BEDITSHOA: Recent-ish Teen Movies, Part 2

I totally have Drew Barrymore's rainbow thigh highs.

Several of you mentioned Whip It (2009) in my comments yesterday. Yes! Thank you! I loved that one, too. And it had a GREAT soundtrack. Here's my fave, "Crown of Age" by The Ettes:

I also thought of one more on my own, Disturbia (2007). A guilty pleasure!

Admit it. Some of you loved it, too.

Here are the other teen films that qualified via my post-High School Musical (2006) definition. There were plenty of great ones in my comments, but I'm only including the titles where the characters are still in high school:

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (2008)
Bandslam (2009)
The Invisible (2007)
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008)
17 Again (2009)
Youth in Revolt (2009)

Corey Wright also mentioned that the soundtrack for The Invisible is "pretty much amazing," so I checked it out on iTunes, and I'm intrigued! Also, HOW DID I NOT KNOW that Louise Rennison's Angus was made into a movie? Directed by Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham), no less! Though I'm bummed that the title was changed from "full-frontal" to "perfect."

And it was pointed out that slasher flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) and Friday the 13th (2009) are about teenagers, and by my above definition COULD count. But . . . I can't do it. And that's not a slight against horror films, because I love horror films.* But when asked to put them in a genre, I think we'd probably all say "horror" before "teen."

*Though not those films. Seriously, Hollywood. The international market is kicking your butt in horror. Example: Let the Right One In (2008), which was perfect. Perfect! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMAKE IT, TOO?? I hate you, Hollywood.**

**Okay, that's not true. I love you, Hollywood. But I hate you sometimes.

Toy Story 3 (2010) and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) were also each mentioned a few times, and though I'd agree that the audience is right, I don't think they officially qualify as teen films, because only one character in each film is a teenager. But Lisa Aldin—another fan of Let the Right One In!—brought to my attention the Irish teen film Kisses (2008).

It's called KISSES. I must see it.

And speaking of teen cinema, the Queen (Meg Cabot) had a hilarious post today about revisiting one of her favorites. An excerpt:

Then they Do It all over the place. In the gym. In the boiler room. In the pool. In Tracey’s room. In Tracey’s mom’s room. In Tracey’s living room. Under the coffee table. Maybe some other places I forget. It’s basically awesome.

Which makes it so much less awesome when they stop Doing It.

Ha ha! I love Meg.

And now I'm off. Will I return to blogging about books tomorrow? Eh, maybe. This BEDITSHOA thing is hard. One thing I've discovered: the less rules, the better!


  1. My girls LOVE Angus! They made me search everywhere for it because they just had to have it a week ago.
    (One of the MOST uncomfortable/funny kissing scenes ever.)

    Napoleon is my fave.

    Irish Kisses??? Must see!


  2. I loveeee Disturbia and 17 Again!

  3. What about Tomorrow When the War Began? That's coming out really soon. I'm equal parts excited and terrified because I ADORED those books as a teen and I'm really worried it might be bad.

    At least the actors are Aussies. I was really worried for awhile that it was going to get stacked with American actors. Let's face it--the Aussie accent is hard to pull off.

  4. Jade — Yeah, someone mentioned that one! It looks great. That's a series that (as far as I'm aware of) never took off in America. Now I'm curious!

  5. I love Disturbia too! I actually worked on the marketing for it, and was totally surprised when I went to a screening AND TOTALLY LOVED IT.

    Also, obvs, 17 Again for fairly apparent reasons.

  6. I couldn't love Youth in Revolt. It's based on a book (my favorite book from when I was in high school, actually), and the book is awesome. Every funny one-liner from the movie is exactly pulled from the book, and the movie took a lot of great characters and removed them completely. I'm sure if I didn't have that dangling over my head I would have loved it, but loving the book as I do I couldn't love the movie.

    Basically I just want everyone who liked the movie even a little to read the book, because it will blow you away with how funny it is. (Very Superbad-esque humor).

    Also, this was a great feature! I think it's interesting that, while I read predominantly YA novels and get excited about a new YA release every week, I haven't gotten as excited about a teen movie as I am for Easy A in a very long time.

  7. Yeah, it's a very Australian series, so I can understand that.

    Reading those books was a right of passage when I was a teen. I haven't read them since I was sixteen, but they had a powerful effect on me back then. The original trilogy at least. I kind of wished they didn't do the four other books.

    I'll let you know if the film is any good.

  8. I haven't seen many of these movies - how is that possible? Must check out Disturbia and Kisses!!

    You are doing a great job blogging every day. The less rules, the better. I agree. How do people blog every day who only talk about writing or inspirational things or kitchen gadgets or cupcakes? Okay, well, maybe cupcakes I could do. :)

  9. Disturbia, Toy Story 3, and 17 Again are all really good movies! :D Glad you mentioned them, hehe. Have a great weekend!!



  10. Ooh, I really enjoyed The Invisible. I thought it was a great twist on the average ghost story, since it wasn't exactly a real ghost story. The stakes were high and even though I didn't like the main characters at first (and of course, Marcia Gay Harden as the mother was asking for it), but they grew on me.

    Great post!

  11. Juliette Lewis was the best thing about whip!

  12. I had to think about this for a day because I really felt like something was over looked, like I had just seen a good teen movie, but since I'm old and my memory is bad, I couldn't remember what it was. And then bam, it finally came to me, Kickass! The main character and his friends/frenemy are all in high school, and he totally has teen angst and stuff for a girl he goes to school with. The movie could be comic book/super hero, but since the super hero is a high schooler, I think it counts.

    Not saying the following are any good, but they all involve high school students too: The Step Up Series (some teens must like as they keep making more); along the Step Up line, the re-make of Fame;
    Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief; and not sure if this counts, cause the teens didn't seem to go to school, but they were still high school aged, City of Ember. And that's all I could think of. I totally need to see Angus and maybe check out Kisses! Thanks for the fun post Stephanie!

  13. Nice list...I've been sort of "out" of the "teen" movies scene lately.

    But I really liked that Ettes song/video you posted. They're right up my alley. I'll have to find more by them. :)