Happy Glen & Markéta Day!

I like St. Patrick's Day. Not quite as much as the gentleman pictured above, but a great deal. I'm still in The Hole (notice progression to capitalization), but I wrote a long, lovely post on the holiday last year, and since many of you are newish readers, I wanted to direct your attention there.

It has cute Irish guys, if that helps.

Because of The Hole situation — writing 12-14 hours a day, every day — I've left my house a whopping *FIVE* times in the last month. And that includes a trip to the compost pile ten feet from my back door. It also includes last night's trip to Malaprop's, my local indie bookstore, to see one of my favorite authors (also local!), Sarah Addison Allen. Her latest, The Girl Who Chased the Moon, was just released and it sounds WONDERFUL.

A giant! Color-changing wallpaper! Mysterious lights! A family who won't (or can't) leave the house at night!

Sarah was funny and warm and kind, and she handed out Moon Pies. If you aren't familiar with her work, she writes magic realism that's romantic, fairy tale-esque, and deeply North Carolinian. Her first, Garden Spells, was a New York Times bestseller, and I enjoyed her second novel, The Sugar Queen, even more.

I have not been this excited about a novel's release in a long time.

Anyway, I'm allowing myself one more break from my hole tonight to watch the Irish film Once. In last year's St. Patrick's Day post, I mentioned I wanted watch it again it to celebrate. I did, and it turned out to be such a perfect way to cap off the holiday, that I decided to make it a tradition.

(Most of my traditions involve watching a particular movie. Or two. Or three.)

If you're unfamiliar with Once, then again, I hope you read last year's post!

Tonight, I am coming for you, Glen.

In SUPER AWESOME RELATED NEWS, Jarrod picked up tickets to see Glen and Markéta's band, The Swell Season, when they come here to Asheville this May. I'm so excited! Their music is beautiful and gorgeously painful, and I've used it an unbelievable number of times for inspiration while writing. It will be incredible to hear them in person.

(That just gave me a shiver.)

And in SUPER AWESOME UNRELATED NEWS, another North Carolinian author, Beth Revis, just signed a three-book deal with Razorbill. Beth has always been so supportive and active in the YA writing/blogging community, and it's thrilling to see this happen for her. Congratulations, Beth!

Okay. Back to The Hole.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too :) I watched Once last year after reading your recommendation, and I loved it. (Thank you, buy the way :) ) Watching it for St. Patrick's Day sounds fantastic, but I'm in a hole of my own...

    That's wonderful that you get to see Glen and Marketa live! Good luck with writing, and thanks for the ridiculous St. Patrick's Day picture :)

  2. Sarah — Oh, I'm so happy to hear you say that!! It's a simple film, but it has such heart and anguish and passion. Good luck in your hole! Is it a school hole or a writing hole?

  3. I adored that movie. It was truly perfect! Happy Glen and Marketa day, Steph! And I am in awe and in envy of your 12 to 14 hour writing days!

  4. Happy St. Patrick Day!!
    I am Irish as well, hence my sister Debbie's red hair! I think my next adventure is going to have to be Ireland. In fact on our last full day of our trip we went and saw Leap Year. Which looked pretty bad but had two things I wanted to see Ireland & Matthew Goode, both were beautiful.

    I also liked Garden Spells I will have to check out her other books as well.

  5. Aw man! I should have gone to that! I need to get on Malaprop's mailing list...

  6. Oh, thanks for the ONCE reminder! That sounds like a great March 17 tradition. :-D

  7. Happy Emergingfromthehobbithole holiday! Go drink some green beer and get back to work! (After you twitter some more! :P )

  8. I really liked the way Sarah Addison Allen used sweets to tie everything together in The Sugar Queen.

  9. I had to go look back at last years post of lovely men...


    Sorry, I started daydreaming.

    Wow, your hair is REALLY red! I love it.

  10. altho we don't have that celebration here in Indonesia, but i'd like to say Happy St. Patrick Day for you and those who celebrate it!

  11. Whew! You need to get out more :) But I was v. excited to hear about Sarah Addison Allen! I have never heard of her (don't tell. It's surely just me). But, since my all time fave books are magical realism, I am ordering this one TO-DAY!


    And congrats to the fabulous Beth!!!!!

  12. Yes, a HUGE congrats to the wonderful Beth Revis ... SO excited for her!
    Just read your interview on Plot This ... loved it!!!

  13. That book looks great. The trailer is awesome. And yea for Beth! That is very exciting news. I'm glad you came out of your hole, even a just a little bit. I kind of envy you your hole, though. :)

  14. So many NCarolinians doing well. Yea. NC. I hope it rubs off on me. I'm going to have to check out Sarah's books. I love when books have an authentic southern flavor, and since I grew up in the south it's hard to fake that authenticity with me.

    Congrats to Beth. I blogged about her on Wednesday. Actually, I linked to you in that post.

  15. I love Once. After watching it, I bought the CD and played it my car for the next month. SO amazing. Good luck in your hole!

  16. That's wonderful that you get to see Glen and Marketa live! Good luck with writing, and thanks for the ridiculous St. Patrick's Day picture :)
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