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Why, hello there!

Things look a bit different around here, no? If you're looking at this on your RSS feed reader, please take a moment to pop on over to my real blog, so you can see what I'm talking about.

(I will wait.)



You know how I said that I've been a terrible emailer this last month? Well. That's not quite true. There's one person with whom I've exchanged a LOT of emails. Manning Leonard Krull, my website designer!

I met Manning through Josh Berk, a fellow 2010 debut author (and an awesome, hilarious, and very generous guy to boot). I'd been searching for a designer for months, but the moment I saw Manning's website, I KNEW. I mean, look at his homepage, you guys. How could I not want to work with him?

Not only was I ex-treeemly impressed by his portfolio, but . . . he likes monsters! Halloween! Dinosaurs and skeletons and cemeteries! And yet, his website is HOT PINK. I knew he was someone who would understand the kind of site I wanted — girly meets Edward Gorey.

(Not an easy task.)

I am so, so happy with what he created. A beautiful website that's also practical, that I can fiddle and tweak with to my heart's content. I'm excited to add even more pages soon, most notably to my On Writing section, and I have tons of cool things planned for next year, when it's closer to Anna's publication date.

And aren't Manning's illustrations amazing? This telephone! I LOVE this telephone.

Le sigh!

And I love the details on my masthead, things taken from my real writing desk — the books and teacup and scraps of paper, of course, but also my beloved Pilot G2 pens and my mushroom (which is actually a rubber stamp that reads Bonjour!). And the typewriter is modeled after the one I inherited from my grandmother.

Of course . . . there's one more Very Important Thing you should know about Manning: He's an American living in Paris.

Yes, Paris.

As in, that city I set Anna and the Boy Masterpiece in. You know, that novel I spent ALL OF SEPTEMBER revising?

So not only did Manning build me a perfect website, but he also answered an obscene number of questions about France AND in extremely helpful and thorough detail! I'm still in a weird shock by the timing of it all.

The universe is funny like that, no?

Thank you, Manning. Thank you for being so kind and generous with your time, thank you for being so much fun to work with, and thank you for my BEAUTIFUL NEW WEBSITE!


  1. I absolutely love the new layout!

    I use the same pens as you! Twins!

  2. Congrats - it looks fabulous!

  3. I love it! Very cool!

  4. So. Awesome.

    Total website envy going on here.

  5. It's beautiful! So, so beautiful and YOU!

    Also, the Pilot G-2 is, hands down, the best pen on the PLANET. I ink my drawings with those pens! I write all my notes with them! Le sigh.

    Just when I thought you couldn't get more awesome.

  6. Steph! It's beautiful! I think I could just sit here for hours, looking at this new layout!

    Can't wait for the extra sections!

  7. Looking good! Congrats on the new digs!

  8. Another Manning Masterpiece! Congrats on the new layout and on the new book

  9. Manning is the bestest!

  10. I love it! Especially the books with papers sticking out of them, the mushroom, and the typewriter.

    And here's another vote for the Pilot G2.

    Congrats on finding perfection ; )

  11. I am simply ooooozing with jealousy! This is a great website. what I love about it is that it is not overly busy, but it's so distinct. I heart Manning, and I don't even know him.


    Loving every single thing.


  12. love it - you are on your way!

  13. You two are a match made in heaven.

  14. Awesome. And probably going to be awesome-er as time goes on. That's all I've got :D

  15. Woohoo! New layout! Sweet!

  16. omg.. omg.. OMG!!!!! this new layout totally represents you!!! i think it's simple yet cool. love it.

    so are there gonna be any additional features?

  17. Stephanie, I LOVE your new site, the typewriter is my favorite!!

    I was just working on a blog post about bands who sing songs with french lyrics. It made me wish for a french speaking HBM. Does your HBM in your book speak any french?
    When does your book come out again? Sigh.

  18. Ooo la la... This is just tres chic!

    Le Typewriter est mon favorite aussi!

    au revoir!

  19. It looks gorgeous, Steph! Really makes me want to update my own!

  20. Thank you, everyone! My heart is puffing up with pride.

    Mariah, Natalie, Myrna — *Pilot G2 high five!*

    Steve & Jared — Thanks for stopping by! Manning IS the bestest, better than all the restest.

    Begy — Thank you! Nothing *too* fancy, but I definitely have several additional pages planned, especially for when it's closer to Anna's release.

    Connie — Why yes! As a matter of fact, he DOES :)

  21. LOVE it! It's cozy and cute and totally awesome :)
    (the teacup is my favorite)

  22. Steph

    You did not just send me butterflies from a certain concert, did you?


    Happy sigh.

    Zee snail on zee envelope, he eez cute.

    Thank you.

  23. lily — Thank you! That means a lot to me, coming from someone with such fabulous taste as yourself.

    Myrna – It was Mr. Martin's idea, of course ;) And thank YOU!!