Whee! La Grande Roue at the Place de la Concorde.

I interrupt my Paris travel blog for a piece of exciting news.

At least . . . it's exciting to ME.

I've just been given the okay from my publisher to announce my new title! Remember when Anna and the Boy Masterpiece was once called Anna and the English French American Boy Masterpiece? Well. Say "hello" to my new — and final! — title:

Anna and the French Kiss

Cute, non?! And you know how I feel about kissing!

As much as I loved my old titles, Dutton was looking for something that said "young adult romance in Paris." I've always been hesitant to put the word "Paris" directly into the title, because that conjures up a specific type of book (which Anna both does and does not fit into). So this is a wonderful solution! And how appropriate for me to be able to announce it while I'm here *in* Paris.


Many, many, MANY huge thanks and hugs to Kiersten White and Paula Does-Not-Have-A-Public-Blog, who simultaneously thought of it one late, panicked night last November. They have each saved my butt so many times I've lost count. Friends are the best!

Especially when you are title deficient, like myself.

I hope to have many more things to share with you in the coming months — a publishing date! A cover! A synopsis! These are in the works, and I'm thrilled with them all. My publisher gets Anna.

(And they get The Boy, who remains a masterpiece with or without the title. Oh man, I LOVE The Boy. I'm very excited to tell you about him. Soon!)

One more pretty picture, because I'm feeling pretty.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to change my title on approximately one hundred different websites.

Starting with my own.


  1. LOVE the new title! C'est parfait!
    You don't know how much I'm dying to read this book -- dying I tell you.
    p.s. please tell Laduree i say hi :)

  2. Oh, I love this book so much I cannot even tell you. And the fact that I could help even a little bit makes me ridiculously happy : )

    And THE BOY. Oh, THE BOY.

  3. Yay awesome news!! I love those titles, can't wait to hear more!

  4. That is adorable. I love it!

  5. It is a tres magnifique title!

  6. Yay! That's an awesome title! Every time you talk about your book I want to read it more and more.

  7. That's really cool. I liked the original title a lot (the longer one), but ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS has a real zing about it.

    No, not zing... a je ne sais quoi, if you will. :)

  8. I remember when Kiersten said that, and I was like "Yeah, that's SO gonna be the one they pick." I love it—and I LOVE your book.

  9. J'aime Anna and the French Kiss! C'est manifique!

  10. Yay!!! I'm glad it's official!

    And in case you weren't aware, I'M LEAVING FOR PARIS TOMORROW!!! Maybe I'll see you there?

  11. Absolutely perfect. I can already see the girls snapping that book off the shelf based on the title alone.

  12. Congrats on the new title! I love it. And I can't wait to meet The Boy.

  13. C'est en effet parfait!Très mignon.

    That may or may not be grammatically correct, pretty rusty on my French. Even though....*dies of adorableness of title*

  14. I couldn't love the title anymore. It is perfectly perfect! And keep those gorgeous French pics coming. ;-)

  15. Congrats on the title. I love it! And I love kissing! So it's all good! : )

    Hope you're having a blast in Paris!

  16. Titles can be tricky. But Anna and the French Kiss has the wow factor. Enjoy Paris. xx

  17. A long time ago there was a commercial on NBC and it was introducing the new shows on Thursday night. The commercial took place in Central Perk, the coffee shop on Friends. And had Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing giving the actors of the new shows advice. He said the key was to have short titles to your show like Friends, Seinfeld, & ER (not E.R. but er). Well both the new shows had extra long titles and I can not remember those shows because they did not last. I think there is some truth to the short titles. It is easier to remember and easier to talk about. I think Anna and The French Kiss will be something that will stick in peoples minds, and has less syllable's.

  18. Congratulations! The title is probably perfect. I can't wait to read the book and find out!

  19. Adorable, fabulous, wonderful title!

  20. That title will be an eye-catcher. I think you'll have people picking up the book and reading the book hook on title alone. Can't wait to read it.

  21. Love, love, love it!! Will pass on the official news to Paula Does-not-have-a-public-blog. :)

  22. Congrats! What a cute title! I can't wait to see the cover now!

  23. Yayyy! Can't wait to read the book... but before that, I I'm so excited to come along for the ride as you post about all the crazy/awesome stuff that happens BEFORE your debut!

  24. Great title! I can't wait to hear more about it...congrats!

  25. Happy news for your title!

    Please keep posting lots of pictures of Paris.

    My jealousy is great.

    I am a crazy-obsessed lover of Paris. I went for the first time two years ago. (Had to go before I turned thirty and was unable to see it through young, romantic eyes. LOL)

    Have you wandered through the Jardin de Luxembourg? Have you eaten at least 1 financier from Kayser bakery? Have you had ice cream at Bertillon? How about falafel from L'As du Falafal? (Can you tell I am a foodie?) Did you visit the Pompidou Centre?

    Do all of these things. Lots of times. For those of us trapped in our regular lives!

    (This is my first visit to your blog - comment-challenge inspired me to stop by).

    I'll be back!

  26. Love the title... c'est sassy. =)

  27. Yay for the new title! C'est awesome. Congratulations!

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