in the UK. I'm not entering being lucky enough to have a copy but I hope someone has sent you Hugh Laurie and Rupert Penry Jones and the man who plays Sherlock Holmes - he is gorgeous and BBC Anerica better buy the series soon!

  18. Haha, I love your Google ranking! What an accomplishment... if that book is as intriguing as its cover, I'm in.

  19. I once asked a Scottish Dr. if he was Irish. He hated that. So I guess that definitely rules out the Irish. But I don't know anything. I'm from Kansas.

  20. Well, I knew Ewan was Scottish, but I was operating under the loose definition as well :-*

    Because I love Ewan and will use any excuse to post him.

  21. Um, I'm still confused about the British thing. The hot guys make it kind of hard to concentrate and like learn something.

    I must read ILLYRIA - thank you for recommending it. I had heard good things about it when it came out and totally forgot about it. Off to look for it now!