BEDITSHOA: And the winner is . . .

. . . Jessica at Forever Young: A YA Lit Blog! Congratulations!! I've emailed you, but if for some reason email monkeys have snatched my message out of cyberspace, please contact me at: steph AT stephanieperkins.com

So. I just spent eighty minutes copying and pasting your names into name-picker. Eighty minutes! Copying and pasting!

Thank you all SO MUCH for entering—for sending me hundreds of pictures of Hot British People, for putting the Anna countdown widget on your blogs, and for spreading the word about my novel.


I'm running out of time before midnight, so this last part will be muchmuchmuch shorter than I intended. But I just want to say publicly one more time today how unbelievably, extraordinarily, overwhelmingly happy and proud of Kiersten White I am. As of TODAY her debut novel Paranormalcy is available in stores EVERYWHERE!!!

I met Kiersten right around the time she finished her first draft of this book, and I consider myself fortunate to have been one of its earliest readers. I am very attached to it. (GIANT UNDERSTATEMENT.) I say with all of my heart that I love this novel like it's one of my own.

I love Kiersten, and I love Paranormalcy, and I really really really really REALLY hope you'll all read it! TIMES A BAJILLION!!!

Thus marks the end of Blog Every Day in the Second Half of August. Phew! I'll talk to you again soon, but . . . not tomorrow. Ha.


  1. My PE teacher was such a liar when he said everyone's a winner. *mopes*

    BUT yay for Kiersten. AND the winner (I guess). *turns on The Smiths*

  2. So if I couldn't win, pretty much the next best thing would be for Jess to win. Because she is AWESOME. Yay Jess!

  3. Jade — The Smiths! I love you.

    Heather — Maybe she'll share with you? :D

  4. Just reading your post makes me excited to read the book!


    This has seriously made my day. :-D

    I spent my evening at Kiersten White's Paranormalcy launch party getting my book signed, telling her how much I want to read Anna, and then I come home to see this!

    Best news ever!

    And YES, I will share with Heather, because I'm nice like that.

  6. Ahh, lucky Jessica!

    So, I'm just gonna mope now..

    ..or maybe, I'll go hunt for Paranormalcy? :))

  7. Woot congrats Jessica! :D
    and so near, yet so far! D:

  8. Congratulations to the winner! I won't pretend I'm not jealous. :) I'm seriously glad that my name wasn't in that picture. Ya know, like super close to winning, but not close enough? I'm always worried that's going to happened and then I'll be even more sad. Haha. I just bought Paranormalcy yesterday. I already am 2/3 of the way through it. My mom doesn't know that I stayed up until 2 am reading. *shh* Don't tell. IT"S SO GOOD! AH! Evie makes me laugh.

  9. Congratulations, Jessica. I still have Anna... pre-ordered so I guess I will just have to be patient!

  10. I am SOOOOOO excited to sit down and read Kiersten's AMAZING book tomorrow. Did I mention that I got the FIRST copy out of the box at Barnes & Noble?? I almost fell over with excitement and pride. :)

    I am also SOOOOOO excited for Anna!!! =D

  11. When I read about the film option I cried. I love Kiersten! Read the book as soon as it came out. Like, the Kindle downloaded it at 4pm JST (3AM EST for you guys) and I was finished by midnight. Love Evie! Love Lend more.

    I had absolutely nothing to do with this book and yet I'm proud of it. lol.

  12. I love you, Steph : )

    And thank you for the lovely comments, everyone! Seriously, I can't tell you how much reader excitement means to authors.

    Like, infinity. That's how much.

    I can't wait until it's ANNA's turn!!

  13. I pre-ordered Paranormalcy back in the DAY, and now I'm fretfully waiting for it to arrive. Hurry up post!

    And, um, I got a blog award I had to pass on to awesome people, so I of course gave it to you, Madam Perkins, and the link with explanation is here. You don't have to accept it, but I just thought I should tell you that I thought you and your blog are awesome. (Also twitter, but I don't think there are twitter awards yet.)

  14. Noooooo! I'll have to wait till december for pub day and theeen till someone I know go to US and THEN i'll get to read Ana. Oh, well, i'll practice my patience.
    ...so close.
    ...so, so close.
    Ok, I'll stop weeping now.
    Congrats to Jessica & obviously to Kiersten.

  15. I've been following Kiersten like forever. Paranormalcy is at the top of my TBR pile. In fact, it will knock some of the ones I'm reading off the top when I get it.