More Foodage + The Competition Heats Up

The yogurt situation is off the hooooook!!

My fridge here is filled with dairy. Glorious, glorious French dairy. CHEESE. BUTTER. And YOGURT. Ohmystars, THE YOGURT.

I would consider moving here just for the yogurt.

The yogurt section of a supermarché is astronomically large, about the size of a frozen pizza section in an American grocery store. And I wish I could read the packaging, but I can't, so I just buy one of everything that looks good.


No corn syrup or artificial flavorings. Just delicious, fatty goodness. Plain yogurt is my favorite — I found one that's whipped and frothy, and it's like eating the clouds of Care-a-Lot — but I'm also currently enjoying 70% dark chocolate and lychee raspberry.

I love any country that loves lychees.

My cereal, for the record, also has 70% dark chocolate in it. (HELLO, PARIS. YOU ARE AWESOME. LET'S MAKE OUT.)

A few more for the foodies:

Can't go wrong with the classics.

Don't let looks fool you. This flan-like-pastry was insane.

Poached pear, citrus curd, semi-madeleine cake-ish thing.

Isn't that last one beautiful?

I had it at an amazing restaurant near la Tour Eiffel (as the French call it), which my new friends, Barb and Paul, took me to. I met them through the super-fun Daisy Whitney, a fellow 2010 young adult debut author. Her novel, The Mockingbirds, hits stores next fall. I can't wait to read it! You also might recall that I met Daisy in San Francisco last November.

Anyway, Barb and Paul are Daisy's parents-in-law, and they are FABULOUS. They've traveled everywhere, and they know everyone, and they're incredibly funny and generous.

Love them!

And seriously, you guys. Look at their apartment! It's like something out of a magazine.

And they're the kind of people whom, after only knowing them for ten minutes, I found myself posing for the camera in their bedroom.

Not like THAT.

Like this!

Thanks for a fantastic evening, Barb and Paul! And thank you so much, Daisy, for introducing us.

I'm off to bed, but if you haven't voted in the comments of my Hot Boys of the Louvre post, please consider doing so. It's turned into a battle between Léon Reisener (Darcy) and Alexandre Colin (street urchin). My favorite comment so far is this one from Majo:

"Alexandre comes first in my list, but I totally would not mind a kiss from Leon. Actually, I'd just let Alexandre and Leon get at it at fisticuffs for me. I'd take whichever one won, or maybe the one who lost in a more dignified way. It'd be a tough decision."

EXCELLENT. Bonus points for using the word "fisticuffs," one of my favorites.

Two commenters have said Alexandre resembles Orlando Bloom, but he's also been compared to John Cusack and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Meanwhile, Léon has been compared to, obviously, Mr. Darcy, and a hybrid Ethan Hawke with John Cusack's mouth.

[Creepy Uncle, for the record, also has a few votes. I like your style, readers! But let's not let him win.]

Darcy versus Urchin

I'll keep the voting open until I hit the Louvre again with my husband next week, during which I'll crown one of them THE HOTTEST DUDE OF THE LOUVRE. And then I'll reveal his super-secret location, because let's face it: the cute ones aren't on the map.


I have to defend myself from another comment before I go. My pal Amber Lough had the nerve to say:

"I was going to vote for the creepy uncle, but then I realized something...you don't like blondes, do you? Or redheads? Because the only blonde on that list is Mr. Martin. Or, maybe, blondes didn't sit well for paintings?"

No, no, no! While it's certainly true I lean towards brown hair (as evidenced by my husband), I'm an equal opportunity admirer. I assure you, there were NO blondes nor redheads whom ANYONE would consider attractive in ANY day or age in the Louvre.

Or, if there are, the museum did a stellar job of hiding them.

And yes, My Celebrity Boyfriend Chris Martin is quite put-out that you would think I don't like blondes. And you all know what this means, right? HE WAS MENTIONED. Which means I get to post another picture!

It's the rules. Having a blog iz the awesome!!

But what's he trying to tell me? Maybe if it wasn't so late . . . and my brain wasn't so tired . . .


  1. No! No more food pictures!! Just kidding... keep 'em coming. I am loving reading about your adventures!!!! LOVING! And now drooling.... please send yogurt. :)

  2. I remember visiting Paris and thinking how delicious the croissants were... and then I tried the chocolate croissants.

    Dear God.

    American bread just hasn't cut it since then.

  3. I'm surprised you haven't turned completely Julia Child on us yet. Remember to eat things with a lot of butter and you're set!

    Now that I think about it, I think Chris Martin is the only celebrity with blond hair that I absolutely adore. Blame it on the Bronte sisters, I suppose.

  4. I want to change my vote to the urchin!! When you see them side by side, well, there's really no contest. It's the mysterious thing, I think.

    He has a secret...


  5. Man, I want real food! Stupid American crap...

    I'm sure you know this, but in France stuff has to be a certain percent choca (I believe 70%) to be labeled as chocolate. Otherwise, it's just called "chocolate flavored" candy. Yeah, they're smart over there.

  6. Oh Daisy...I just love her. Isn't she the best? And oh what a pretty apartment her parents-in-law have. Beautiful!

    Hope you're having lots of fun and keep taking pictures because it's probably the only way I will ever see Paris. Thanks Stephanie! : )

  7. Not jealous at all *shovels crappy Australian éclair in mouth.* It tastes just as good...It's something to do with the chocolate custardy stuff they use over. Here it's whipped cream and pretend whipped cream at that.

    I remember having éclair and bread for breakfast on Easter because only the bakeries were open.

    I can't believe my entire comment was about éclairs. Sigh.

  8. It's a good thing I adore you so much, because coming from anyone else I'd probably be seething with jealousy over these posts. As it is, I think they're my favorite thing so far this year.

    AND YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE SEEN SO FAR THIS YEAR, so that's saying something. I like Happy Steph in Paris : )

    In fact, I'm seeing a picture book series...

    "Happy Steph in Paris"

    Yeah, I may be onto something here...

  9. Now you've forced me to pull yogurt out and eat it. Not that it was anything like yours, still, it was pretty tasty.

    Keep taking pictures!

    Definitely the urchin. He reminds me of The Whipping Boy, only the urchin is older and yeah.

  10. Now I must go to Paris. Any place with food like that I can call home.
    I should probably never try that cereal, though. I might decide to live on it.

  11. Oh my goodness! I have to get myself over to Paris sometime. My husband has been once, and he just loved the food, and let's face it--traveling should (and quite often is) all about the food. And, you know, history and stuff. ;)

  12. oh god...you have to stop posting food pictures. I mean, don't, but i don't know what the solution is for us foodies stuck here with nothing to eat but zucchini with parmesan and a hardboiled egg...

  13. I know it's time for a trip to Paris when Steph has been inside my in-laws flat and I have not!!! You look comfy and happy there!

  14. Now I'm so hungry that I want to lick the hot boy paintings. You don't think they'd mind, do you?

  15. I look so forward to these posts and the food?! I am shocked!!!!! Why oh why don't we have food like that??

    So fun that you hooked up with Daisy's in-laws :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. You are so right about the yogurt. I was insane for it when I was there. Especially the yaourt à boire (drinkable yogurt). The fruit always blew me away, too. They had the best selections.

    I'd guess there are no blondes to speak of in the Louvre because there are so few natural blonde/redheaded French people. I stuck out like a sore thumb over there.

  17. i dont love you as much as Kirsten does - so im jealous as hell :)

  18. Anonymous6:50 PM GMT-5

    I'm serious...I think that Leon/Darcy painting looks a LOT like Patrick Dempsey. xD

  19. I didn't eat any yogurt in Italy, so I can't exclaim over it with you, but I can note that someone we took to calling "Granola" graffitied the word "yogurt" all over Florence. It's at the train station, near museums, on walls and concrete EVERYWHERE. (And I forgot to take a picture of it. But I did get the stenciled Darth Vaders that someone seemed to like.)

    They like their yogurt in Europe.

    Thanks for another wildly entertaining post. I have to go read the one about the hot guys of the Louvre now.