Friendly Little Post

Oh, hello! This is just a Friendly Little Post to apologize to anyone trying to contact me right now. It's pretty much impossible.

(i.e. worse than usual)

I will be much more available in August! Theoretically.

In other news:

• Serving on a jury is super fun!!!

• I am lying about the jury thing.

• Seriously, I suggest you watch 12 Angry Men instead.

• There's a rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the Riddler in the next Batman movie. HOW CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?

There's a fancy new Riddler suit hidden amidst these hedges, and I must find it before the sun goes down. Goodbye.


  1. Me thinks you should do BEDA with Maureen Johnson. She's doing it in August, if you don't recall. :) I know you're busy and I understand if you cannot, but that would be AWESOME! You are one of my favorite bloggers and it is nice to here from you again. xD ~ M.C.

    P.S. I just counted and I believe that there are 132 days until your books release date. Ah! I'm so glad I found this blog through Meg Cabot's. I've been recommending people to pre-order your book left and right.

  2. I think we should do a rhyming vlog and send it to the casting people. It can't hurt, right?

    How awesome is LeakyCon going to be? I think I might buy a new hat in preparation. And a wand. I'm also going to spend the next year practicing my high-pitched fan-girl scream. It's going to be EPIC.

  3. Awww... jury duty? Sucks...

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a sweet Riddler, but wouldn't he come across as too young-looking? I wonder.

    Instead of "12 Angry Man", I think I'll watch "Amelie" today, but thanks for the suggestion. :)

  4. Kasie West just had jury duty, too. I honestly never knew someone to go on jury duty until I started blogging. I think they look here and say it's a random selection. I better hide.

  5. Haha 12 Angry Men is an interesting movie. Oh well, I suppose there's a first for everything, even serving on a jury. :)



  6. 12. Angry. Men.

    *has flashback of Modern Drama class*


  7. I believe I once received an email from you that said something about emailing me a longer response "soon." O.o That said, I'd much rather you work on LOLA than email me back. :D

  8. Good to read your blog, even if it's just friendly little messages.

    An evil, riddling Joseph Gordon Levitt?? My mind cannot quite comprehend......but I suppose I would try....you know, for Joseph and all.

    Have fun!


  9. Ack for jury duty! I was on a jury in May 2008 for 8 days. Then they settled out of court. We didn't even get to deliberate in 12 Angry Men style! Will you be excused for a while after this?

    At least JGL is lovely. :)

  10. Joe, as I like to call him, had an excellent performance in Inception. Even though there weren't any Riddler costumes involved... Hope jury duty whirls by!

  11. JGL (as I like to call him ;) did not have Riddler costumes in Inception, but he had many, many slim, trim suits. God bless tailored pants is all I'm saying . . . in a non-creepy, I-appreciate-him-for-his-craft sort of way.

  12. So I thought you should know that Kiersten White linked to you; the first post by you that I read was this one; and I immediately followed you after reading it. You used the phrase "friendly little" AND fangirled Joseph G-L...I think that's enough. XD
    (I also like following writer's blogs, but shh! Not important!)

  13. I do love JGL. Very cute. :) Don't know about him as riddler, but I'm sure him in any move would be fun.

    Just read about the awesome time you're having w/Kiersten White! You two crack me up. :)

    Have fun. SO looking forward to your book release!