Weekly Status Update: Still Alive!

My Future Celebrity Barbecue Invitee?

Sampling of actual thoughts and words spoken aloud by me, since we last talked:

TUESDAY 22nd, 3:20 am — [staring at novel] I'd be sooooooo embarrassed if the world knew how many times I've listened to "Bootylicious" tonight.

WEDNESDAY 23rd, midnight — [staring at novel] I should be a zombie prom queen for Halloween. I need a tiara. And one of those sashes.

THURSDAY 24th, 10:10 pm — [staring at novel, listening to Trainspotting soundtrack] I want to watch Trainspotting.

THURSDAY 24th, 10:50 pm — [staring at novel, listening to Marie Antoinette soundtrack] I want to watch Marie Antoinette.

FRIDAY 25th, 4:30 am
— [staring at novel, listening to Trainspotting soundtrack again] I want to watch Trainspotting.

FRIDAY 25th,
2:50 pm — [waking up from nightmare in which editor sends me forty-five page long letter telling me how horrible my revisions are and that I ruined everything] *sob sob sob*

SATURDAY 26th, 1:40 pm — [eating applesauce] "I SMELL! THIS HOUSE SMELLS! ArrrGHHhRHghghghghg!!!" [runs out of house with bowl of applesauce] [eats applesauce on front porch] [takes off running down the street] [slows to walk] [comes home] [brings empty bowl back inside] [goes back to work]

SUNDAY 27th, 4:10 am — [staring at novel] Alan Tudyk seems like such a cool guy. I wish we were buds. I bet he'd be really fun at a barbecue.

MONDAY 28th, 11:50 pm — [waking up from nap] CAN'T SWALLOW. MOUTH. NEVER BEEN. SO DRY.

TUESDAY 29th, 8:00 am — [crawling in bed as Jarrod leaves for work]

All aboard the Sleepytown Express. Choo choooooo.
ME, three minutes later, thinking about non-joke train joke:
Ha! Ha!
ME, thirty seconds later:
ME, ten minutes later:
Ha! Ha! Ha!
ME, ten seconds later:

But . . . I've also had tons of fun ideas for posts in October. Please hang in with me just a little longer while I finish these revisions. Thank you, everyone, for being so understanding.

I miss you.

Thinking of you lots.

I really like your hair today. Did you do something different?


  1. It's nice to hear from you again.

    I've had many of those "Sleepytown Express" moments lately, only it's more like "Knock knock"... "Hahahahahaha!"

    I'm wearing a new headband today, thanks for noticing.

  2. I am sure Alan Tudyk would not only love to come to your BBQ but I am sure he would bring the forks, or at least a ladle.

  3. I miss you, but reading this has helped. I especially liked the visual of you running down the street carrying applesauce.

  4. Why thank you! I did do something different with the hair today :)

    Love the updates! And good luck!

  5. Mariah — You're welcome! It looks lovely on you. (And ohmygosh, the knock-knocks. YES. I'm sorry!!)

    Connie — It has become abundantly clear that I need to watch 28 Days. LOVED the video. Alan at his most Alan :)

    Natalie — I miss you, too. Would you like to share some applesauce? It's organic. We can sit on my porch and eat it and talk about CUTE BOYS. I heard something about this Owl guy, how he really likes girls who like ninjas...

    Beth — You're welcome, dah-link! And thank you! I'm pocketing the luck and taking it to my writing desk.

  6. indeed, writing is hard. Ha! Ha! Ha! well looking forward for the October issues!

  7. Oooo, Owl boy. I'm leaving my house right now...driving...should be there in like 1.5 weeks.

  8. Hahaha!

    It's nice to see you again, and you listen to "Bootylicious" as many times as you need to.

    And your Halloween costume idea? Genius.

  9. Awww. You're the first blogger to notice that I cut 8 inches off my hair. You're SO NICE!

    No, really. And can I come to your barbecues too?

  10. I would so have nightmares like that, if I were in your shoes. LOL! Hang in there! You are almost done, and your editor is going to LOVE it!

    I'm almost done with my second draft, and it is SO much better than my first.

    And I'm looking forward to reading those October posts!

  11. Keep going! You're so close!

    Sleep is so over-rated.

    Take care!


  12. Haha! What were you wearing in your applesauce fun run?

  13. I love reading about this stage in the publishing process. It seems like everyone goes through the mayhem during editing. I'm curious how much your story has changed...do you feel like it is a completely different novel now that the editor has his/her hands on it? Don't worry about the dishes! They'll get done:) Can't wait to read your book!

    ps-I loved reading about your journey to finding an agent and publisher. It really inspired me!

  14. And since you've got so much freetime, you've just been nominated for the Great Look Award for you blog! Because I like the way it looks. Go here for the details and feel free to not make a post and nominate 5 other people, because you're revising away and devising amazing Halloween costume ideas:

    (Unless, of course, procrastination sounds like fun.)

  15. Thank you, everyone, for the encouragement. It very, very truly keeps me going.

    lotus — Thank goodness, I was fully clothed. And I don't think they were pajamas, though the details have gone all fuzzy ;)

    Corrine — Thank you for this wonderful comment! It makes me warm and squishy inside :) If it's okay with you, I'm adding your question to my Official List of Questions, which I have slooowly been answering over the last few months. (But which I HOPE to finish answering this month.)

    Sarah — EEK! Thank you!! I'm so honored.