q & a with james freaking mcavoy

me thinking face. so picture that.

kristy colley: If you wrote a book, what would it be called?

"the da vinci code," and i would have written it eight years ago.

mariah irvin: James! I never said you could visit Steph! You're my personal assistant remember? Goodness, what am I going to do with you?

roll me in custard and strap me to a unicycle.

daisy whitney: Could you please take your shirt off in every movie? OK, thanks.

sorry. but i did just sign a no-trousers clause with disney.

frankie diane mallis: I second Daisy...also the next time you take over Steph's blog can you do it shirtless?


jeannette: I recently heard that Anne Marie Duff is pregnant with your child! Just wanted to say congratulations. Also, I second the request for shirtlessness.

thank you! everyone is quite giddy. if its a girl, were going with "marvin." if its a boy, "craisin jukebox."

also, done.

lilie: James love, what's your signature cologne? Not that I am going to scent my bathrobe and wrap it around me or anything totally inappropriate like that.

i wear earthworm with a wee dab of marshmallow.

lotusgirl: So, um, James, do you realize how positively charming you are? How could you not?

its the cologne. ladies love the worm.

grimmster: As I am a dude, I will say that yes, you are a handsome lad. But, I can't really go into more detail. And you make good movies.

im afraid ill need more detail before i can respond.

storyqueen: Dog or Cat? If Dog, which breed? If cat....why, James, why????

i would never say no to a goldendoodle.

julie: Wait...girlfriend?? ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME, JAMES MCAVOY???

never! theres plenty of me to go around. im like a ferris wheel. or a really big bag of potato chips.

kiersten white: Hi love. When were you visiting again? Can you convince Steph to come with you this time? The beach is lovely. And I promise not to laugh at your brilliantly white legs again. Also, did you get the cookies? You never mentioned them. Chris must've sniffed them out. How do you ever hide chocolate from him?

my lamb. im visiting this march to avoid another ghostly leg incident. (the ocean is still too cold in march, correct?) thank you for me thin mints. i caught mr martin after hed only eaten half a sleeve. not bad! but he left chocolatey fingerprints on the sofa.

unfortunately i cant share my hiding places, as he reads this blog.

mary clare: Hey, James! Nice to see you again. I always hear about Chris and his obsession with chocolate, but not enough news about you. My question-How do you feel about having to compete for attention from Stephanie with the other celebrity boyfriends, especially the HBM? Also, I heard a rumor that you shared a bunk bed with Jim Sturgess when you stay at Stephanie's house - can you get me his autograph?

thank you. i am telling chris you said that.

oh its rough. catfights, boxing, pistol duels, chess matches to the death — we do it all! no, its quite easy and the company is nice. its true jim and i share a bunk bed. he called the top bunk years ago but what he doesnt realize is that ive been sleeping in it for the last sixteen days.


i will ask about the autograph next time hes here.

jessie oliveros: Did you feel like you had to put aside a little bit of your manliness for Narnia? Now be honest.

jessie . . . i am all man.

thanks everyone!

steph is still busy. so if you would like me to tell your fortune, leave a comment.


  1. I watched Penelope last night because I miss you. Please convince Steph to move here so we can all spend more time together.

    And yes, please, a fortune would be nice.

    Also, I thought you liked Stone Cold Steve Austin?? Where is this Hulk coming from?

  2. me love,

    i felt it was of the utmost importance to go old school on this one. plus, i like yellow.


  3. That sounds like odd and unusual punishment, but I shall give it a try.

    No more fighting with Chris, ya hear? I can't have my favorite men bloodied over a box of chocolates.

  4. I would like a fortune!

    I would also like a Wee Hotty Scotty.

  5. Fortune please!

    And I love you, James.

  6. I don't even know what a goldendoodle is....sounds like a snack food, James.

    and yes, I'd like my future foreseen....

    (and please make the yellow guy go away. The glare from his chest is making my eyes water.)

  7. Anonymous7:53 PM GMT-5

    James, the thought of you with a goldendoodle is almost too much cuteness to bear. Assuming I don't keel over from the adorable, I would love to read a fortune from you!

  8. storyqueen,

    golden retriever + poodle = inedible

    unless you are into that.

  9. I'm so glad I'm not responsible for those shirtless pictures. I'm afraid I like Chris' Yellow more than I like yours.

    However, your comments, especially "unless you are into that" made this worth enduring the scary pictures. Thanks!

  10. Bahaha, love the shirtlessness!

  11. I've just gotten home from the most awful day at work, but I'm good now.

    Thanks for the laugh...and the divine shirtlessness.

  12. Shirts, what shirts? I got lost in those eyes for a few. Could you gaze into the light for me a minute so I can get a better look at that color?

  13. A no-trousers clause? Sigh....

  14. Yes that ripping the shirt off thing is a far cry from a tail and hoofs.

  15. Oh my god, so funny! I love you Steph, er, James :-)

  16. one photo of James McAvoy and three of Hulk Hogan? That's just wrong... wrong I say.

  17. So I can say I gained some wisdom from a celebrity, I would also like a fortune. And if you happen to put it inside a cookie, that works, too.

    Thank ye, James.

  18. earthworm + marshmallow = YES
    that is too perfect not to be true :)
    *runs off to shop at Demeter*