BEDITSHOA: Miscellanea

Today's BEDITSHOA (Blog Every Day in the Second Half of August) is a roundup of miscellaneous items crowding my desktop and inbox. Items like this:


Miss Universe 2010 costumes with snarky commentary (via my agent Daphne Unfeasible).

And if you like that, then you should also check out their 2010 Winter Olympic "Ice Princesses" figure skating coverage: the men, the women, and the couples.


Now! A selection of videos for your enjoyment:

Sexy Alan Rickman reading Shakespeare's Sonnet 130. (Gift from Khy.)

Silly cinemash of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Sid and Nancy. NSFW language. (Gift from Kat.)

TWO MORE Joseph Gordon-Levitt short films done in an old timey, semi steampunky, word play-y kind of way. I like the restaurant one the best (second on that page), because of the kissing. (Gift from Mariah.)

Judging from the videos being sent to me, the word is out that I just-so-might have a crush on Joe. I have NO IDEA how you discovered this. I mean, I have definitely not mentioned him on this blog two or maybe even three times in the last month.

Oh! I need to recommend a book. How about something appropriately miscellaneous?

Bigfoot: I Not Dead is the third illustrated Bigfoot biography by Graham Roumieu. They're all hilarious (warning: and adult), and there's no need to read them in order. They aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you think the following excerpts are funny, chances are excellent that you will like this book:

(Click to big-ify.)

(Click to big-ify.)

HA HA HA! I love him.

Bigfoot is also on Twitter. Just so you know.

Also—because I'm in that kind of mood—you should probably check out this vintage safety manual called "It's Great to Be Alive!", via Gwenda Bond.


Digging into my blog comments, Donna Hosie asked:

"Where is Paul Bettany? Didn't you know it is illegal to post about hot Brits and not mention Paul Bettany?"

I did NOT know this, but I believe it. Paul won my heart playing Chaucer in A Knight's Tale, and he was my favorite thing in The Young Victoria. And Master and Commander. I will HAPPILY post a picture of Paul Bettany the moment someone links to his picture in my Anna giveaway comments.

And Haley (no link) provided this commentary on yesterday's topic:

"I'm from England. To me, British means English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish but not Irish.

As for the Scots and Welsh not wanting to call themselves British, I am not so sure. True they tend to prefer to say they're Scottish or Welsh primarily, but I think very few would object to being called British.

In my experience it seems that a lot of Americans use British to mean the same thing as English. This is mainly based on the term 'British accent' that is often used by Americans - Welsh and Scottish and Irish and even some English accents are very different to what is meant by this.

Anyway this is just my input and other Brits may well disagree with me, so don't take this as The Ultimate View of Britain!"

Thank you, Haley! That's very helpful!

And, finally, stolen from Katie's blog for Buffy/Angel fans . . .

♥ ♥ ♥

EEEEEEK!! Willow and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce! The adorableness of this picture is so hardcore that it (almost) makes my eyes hurt.

See you tomorrow!


  1. ZOMG that Willow-Wesley picture is so cute I had to run across the room and show it to my husband.

  2. The back view might be even cuter (if that is EVEN POSSIBLE).

    Loooove the Bigfoot excerpts! And totally feel his pain: so, SO hard think good.

  3. I was just in target and they have a remote control Bigfoot for kids that you can play with...not that I did or anything...but it is hilarious!!

    Bigfoot is the new Vampire....who would have thunk.


  4. I love Willow & Wesley. They're just the cutest.

  5. Holy dear god hell. That last photo is so cute I could scream.

  6. Bigfoot is now on my list of books to read and/or buy. Thanks, Steph! :)

  7. You can't have JGL! He's mine!! Mine, I say :@ lol!

  8. That Willow/Wesley picture is so freaking adorabubble!

    (And a picture of the delicious Mr. Bettany has now been posted in the Anna giveaway thread)

    My work here is done!

  9. I very much enjoyed all the pics of HBMs yesterday, and after today's post, I am going right out to get those Graham Roumieu books. Too funny!