Quick Update + Thank You Gifts

Friends, you never cease to amaze me.

Thank you for the out-of-this-world supportive, kind, encouraging, and wise comments in my last post. So many new names in there! Thank you for taking the time to say hello. (An especially huge thanks to the anonymous commenter. You made my week.)

Your words mean everything to me, and I'm SO PROUD to show you I've taken them to heart:

As of right now, 12:42 am, I am over ten thousand words.

It feels good.

Thanks, you guys. You're the BEST. And because you're the best, I'd like to give you this video of Tim Minchin singing "If I Didn't Have You." I don't think I've posted it here before:

The song, by the way, is not a message for YOU.

YOU are irreplaceable. It's just something to make you laugh. ("I think you're special, but you fall within a bell curve.")

And juuuust in case you don't think that's any good, how about a CAT VIDEO? I'm not traditionally a CAT VIDEO person, but even I found this pretty funny:

What's that? You aren't into CAT VIDEOS?

You're waiting for the hot British men??

I read you loud and clear, blogosphere. You have earned this.


That would be Jim Sturgess. And KISSING.*

And now you are welcome.

*Gigantoid hugs to Kiersten White for sending this to me. I knew we were friends for a reason.


  1. Glad things are going better.

  2. Oooo-kay, Jim Sturgess is really good at that kissing thing. Excellent start to the morning.

  3. I've watched that cat video twice now, and it's still funny.

  4. Three most excellent videos.

  5. Jim Sturgess. And kissing!

    That really is a nice start to the morning. :-)

  6. Yay, so glad you are making progress! Pwn that first draft!

    And thank you for the daily dose of kissing. *Dreamy sigh*

  7. Watching the Jim Sturgess video makes me think of the first time I saw the Across The Universe trailer. Him sitting on a grey beach with his black pea coa, then he looks at the camera and begins to sing. I think my heart stopped beating and my mouth probably dropped open.
    Did I tell you Mimi & I are going to England in February...I think I will just be walking around with a continual smile on my face...Yeah for HBMs!

  8. Connie — I know. I KNOW. That first scene in Across the Universe stopped my heart, too. It still gives me the shivers just to think about it! You and Mimi will have the BEST time. Anything extra-special you're looking forward to? I expect tons of pictures on your blog! :)

  9. "If I Didn't Have You" has made my day. Thank you! ::g::

    (And I'm still slogging through NaNo too. Actually had a pick up yesterday at hit 5k for the day. No idea where that came from, but I'm thinking it was my willingness to write lines like, "Something really interesting happened, but I'm not sure what because the author knows nothing about lacrosse but will fix this bit in revision." =)

  10. Well. Yum.

    That is all.


  11. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for peeking at my blog. And thanks time ten for leaving a comment. It made my day and gives my blog street cred.

    I've talked about you in my writer's group, so this should score me some points with them, too.

    Some day, when I'm rich and infamous I'll pay you thousands to guest blog. Now *that's* cred.

    I'm glad the writing is picking up. I'm going to force everyone in my group to buy your book when it comes out.



  12. 21!!! Love that movie. If none of you are familiar with it, it is unusually intelligent, with counting cards in Blackjack and stuff. But, there is also Vegas action and (hence the vid) KISSING!

    I love kissing. :)

  13. So, Stephanie is already aware by this point, but I, Mr. I, uh, think I need a shorter name, has thrown down my gauntlet and challenged Mrs. Natural Artificial to a GREATEST VIDEO EVER (etc, etc)-off. Stephanie claimed that Mr. Sturgeon's kissy face video is the best ever (GREATEST VIDEO EVER etc etc) while I proffered Fat Boy Slim's "Weapon Of Choice" starring Mr. Christopher Walken as himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMZwZiU0kKs&feature=player_embedded

    Now I don't mean to disrespect Stephanie on her own turf or anything, but I leave it up to you oh blogosphere, what could be better than Christopher Walken dancing? Good luck Stephanie. Adieu.

  14. Yay! I'm glad things are going better in NaNo. (I'm behind but having fun.)

    And thank you so very much for the videos--I laughed, and if I watch the cat one again, I may laugh so hard that I cry.

    And, "I think you're special, but you fall within a bell curve."? Hahaha!

  15. You're graph is totally outdated, Steph! You're more than caught up at 25K.

    Thanks for the videos!

  16. 1) I am proud of you. Remember workshop back in the day--my god.

    2) I didn't ask a question in your questions thread way back when, so here goes: How do you stop yourself from re-reading, and re-reading stuff you've already written? (I mean stuff such as the prior chapters you've drafted for the book.) I like to do this, as some sort of punishment or procrastination.

  17. Okay,
    I've never heard of Tim Minchin, but that was freakin hilarious!
    I loved it! Thanks for sharing.