Weekly Status Update: Yes, there's a pulse!

For the love of Lennon, I'm tired. About one more week of crazy deadline no-sleep editing, and I'll be back here on a regular basis. Thank you for your patience!

This will be rather scattered . . .

• First of all, how awesome is the Internet? It took me, like, two seconds to find five pictures of John Lennon (the original HBM!) sleeping.

• How do we feel about capitalizing "Internet"? It used to be standard, but it seems to be falling out of practice. Not sure what to do about this, but it's been bothering the perfectionist in me for some time now. What do you think? Should I stop capitalizing it?

Okay, the important stuff . . .

• Belated, thrilled congratulations to the lovely Katie Anderson, who signed with an agent! She wrote a book about kissing, so you know I'm psyched about it. Also, huge congratulations to my new kt literary sister, Sara Raasch! (Sara, you will LOVE Agent Kate.)

• I had a day off last week, so I sneaked out to see Bright Star, the new film about John Keats and Fanny Brawne. And OHMYSTARS, you guys. THE KISSING!!! For serious, if you enjoy period films, add this to your must-watch list. The cinematography was some of the most beautiful, sumptuous work I've seen in years.

Check out the trailer to admire the pretty:

I have no idea what makes a tragic poet so deliciously appealing to women, but there you go. The stereotype lives on. Huzzah!

• An extra-special, humbled thanks to Sarah (a.k.a. Bookduck), who recently bestowed the Great Look Award on me. This is so flattering! Thank you, Sarah. Your blog is beautiful, too!

Incidentally, I find the timing of this award quite amusing, as I am — Can you keep a secret? — very, very, VERY close to the launch of a new website. Ha! And also . . . yay!

• I joined The Tenners. The Tenners is a Livejournal group of 2010 debut authors. You can read my bio here. (Note: I have a new, teaser description of Anna and the Boy Masterpiece there! Check it out!)

• I'm also on Goodreads now. I'd be honored if you became my friend, marked my novels to-read, etc etc etc. (I cannot list anything else, because I still haven't figured out the site. These things take time, which I do not have in abundance. BUT SOON.)

• Like I've mentioned, I've been thinking about fun posts for this blog, so please keep checking back. I feel especially bummed to be this busy right now, because I've had so many new commenters lately. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to say hello. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

• One final mention, for my fellow Ashe-villains: Jarrod's (non-Wizard) band, Lewis, is having a record release party for their second album, Revealing Secrets, at West Asheville's Rocket Club tomorrow (Friday, which — coincidence/Beatles nerd alert — would have been John Lennon's 69th birthday. And it's actually his son Sean Lennon's birthday, too! Sean will be 34). ANYWAY. It starts at 9:00 pm. We'd be honored if you came!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous October. *sniffs the air* Ahh. Don't you love autumn?


  1. Thanks, Stephanie! I'm so pumped to be your agency sis :)

    I totally forgot Bright Star came out recently!! Dude! Must get to a theater asap...

  2. Who knew Lennon was so sleepy? I learn something new every time I read your blog, Steph.

  3. i've heard about goodreads. i guess i'm gonna sign up and be your friend! and btw it's hardly autumn here in Indonesia :D. in fact, we only have two seasons, dry & rainy. and lately it's been the latter, so..

  4. In general I think that capitalization is going out of style. I blame IMing and texting. Oh well.

    I'm dazzled by the trailer for Bright Star. Must. go. see. NOW!

    I'm also hyped up on Autumn. Ah! The crisp air. The colors. The falling leaves.

  5. saw his son and yoko sing on view the other day - oi!

  6. Jeremy and I are partial to "The Internets."

  7. I am loving autumn. It's barely starting to cool off, but even that little bit is a relief. And autumn means pie, in my world anyway.

    You look nice today. Did you do something. . . you have a website? Tell Lennon it's your turn to sleep. Obviously you haven't been!

  8. You are impressive, Lady! Keep it up.

  9. Aw. Love the sleepy Lennon pix.

    And, yay to my blog partner Katie!

    Congrats on being a tenner and shifting into high gear to get your book out early.


  10. Nice to see you here on the Internet again (I just have to capitalize it). Doesn't it feel amaaazing to finish revisions? Ahhh ...

    I hadn't seen the news about Katie, so I'm glad you posted it!

    The Tenners are made of awesome - I'm glad you're part of the group.


  11. How did I miss this most for THREE DAYS?

    Gosh. I'm slow. Glad that you're doing well. Can't wait to see your website.

    Also, capitalized internet is annoying. Stuffy. At least to me.

  12. New websites are exciting :D

    Good luck with the deadlines!

  13. Wow. Great stuff here! First, thanks so much for the shout out! I'm v. excited :-)

    Second, based on your rec, I tried to go see Bright Star yesterday but it's gone :(

    Third, I can not wait for the website!

    Four, adorable pics.

    Five - must go see Lewis. You two are quite the team.

    Six, I love autumn too. *double sniff*


  14. Sara — You're welcome! And YES. Bright Star. You. Theater. NOW.

    Mariah — You have a face! And it's beautiful!!

    Begy — I'm mentally sending you some pretty red and gold leaves and a cool (non-rainy) breeze.

    lotus — I'm counting this as a vote for internet!

    Shelli — Oi for reals. (Though Sean is wonderful on his own.)

    Alexa — One vote for The Internets ;)

    Myrna — YOU HAVE A BLOG NOW??

    Jolie — You too, girl!

    Sarah Frances — Thanks! And I'm happy you like the pictures. They make me happy, too.

    Lisa — Ah HA! A vote for Internet!

    Natalie — Another vote for internet!

    Sarah — Yippee! And thanks :)

    Katie — Congratulations again! And that's so, so sad about Bright Star. Do you have Netflix? If so, add it to your queue IMMEDIATELY.

    Okay, so that's . . .

    internet = 2
    Internet = 1
    The Internets = 1 (hee hee)

    "internet" wins!

  15. I LOVE all of those Lennon pictures.