Stars in Paris, Hearts in New York

Directly between my feet is a coppery-bronze octagon with a star. Words are engraved in the stone around it: POINT ZÉRO DES ROUTES DE FRANCE.

"Mademoiselle Oliphant. It translates to 'Point zero of the roads of France.' In other words, it's the point from which all other distances in France are measured." St. Clair clears his throat. "It's the beginning of everything."

I look back up. He's smiling.

"Welcome to Paris, Anna. I'm glad you've come . . . Now make a wish."

Anna was looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. So she's less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris—until she meets Étienne St. Clair. Smart, charming, beautiful, Étienne has it all . . . including a serious girlfriend.

But in the City of Light, wishes have a way of coming true. Will a year of romantic near-misses end with their long-awaited French kiss? Stephanie Perkins keeps the romantic tension crackling and the attraction high in a debut guaranteed to make toes tingle and hearts melt.

That's the description printed on the back of my advanced copies. I realized the other day that it's more detailed than the previous one I shared with you. It's also—in a weird, tiny way—the first time I've posted an excerpt here. Ha!

It also means that I can finally share this:


My sister took this picture last January. Point Zéro is a real place, located in the courtyard of Notre-Dame. Thanks to Anna, it has captured a very special place in my heart. And that's all I'm going to say about it! If you want to know the thing about Point Zéro, please read my book when it comes out this December!

(Sorry! Hee hee.)

So. It's been another strange week. And by "strange," I mean AWESOME. Book blogger reviews for Anna and the French Kiss are popping up everywhere. Yeah, that "it's getting real" thing I mentioned last week? It's, like, totally real now. I promise I won't link to them all, but here are two (non-spoiler) reviews that I found particularly exciting. Sara and Erica decided to read Anna at the same time:

"Top 10 Reasons to Read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS" by Sara at The Hiding Spot

"And now, two days later, I'm still carrying it around with me. And no, I don't mean in my head, I mean LITERALLY. This book is so full of awesome that I can't let it go. I am unable to stop talking or thinking about it."

"In which I profess my love for Anna and the French Kiss" by Erica at The Book Cellar

"There was not a single thing I didn't like about it, and I can't wait until it is out so I can go out and buy a copy. The wait for her next book is going to be painfully long and I really hope she writes many many more lovely books. I would highly suggest preordering this one! It is THAT good."

Thank you, Sara and Erica. I am . . . blown away. I don't think I've even allowed myself to dream of people liking my novel that much. It's very, very unexpected. (And very, very wonderful.)

Also, Myrna Foster wrote a review, interviewed me, AND is hosting a giveaway! The giveaway is for pre-orders of both Anna and the French Kiss and Kiersten White's Paranormalcy, Shelley Moore Thomas' Good Night, Good Knight, an Anna bookmark, a jar of Nutella (!), and "something pink and/or sparkly" to go with Para.

Did you catch that? ALL OF THAT COOL STUFF YOU COULD WIN? Enter, enter, enter!

Myrna was the first person who wasn't a family member or a friend who began commenting regularly here on my blog. (THANK YOU, MYRNA!) She's a friend now, of course, and because of that, I had so much fun doing her interview. And I probably said more than I'd usually say, too. Also, I'm frequently asked how I became critique partners with Kiersten White, so I finally answer that question. In great detail.

I need to get back to revising Lola, but this feels like it's been kind of a selfish me-me-me post.


Here's the video for The Dead Weather's "Treat Me Like Your Mother," which I've recently decided is the SEXIEST MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL TIME.

Which is soooooo wrong because it's filled with things that I normally do NOT find sexy (guns, violence, leather, cigarettes), but OH MY STARS. After watching the sexysexysexy Alison Mosshart and Jack White, I honest-to-goodness thought to myself, "I need to buy a pair of tight black pants and a leather jacket."


No. I do not need to buy tight black pants and a leather jacket. I would look ridiculous in tight black pants and a leather jacket.


Ooo, they are so angry at each other!


But if angry rock stars aren't your thing, how about another giveaway?

This would be that giveaway I've been hinting about, oh, FOREVER. Arrrghhh. The humiliation! Do you see what it is? Do you see the theme?

"But Stephanie," you say. "Weren't you in New York last April?"

Yes. Yes, I was. I was there in EARLY April. And I bought these presents for you, and I've been holding on to them ever since.

[Hides in shame underneath mountain of unwashed laundry.]

So. Um. If you'd like to win this special *cough cough* New York City giveaway, please leave a comment in this post that says: I Heart YA in NY!

No need to announce this contest on Twitter or Facebook or your blog. Just an "I Heart YA in NY!" comment here will be enough to enter. I'm keeping this low-key, because:

(A) It's embarrassing how long I waited to do this.

(B) I want the package to go to someone who actually read this entire post. Ha!

My giveaway includes a classic "I ♥ NY" mug filled with instant Starbucks coffee and two of my favorite YA romances set in the city, Maureen Johnson's Suite Scarlett and David Levithan and Rachel Cohn's Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Maureen's book features the HOTTEST OLDER BROTHER TO GRACE THE PAGES OF YOUNG ADULT LITERATURE, Spencer Martin. And if you've only seen the Nick and Norah movie, then you're missing out! The novel has one of the sexiest scenes I've ever read. (And they aren't even angry or wearing leather jackets.) I am NOT exaggerating. And it is NOT what they put in the movie.

My only warning is that Nick and Norah has a lot of strong language. Not a little. A LOT. So if this is the sort of thing that bothers you, for the love of New York, please don't enter. Seriously. (But do check out Suite Scarlett and its sequel Scarlett Fever!) And if you win, and you aren't a coffee drinker, let me know. I will gladly keep the coffee for you. Or you could save it for house guests. Like me.

This giveaway is open internationally, and I'll choose a winner next Friday, July 16th.

SO. The moral of the story is: if you've ever contacted me, and you've wondered at why I am sooooo slow at replying, um . . . obviously, I am slow at MANY things! In other words, it's not you. It's me.

("BUSY! I'VE BEEN BUSY!!" she says desperately.)

Oh! And I still have to tell you about the rest of my beach trip! I mean, I saw squirrel underpants, you guys. Ah, well. Next time.

(She says.)

* * * The giveaway is closed now, thanks! * * *


  1. I love seeing the great reviews of ANNA because I knew it was awesome and amazing and one of the BEST books I have read this year two months ago!!!

  2. I really can't wait to read ANNA, and I'm so happy for you with all those lovely reviews! Such good things.

  3. December! I'm going to have to wait until Dec.? Ugh. Don't enter me in the contest, but I had to comment anyway. I'm so excited for your great reviews and can't wait to read.

  4. I Heart YA in NY!

    That's right! Thinking of moving to NY, actually...

    Great giveaway, and congrats on your book!

    - Rebecca

  5. I heart YA in NY!!!! :o)

    I've been wanting to read both those books for a while now.

  6. I Heart YA in NY!

    You are quite the traveller! I still keep meaning to buy SCRAMBLED EGGS AT MIDNIGHT, one of the prizes featured in your (I think) Valentine's Day contest.

  7. Anonymous4:05 PM GMT-5

    I Heart YA in NY!

    I've been wanting to read Maureen's books ever since I found her on twitter--if they're half as awesome as she is, I'll be more than happy! I haven't seen Nick & Norah movie or read the book (I actually didn't KNOW it was a book! *wince*).

    A) YAY for awesome book description!! Now I actually know what the book is about and even though I wanted to read it before, now I REALLY want to read it more.


    B) There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving sexysexysexy angry leather-clad music videos even if you don't write that kind of stuff. *nods*

  8. I heart YA in NY!!

    For one, sexy black leather-filled music videos make my life, so thank you for pointing this one out.

    Two, that picture is pretty. As is the excerpt. ESPECIALLY the excerpt! This Saturday I'm going to the library to try and steal the copy of your book that my librarian got from ALA. I'm soooo excited to read it.

    I already commented and signed up for Myrna's post. Because I love you and am a stalker that way. -head desk-

  9. And I'm so glad I found your blog when I did. :o)

  10. blissfullydazed4:56 PM GMT-5

    I Heart YA in NY!!!

    And you are beyond awesome. Love your blog. Have I commented before? I don't remember. But I wish I Knew You In Real Life.

    Absolutely cannot wait for ANNA!!!


  11. I Heart YA in NY!

    Stephanie, your blog posts always add sparkle to my day, and i can't wait to read Anna!!! *hands orange flower macaron*

  12. I heart YA in NY! I'm clicking all over the place, checking out all these links. I cannot wait to read ANNA. How is it *not* December yet?

  13. Your awesomeness just went up in spades now that I know you like The Dead Weather! Granted, I'm a bigger Kills fan (and being front row for one of their gigs is still one of my highlights!) but The Dead Weather are mad awesome! I mean, Alison and Jack. How could it not?

    Don't enter me in the contest because I've already read Suite Scarlett (I really need to read Nick and Nora)but all those reviews are amazing! You must be so excited. I know I am!

  14. I already got the best present I could get from you. So although the contest is awesome I am just posting to say I loved the video. I use to love violent movies & would have violent day dreams. Which made me decide to limit my violent movies. But I sometimes still have dreams like this music video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AhU12zC8fc&feature=player_embedded

  15. Okay, SERIOUSLY the description made me swoon. I.WANT.TO.READ. Congrats, oh Stephanie Perkins, author of the novel of my dreams. I just hope that I can write something like it someday. :)

  16. I heart YA in NY! :) Thanks for the contest. I love book contests! Even if I don't win (and I never do) they give me good ideas as to what to read next this summer.

  17. I Heart YA in NY!

    I was so upset at ALA when I was unable to get a copy! Oh well!

  18. Aw, Stephanie! Thanks so much for linking my post! I can't wait to see ANNA out in the wild, though a very selfish little part of me wants to keep it all for myself and never share Etienne with anyone! I mean, seriously, if I were you, I might have felt the slightest urge to keep him in my head all for myself. So thanks for sharing! :P

    And I'm totally entering the contest! So,

    I Heart YA in NY!

    Sara @ The Hiding Spot

  19. I Heart YA in NY!

    So excited for you and your great reviews!!

    Note to Abby: Read Scrambled Eggs--I loved it.

  20. Rosa Taylor9:53 PM GMT-5

    I Heart YA in NY!

    And I am so crazy excited about your book! Even the descriptions are already making me so happy :)

  21. I heart YA in NY!!

    My, my you have been one busy lady. Hearing, or reading, actually, all of those wonderful reviews about Anna must be amazing! I can't wait to read it!! December why are you so far away???

  22. I Heart(♥) YA in NY!

    ...and in the world.
    Another reason for going to NY: "ooooh! here's where (insert scene of a book here)!!"

  23. I Heart YA in NY!

    That excerpt has confirmed my desire to own your book (I wasn't quite sure before) but I have just decided to go pre-order it NOW because I am rather excited!

  24. LOL Love your posts Steph! Thanks for the contest, wish you would let us win YOUR book as still trying to get hold of it! :)

    But now I'm curious about the sexy guy and need to find out why he is so sexy as I've not seen the movie adaptation!

  25. I heart YA in NY!

    (and I'm embarrassed to admit that I live in NY state and have never -outside of the airport - been in NYC)

  26. That guy in the video walks for a long time at the beginning.....(But I probably would have watched him walk for even longer.)

    Soooo intrigued by squirrel underpants! Are they underpants for squirrels, or underpants with squirrels on them? When will I ever find out???

    Shelley (who loves YA in NY)

  27. Anonymous1:11 PM GMT-5

    I Heart YA in NY!

    I can't wait for Anna!I'm going to have to get two copies, one for me and one to pass around to my students. :) I'm so happy that everything's been going well for you.

  28. Anonymous5:05 PM GMT-5

    I <3 YA in NY!!

    And I think you should know how (kind of pathetically) happy your blog makes me. HBM(!!!!!!!!), amazing YA books, great music, shall I go on?

    I <3 THIS BLOG in NC :D

  29. I heart YA in NY!

    Great prizes--been wanting to read Nick & Norah for a while!

  30. I heart YA in New York!!

    this is awesome, i love maureen, she totally won me over when i read 13 blue envelopes. im really excited to read these two books in the giveaway!

    thanks and i adore your blue streaks, its always been a goal of mine to get violet streaks in my hair before im 20. my birthdays in september and im running out of time!lol.


  31. SO SO very excited to read Anna! You actually have me wishing it was winter, which I never do.

    Also, I Heart YA in NY!

  32. I heart YA in NY!
    I love your blog posts because you're always so bubbly; they make me smile even when I'm feeling glum. :)
    Love, Hannah

  33. I Heart YA in NY!

    I'm so looking forward to your book.

  34. Great reviews! I can hardly wait to read Anna!

    I <3 NY (and Spencer... day-um).

  35. I Heart YA in NY! And awesome details on Anna :)

  36. I Heart YA in NY!

    Loved the excerpt of Anna. Can't wait!

  37. I am ITCHING to get my hands on a copy of ANNA! I'm so jealous of everyone who's already read it!

    (I won't enter the contest as I've already got both books--but I'll add that whoever wins is going to have some great reads! Also: SPENCER IS MINE.)

  38. I Heart YA in NY! Haha- OOPS! I commented on the post in April as well. Well, as least I DO love YA in NY!

  39. Yippee for great reviews! And... I heart YA in NY!

  40. I Heart YA in NY

    and NC
    and FL
    and pretty much everywhere. :)

    I am a fellow North Carolinian and have been following your blog for a while.
    I moved to FL in January to work for a nonprofit, but it is my dream to write YA books and return to beloved NC. :)
    I'm stoked for Anna in December, and I love reading your blog no matter how long you take in between posts.
    You are clever and funny, and I'm glad you are stringing words together.

    I hope you have a happy time with Lola revisions.

    peace to you from FL.


  41. I heart YA in NY!

    And I really do love New York, too. A few years ago, I (and my best friends and sweetest Pan) drove across the States from San Fran to New York. It took us a little over a month. When we crossed the bridge to Manhattan, I remember thinking: It can't possibly be as good as everyone says, and I'm sick of travelling and new places anyway. And then I proceeded to fall in love, hard and fast, as if New York were Jordan Catalano in the very first episode I ever saw of My so-called life. I don't care if everybody else loves him, too. In my head, he's all mine. It, I mean it. The city, that is. Hee.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog, Stephanie! What a really cool surprise!

    And... sqirrel underpants?!

  42. I heart YA in NY!

    I love Maureen's blog, but have been having trouble finding her books here in New Zealand. I also love your blog and cannot WAIT to get my mitts on Anna, but I don't usually comment because I get all stammery and girl-crushy when I try, and then I go eat cake instead :-[

  43. I Heart YA in NY! (And Steph, too! I can't wait to read Anna!!!)

  44. I Heart YA in NY!

    Yay! Giveaways are the best. Thanks, Steph. Can't wait to read Anna.

  45. I Heart YA in NY!

    Yess I'm looking forward to Anna and the French Kiss!!

  46. Too late for the giveaway, but I wanted to say that I was in Paris over Easter with my little sister's art trip as a little bit of a translator- I took french for seven years in high school- and we collected around the Point Zero after our visit to the Notre Dame. I have tons of photos of little kids repeatedly jumping on it, desperate to return to Paris for more crepes. :)

    And yes, I'm keen to know 'the thing', so I'll have to get reading when it comes out!