Sunday at Cimetière du Pére Lachaise

Jarrod arrives in France.

My husband and I spent the afternoon in Pére Lachaise, the largest cemetery in Paris, and one of my favorite spots in the city.

It's home to over 300,000 resting bodies, amongst them: Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Honoré de Balzac, Frédéric Chopin, Marcel Proust, Abélard and Héloïse, Sarah Bernhardt, Molière, Gertrude Stein, Colette, Georges Méliès, Richard Wright, Camille Pissarro, Marcel Marceau, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Max Ernst, Gustave Doré, and Isadora Duncan.

You know. Just a few names you might recognize.

It's the kind of cemetery that People Who Like Cemeteries fantasize about. It's a complete world, a miniature city, a tranquil haven. It's beauty and sheer enormity inspires poetry and sketches and picnics and sad love songs.

AND . . . it's filled with weird stuff like this:

Does anyone else think we should call Buffy?

It's already time for bed — this late night blogging habit of mine needs to cease! — but here are a few more quick shots:

(♥ Yes, I kissed it! ♥)

And, finally, with a friend . . .

Talk with you all again soon. Thank you for your support and excitement of Anna and the French Kiss! Your comments and tweets and Facebook messages have made me so, so happy.

I can't WAIT to share Anna with you.


  1. Gorgeous! I'd kiss Oscar, too.

    Is it just me, or does that last pic looks really model-y?

  2. That's the one place I really regret not getting to in Paris. That and the catacombs.

    There's always next time...

  3. Yay for kissing Oscar Wilde's grave! I hope Jarrod did, too.

  4. It's already been two weeks!?! Didn't you just get there? I feel like you should live there or something.

  5. I am SUCH a Person Who Likes Cemeteries. AND I am going to Paris this summer. I think I know what I'm going to do now....

  6. I love the Oscar kisses! Whenever I have the chance to visit that cemetery, I will wear lipstick for the occasion.

  7. Gah, fabulous pics!! I'm jealous. I think the last one is my fave.

  8. Pere Le Chaise is one of my favourite spots in Paris I set a scene there in one of my books I love it so much. It's good to hear Jim Morrison's grave is still there. He rests in a wonderful spot. There is another fab place in Paris in the catacombs that is made up of real Monk bones and skeletons. I highly recommend it to you. Sigh. I wish I was back in Paris! xx

  9. Oh what pretty pictures! I wish I was there now, but no. I'm stuck in stupid Texas. Sigh. : )

  10. I can't help but wondering... is there a cemetery scene is Anna? :) I love the pictures, especially the last one! (Oh, and the Oscar Wilde kisses picture is tres manific!)

  11. Thanks for the great pics! It looks like a great place to visit. And I do think we should call Buffy. Or at least not hang around that monument at night.

  12. FANTASTIC pictures, Stephanie! I am completely jealous. Seriously.

    I hope you (AND Jarrod now, YAYY!) continue to have a wonderful time in France. I VERY much look forward to hearing more about this really really cool adventure. :)

  13. Yeah. I agree. That last pic looks like it came out of a flashy parisian fashion magazine. Tres Jolie!

  14. So glad your husband could join you!! What fun you guys must be having.

    Love the pics...and I don't know what happened to my post approving of your title, (maybe evil blogger ate it....) but, yes, I DO approve of your title. Or should I say Oui?

    Eat more cheese. Soon enough you'll be back to the inferior stuff.


  15. That cemetery is BEAUTIFUL. I must admit that I was too germaphobic to kiss Wilde's statue when I was there, so I'm glad you seized the moment. :)

    I just discovered your blog and have been devouring your delightful back entries like some kind of goofy writerly fan-girl. I hope you continue having an AMAZING Parisian time!

  16. My jealousy for your loooong trip continues! And I'm SO happy that Jarrod's there now too! Continue to have a fanTAStic time!

    Big eHugs,

  17. Hi Jarrod!! I hope you guys are having a lovely romantic time :-) Great last pic, Steph.


  18. That last pic is AWESOMESAUCE. And you kissed Oscar.

    I think I love you.

  19. Love, love, love it! Thanks again for sharing all of this with us!