YA in NY Winner + Lisa & Laini + Maybe Perhaps a Hot Guy in Pretty Clothing (MAYBE)

Congratulations to "I Heart YA in NY" winner, Danae, who left this very kind message in my comments:

Stephanie, your blog posts always add sparkle to my day, and i can't wait to read Anna!!! *hands orange flower macaron*

Merci beaucoup, Danae! The fleur d’oranger macaron was divine. Please email me your address (steph AT stephanieperkins.com), and I'll send out your package prontissimo.

Or, you know, whatever the equivalent of "prontissimo" is in French.

SO . . . this happened:

"Smart and sensual, Anna and the French Kiss is everything your heart is longing for. You'll want to live inside this story forever. More, s'il vous plaƮt."
—LISA MCMANN, NYT bestselling author of the Wake trilogy

[Steph opens email from editor.]

[Steph's jaw hits floor.]

I'm ecstatic and overjoyed!! Lisa writes such twisty, page-turny, sexy novels. Her characters are real and interesting, they actually grow throughout the series, and as I told her in my thank you . . . it's rare to surprise me as a reader. I'm sure others who read or write a great deal can relate: since I study stories for a living, I see "twists" coming a mile away.

(Sorry, Christopher Nolan. I like your films, but they don't surprise me. But thank you for putting Joseph Gordon-Levitt in such pretty clothing and making him do cool things. A++.)

But Lisa? Something in one of her books COMPLETELY fooled me! Oh my word, it was fantastic. I'm honored by her blurb!

Also, whenever I think of Lisa, I can't help but think of this funny story my friend Laini Taylor told back in January 2009:

"One of the Cybils shortlist titles in sci-fi/fantasy, selected by me and my co-panelists, is Lisa McMann's Wake, a book I read in one sitting (well, one 'lying' because I was in bed and didn't fall asleep until I finished it at 1:30 or so). When I posted about it, a friend in Arizona emailed to tell me essentially, 'Yeah it's great, and did you know she wrote it in seven days?'

At which point I swore violently and laid curses in the general direction of Arizona, where Lisa McMann also lives, because, you know, just because. Because writing a good book in seven days is just plain
showing off!! So, this same friend from Arizona, a YA book enthusiast and his wife . . . were in Portland last weekend and when we got together for lunch, they had this gift for me, a copy of Wake inscribed, by Lisa McMann, as follows:

Tee hee. I find this very, very funny, and it's made funnier by the fact that the book was handed off at night between car windows in a parking lot, the way FBI agents meet informants in TV shows. All clandestine-like. So, thank you Daanon and Michelle for the gift of the book, and thank you Lisa McMann, for good-naturedly rubbing my nose in your absurdly fast writing abilities. :-)

[psst. I don't
really think she was showing off. I'm just jealous. And I really liked this book. It's about a girl who has the very bad luck that, whenever someone falls asleep in her vicinity, she gets sucked into their dream. It's a thriller and a romance, and an unputdownable read . . . It's a good read for adults or teens, and you can count on it for teen reluctant readers, because it is so fast-paced.]"

To which Lisa replied in the comments . . .

"Hey Laini! What I didn't mention is that it took seven days for the rough draft, and months for the revising, and the final product is approximately two hundred-something-something pages shorter than yours.

So there's that."

Ha ha! As someone else who writes sloooooooow first drafts (high-five to Laini), I, too, am jealous of Lisa's talent. Which is why I remember the story!

Speaking of Laini, did you hear she had a second announcement about Daughter of Smoke and Bone? I kid you not, that book will be HUGE. I feel so so sosososo lucky to have already read it. I mean, listen to what her UK editor is saying:

"Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a magnificent book, which grabbed me from the opening page, and had everyone at Hodder completely enthralled. The book’s macabre fairytale feel is incredibly inventive and original, and the fantasy is wonderfully creative yet extremely accessible.

I felt the same way about it as I felt when I read
His Dark Materials and Twilight—that shiver of excitement knowing I was reading something outstanding. It’s a brilliant novel, with a feisty heroine who I know will resonate with readers young and old, male and female."

I KNOW, right? It's already on Goodreads, so mark it as to-read!

Oh. And here's the obligatory picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in pretty clothing doing cool things:

Of course I didn't forget.

And, for good measure, here's an interesting interview with him courtesy of Kiersten White (yes, there are pictures, better ones) and . . . here's an interesting interview with Kiersten White! Though I'm more than a wee bit biased, because she says super-nice things about me and uses the phrase "Celebrity Boyfriends staff."

What's that? You want more?


Joseph Gordon-Levitt in MORE pretty clothing, dancing with Zooey Deschanel who is ALSO wearing pretty clothing. I truly cannot decide which one is more adorable!

Happy weekend!


    Holy smokes! Not that I'm a writer or anything, but even I know that is impossibly fast!
    And that blurb was awesome, too. WOOT WOOT! Lisa McMann's Dream Catcher's trilogy is one of my favorites, and now, after that, I'm in love with Anna's story, too... nope, I haven't read it yet. :)
    Love, Hannah

    P.s. A response to your comment on Suzanne Young's blog spot, Into the Wild Nerd Yonder was one helluva funny read! Her other title, Get Well Soon, is probably my favorite, though.

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM GMT-5

    *stares at picture * soooo close. I was sooo close to winning. *sadface* BUT, congrats to Danae!

    I will have a copy of ANNA in my hands before the year is out, I swear. *is determined*

  3. Yay--congrats on another amazing blurb! Lisa is awesome (and as if the seven days for a draft isn't envy inspiring enough, she also told me when I met her that she only went through 2 drafts. As someone who is on draft um... *whispers* 16...yeah, it was hard not to throw myself on the floor and have a mini tantrum on the unfairness of her talent. )

    Can't wait to meet you in two weeks. I'm so excited!!!!

  4. Really no one should look so good in a suit.
    One of my favorite stories is when our friend Courtney told us about meeting him at her family reunion. He is or was dating her cousin, if you watch the dance sequence in 500 days she is one of the dancers. The part with the cartoon bird she is just to his right in the green dress. Courtney couldn't even talk to him, funny girl.

  5. 500 Days of Summer is one of my favorite movies EVER, and JGL is absolutely adorable. LOVE HIM! Congrats on the contest Danae! :) I write rather slow first drafts- some time I'd LIKE to see how long it would take me to reach a 50,000 word goal; 30 days is great for a challenge, but I'm looking for a SUPERMEGA challenge. Anyone want to word war? ;)

  6. I still haven't seen 500 Days of Summer *hides face* but I've kind of been busy. You know, attemting to write something that doesn't look I've mashed my face into the keyboard. As soon as I achieve this goal, I'm all over it.

    As for Lisa McMann blurb, it is becoming apparent that very soon you will be an International Writing Superstar. Hopefully you won't forget us, the little face-mashers, when that happens.

  7. Oh my goodness, my name was RIGHT BELOW DANAE'S. -facepalm- Congrats though!

    I lovelovelove the Wake books!! Lisa is such an amazing writer, and it's very exciting that she's blurbed your book! Just another example of how awesome ANNA is!
    (Yeah, we're just taking a moment for me to collapse because I wanna write a book in a weekkkkkkk)

    Pretty clothes. Pretty boy. PrettyPretty.

  8. hee hee hee, love the Lisa McMann blurb, and the Lisa McMann books. Love it when wonderful books bump into each other and become friends :-)

    And . . . Jim and I had a RARE movie date yesterday and saw The Girl Who Played With Fire, and I was kinda bored because I just read the book, and after we were annoyed with ourselves for not seeing Inception instead. And I DO kind of get surprised by Christopher Nolan, because I am a credulous reader/viewer; I like to be surprised so I don't try too hard to put the pieces together. Jim, though, he guesses everything. Including MY twists!

    (Thanks for another wonderful shout-out!)

  9. yay! i won! u rock steph. btw, plz check ur twitter before you send me anything for typo corrections :)

  10. Wow! Lisa McMann!!!

    Is it possible I want to read this book more??

  11. Congrats on the fantastico (not French, but still sort of exotic) review! And seven days? Really?!?

  12. Congratulations! I cannot believe writing a book in 7 days...unless it's a picture book...which I have written in 1/2 hour (once) so take that Lisa!!

    (I like Zooey's clothes better, but maybe because I am a girl.)

    More and more books to read!!


  13. yay im just starting your book. Love lisa's quote!

    gave you an award today on my blog :)