Five Things I Love: December Edition

(1) Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson's "Relator"

I'm digging this boppy little song, even though some of the lyrics are from The Beatles "All My Loving," and . . . is it on purpose? Not sure.

STILL. Cute and addictive!

(The comments on the video are not mine. Just so you know.)

(2) Ash in Fantastic Mr. Fox


(Marry me, Jason Schwartzman!!)

Ah hem.

If you haven't seen the delightful Fantastic Mr. Fox yet, please do so immediately. Wes Anderson's latest (Marry me, Wes Anderson!!) is the most fun I've had in a theater this year. It's not often one can say that every second of a film is charming.

But. Every second of this film is charming.

The voice acting is actually acting (unlike most celebrity animation work), the stop-motion is fascinating in a dollhouse-detailed kind of way, and the story . . . it's Roald Dahl! (Marry me, Roald Dahl!! Except don't, because despite your awesome talent and interesting life, you were not-so-nice to your wives.)

Also, it was kidlit nerd-thrilling to see the cover of my favorite edition at the beginning of the film. Because as much as I love Quentin Blake, THIS is the real cover:

(3) Twizzlers Sweet & Sour Filled Twists

Reminiscent of Gushers fruit snacks, these puppies are FAR SUPERIOR to original Twizzlers. In fact, I've heard that the original Twizzlers are so distressed by the deliciousness of Sweet & Sour Filled Twists, that they've gone into hiding (somewhere in China) and are contemplating retirement.

Perhaps they will become tap dancers.

Sweet & Sour Filled Twists are the perfect treats to sneak into the theater when you see Fantastic Mr. Fox! Or to mail to me for Christmas. Either one, really.

(4) John Keats

Oh, hello. I write ravishing letters that ache with lust and longing. What do you do?

I am so thankful for cinema. If it weren't for Bright Star, I would have NO IDEA that John Keats was sexy. And I'm not talking about Ben Whishaw, the actor who played him. I'm talking about Keats himself.

(Marry me, John Keats!! I have a tuberculosis vaccine with your name on it!)

My high school English classes convinced me — via dull teaching methods — that John Keats was boring, so I did myself a favor and skipped Romantic poetry in college.


Because John Keats? Ohmystars, you guys. SIZZLING HOT. I've been reading his love letters to Fanny Brawne every night this week and positively swooning myself to sleep. My favorite letter is two gorgeous pages of aching obsession that ends with this:

"I will imagine you Venus tonight and pray, pray, pray to your star like a heathen."

The book I've been reading is this one, which was put together (I'm pretty sure) just for the movie. And now I am obsessed.

(5) Naga

In my last post, I said that if anyone could tell me what THIS was, I'd mail them a present:

Several hilarious mermaid-y guesses were left in the comments, but I think Falen nailed it when she identified it as a Nagin (a female Naga):

"The Naga is a race of semi-divine snake people and the nagin are said to be strikingly beautiful, but with the power to transform into a cobra, or to a half-snake, half-human figure. I believe that in the Chinese cosmology it is the Naga which creates mankind."

I kinda love how there's no way for me to check this, but it sure sounds right. And I learned something new, which I always love. So congratulations, Falen! Please email me your address at steph AT stephanieperkins.com, and I'll send you a present.

I have no idea what it will be. It will surprise us BOTH.

Tra la la! What are you guys loving this month?


  1. I love you for making me laugh tonight! (Marry me, Stephanie Perkins! Except don't because the guys we're married to rock).

    And you should totally read "The Flea," by John Donne. It's even better than Keats' poems. I promise. And Donne's romance was interesting/controversial too.

  2. I can't WAIT to see Fantastic Mr Fox.

    But I've never eaten a Twizzler. In my defence I think this is because they don't have them in Australia.

  3. I NEEDS to get me some of those Twizzlers!!

    I'm loving (Don't hate me!) Christmas music (except for Brittany Spears...that stuff is just rubbish!) and Christmas Movies (ie Love Actually and Elf!)

  4. loving the little ice cream balls covered in chocolate. They are easy to eat and I can eat alot and not feel as guilty as when I eat a tub of ice cream.

  5. I love your blog posts. They just cheer me right up!
    Those twizzlers sound awesome (as does Keats) and i'm excited to see Fantastic Mr. Fox once i have money again.

  6. After waking up to 6 inches of snow this morning and hating every minute of it, your post put me in a MUCH better mood. Thanks :)

    Also...I am going to see Fantastic Mr. Fox this weekend I think!

  7. Stephanie,
    I met Jason Swartzman once actually it was my sister Debbie I. He told us we both rocked hard. Take from that what you will ;) I will have to tell the whole story sometime.
    As for things that I am loving, has anyone ever had an oreo ball? I was at a baby shower and my friend told me I had to try one. It was so rich & sweet I thought I was going to die. I am not sure that I could eat another one but it was good.

  8. Great list:) I'm loving writing again! I'm also loving that I go to Florida in less than two weeks. And I also love a certain little orange mouse pouch someone sent me:)

  9. Love (most) of your list! I need to get a hold of some of those Twizzlers!

    I'm loving:
    *Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which comes out on DVD today
    *Homemade gingbread men and shortbread strawberry tarts
    *Yankee candles
    *Love, Actually and The Holiday, two of my all-time favorite Christmas movies

    I am not loving Mr. Fox, unfortunately! I loved the voice acting, the animation, and the fact they substituted "cuss" for cuss words (was that in the book?), but it just didn't connect with me. My whole family went to see it together and now my stepdad and little sister keep saying things like "What the cuss!" It's hilarious.

  10. ^Ugh, I hate that we can't edit our comments. I'm on an author's website, I shouldn't be making typos!

  11. I'm lovin' Reese's cups shaped like Christmas Trees (mmmm...Reese's).

    (Marry me, Reese's! I promise to not stick you in the fridge if you do.) : )

    And those Twizzlers look YUMMO!

    PS - Glad you loved my song. Maybe a song about Twizzlers today??? YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!

  12. Leave some husbands for the rest of us, Steph!

  13. OMG that video was soooooo cute. Love it! Stephanie, I just love your blog. It's so fun and happy here and full of hot british guys--awesome! And Keats...swoon, though I still have to see the movie.

    P.S. I thought I commented earlier, but I don't see it, so maybe my computer tricked me-trixy computer. I had to return to watch the video bc I couldn't do it at work. So if I end up mysteriously in the comments section two times with strangely similar yet different comments, that's why.


  14. Myrna — YES. I remember studying "The Flea." Très, très sexy. And thank you! I love hearing I've made someone laugh!

    Sam — Really? No Twizzlers in Australia?? It's always interesting how some candy/treats that are so basic in one country are unheard of in another! (Candy from England fascinates me.) You probably have something equivalent though — original Twizzlers are just strawberry flavored licorice.

    MaryBeth — I could never hate you for loving Christmas music! I actually considered making this post about my favorite non-traditional holiday songs. And I LOVE Love Actually & watch it every year! (Elf is cute, too. Caught part of it last night on television.)

    Shelli — YUM.

    Falen — The lady of the hour! Thank you!!

    Chasing — Comments like yours make me so happy :) I hope you enjoy the movie!

    Connie — WHAT?? NO. LUCKY!! Oh, I can't wait to hear the whole story sometime! I'm a huge fan of his. And are these like the Oreo balls you had? http://www.recipezaar.com/Oreo-Truffles-87967 I bookmarked that recipe from Laini Taylor's website (I think) last year. Keep meaning to try them!

    Natalie — I'M excited about your impending vacation! It's so, so deserved and looong overdue.

    Abby — HP!! YES! Definitely a copy of that rolling into my house today. And YUM about your treats and YAY about the candles (one of their Christmas scented swirl candles is in my dining room), and isn't Kate Winslet's cottage in The Holiday the dreamest house ever?? I'm sorry you didn't like Mr. Fox, though. Bummer! Do you like Anderson's other films? I probably should have mentioned that if someone doesn't care for his other work, they probably won't care for this one ;) And the no editing comments thing bugs me, too. So you have nothing to be embarrassed about! We're ALL making mistakes.

    Kimberly — They make Reese's shaped like Christmas trees? No way! My husband (a notorious PB/chocolate fiend) must be alerted.

    Mariah — I am sorry, but I cannot. You see, I need them for my new ARMY OF HOT GUYS. Our mission? To charm the pants off the world with cute international accents and good hair.

    Frankie — Thank you!! Your comment makes ME so happy! I'm glad you liked the video (I've played it nonstop for the last three days) and YES, definitely check out Bright Star when it comes out on DVD next month. Truly swoony.

  15. Love your blog. It leaves me happy!!!

    Thanks for the poet tips.

  16. Sam Downing,

    What sort of Gods-forsaken place has no Twizzlers? Was this a punishment set by the English when Australia was a prison?

    And Stephanie, *as if*. How dare you blaspheme the original Twizzlers? All these new, shiny, frou frou plastic Twizzlers are but shadows of the one and only, true Twizzlers. Pray at the altar of those pagan candies if you will. I for one will eat only the true strawberry-flavored licorice twists. May God have mercy on your soul.


  17. Yay Keats! I got to spend some time with him last year. (Meaning with his poems. Hem hem.)

    And loosely related to the The Fantastic Mr. Fox, today I found out that my painting professor used to teach at a private school in Texas, and she flunked Wes Anderson in (I believe) an Art History class. Apparently he was a problem student and the teachers used to have meetings about him once a week. And now he makes movies. "It's a small world after all..."

    Love the post!

  18. Yep Oreo Truffle, looks like it is the same thing. If you are going to do a party I would suggest making them, they seem to be a big hit!

  19. I am loving this blog.
    I am loving that it finally rained here in So Cal and was finally cold for a day (been a hot Fall.)

    Loving enchiladas with real New Mexican Green Chile.

    Loving very buttery and salty popcorn.

    (on a different note...hated the new Christmas Carol....wanted to love it, but couldn't.)

    Loving Steph!


  20. I'm new to your blog-I just went through and added all the Tenners to my blogroll. This post cracked me up. I wrote a letter to Roald Dahl when I was in fourth grade (we read James and the Giant Peach) The publisher sent back a letter saying "sorry, he's no longer living, but here are some goodies, thanks for writing!" (or something like that) and sent a whole bunch of bookmarks, stickers, and a mobile of Roald Dahl character that my teacher hung up.

    And I have to say I really want to hate the Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johannson song (I just don't really like her) I do like it.

  21. I wonder if Jarrod's amused wth your attempts at polygamy! lol!


    *oh and i agree with the whole Nagin thing. a local tv here once had TV series called Nagin, and it's about half-snake/dragon / half-human female.*

  23. I've already commented on this post, but I just wanted to tell you how cute your website is. I absoultely love, love, love this layout. I wish mine looked this good!

  24. I love that song. Although I am so glad that you did not do the comments, because I was starting to wonder if you'd recently starting doing drugs. ;)

  25. You are super awesome, and I wished we lived closer. I'm going to try and pull my work together (as much as is possible) over my winter break. Just know, you rock.

  26. I can't wait till Christmas when my parents are around to watch the kids so I can go see Fantastic Mr. Fox!!!

    Things I'm loving this month:
    1. the cold, fresh air outside
    2. my red-and-white flannel sheets
    3. making things for my favorite relations
    4. the amazing things my kids say/do
    5. my husband will be done with school next week---for an entire month!

  27. Let's see.

    I am LOVING your blog made of all things delicious and weird and of win.

    I am loving oreo balls made with cream cheese and dipped in chocolate.

    I am loving my christmas lights.

    I am REALLY loving Scarlett's song.

    I am loving my new GLEE CD which is so much fun to belt in the car with my chickens.

    And I am loving the fact that I will go on sub for the first time evah in like 3 weeks. Kisses all around!!!!!

    OMG. I need some egg nog.

  28. I forgot to say that I am loving the fact that you bring Bright Star to life over here when my teensy tiny town never got it at the theatah. I said that with a british accent.

    just sayin'.

  29. Totally delicious post, Steph!

  30. Steph,
    The only other Anderson film I've see is The Royal Tennenbaums, which I did enjoy. It was so weird, but in a good way! Everyone tells me I should see Bottle Rocket and Rushmore but I always end up watching something I've already seen again! I will add them to Netflix que!

    Oh, and the Yankee candles... I am kinda cheap and have never owned one before last month. I found a buy 2, get 2 free coupon and finally decided to see what all the fuss was about! My husband and I spent like an hour in the Yankee Candle store sniffing all of the scents and ended up picking Ocean Water, Rose, Fireside and Christmas Cupcake. They make our home smell delicious!

  31. I'm loving old musicals right now. There's just something about Bing Crosby's voice. Mmmm!

  32. I apologize for my late reply, everyone. Yucky flu thing for the last several days.

    Tina — Thank you very much! :)

    Roberto — Frou frou? FROU FROU?!?!? How dare you. Just for that, I'm buying sixteen more bags and consuming them TONIGHT. While dancing a gig for Satan, of course.

    Sarah — Oh, how funny! I love hearing stories like that. (Not that he was a problem student, per se, though I'm not surprised!)

    Connie — Yum! I will!

    Shelley — Loving you, too. And desperately wanting your enchiladas with New Mexican Green Chile. Drool. (And, yeah, I can't help but think that CGI Jim Carrey looks WAY disturbing. My favorite Christmas Carol is the Muppets version. Tee hee!)

    GreenBean — Wow, thank you for adding all of the Tenners! We really appreciate the support. That's cool the publisher sent you so many goodies! It makes me want to write them ;) And I'm happy you like the song. I feel the same way about Scarlett, but the song is so kicky and fun.

    Linguista — My husband is a very, VERY good sport.

    Begy — My second commented marriage proposal! I AM ON A ROLL ;) And so cool to have the Nagin confirmation, thanks!

    Kimberley — Thank you! That means a lot to me to hear you say that. My web designer (manningkrull.com) and I worked HARD on it.

    Carrie — Only NyQuil. And Mucinex.

    Amber N.B. — YAY! I'm so happy to hear you say that. I've been thinking of you a lot lately and hoping hoping hoping you're hard at work. And I know. Sigh. I wish we could meet for coffee and write together! I miss you.

    Amber L. — Red-and-white flannel sheets? Ooo! How wonderful! And YAY for your husband being home!!

    Katie — Oh, your comments always make me so happy! Thank you! And YES, the Glee soundtrack. *LOVE*

    Daisy — Thank you! :)

    Abby — I love The Royal Tennenbaums and Bottle Rocket (and Darjeeling Limited), but Rushmore is one of my top ten favorite films of all time. LOVE. Love love LOVE. (Also, Fireside & Christmas Cupcake? Mmm!)

    Lotus – Oh, I agree! He's WONDERFUL.

  33. Okay, I've made a decision that your blog will be my homepage. Because when I don't see you every day I forget to visit. And then I miss you.
    This way that won't ever happen.

    I have also decided that I'm going to watch Bright Star and pick up the book you recommended, because I want to swoon.

  34. Jessica — WOW!! Thank you! I'm so honored and flattered. And I hope you like Bright Star! (Soooo dreamy.)

    By the way, not that I don't want to be your homepage — BECAUSE I TOTALLY DO — but have you ever tried an RSS reader? I use Google Reader to keep up with my blogs, and I love it!