What I've been doing:


— Drinking coffee and tea.

— Crawling in bed after my husband has already left for work.

What I've not been doing:

— Answering the rest of the questions you asked.

— Replying to emails/Facebook messages/tweets.

— Cleaning the litter box.

— Socializing with friends.

— The dishes.

— Mailing promised packages.

— Cleaning the litter box.

— Walking my dogs.

— Eating regular meals.

— Sleeping at night.

— Cleaning the litter box.

— Reading books.

— Cleaning the litter box.

— Watching movies.

— Laundry/vacuuming/mopping/dusting.

— Washing my hair.

— Cleaning the litter box.

On the plus side, I TOTALLY left the house this weekend! For reals!


I am exactly like Seth & Macaulay.

Please tell me about the awesome things you are doing, since I am not allowed to have fun for at least two more weeks.

Not that litter boxes are fun.

But . . . are movies still good? Do people still read? How's television these days? And what's the weather like? If we went on a picnic, would I need to bring a sweater?


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM GMT-5

    Actually...hate to break it to you...*sad face* but the world has ended.

    If only John Connor had made it to puberty...

    Wait. Sorry! Wrong movie! :-P

  2. I feel like I'm stuck in the same world as you, except I'm allergic to cats so I don't have to clean the litter box.

  3. The sun has stopped shining,
    the world has gone dark.
    No children laugh or play
    in the ruined shells of parks.

    The light has gone out of
    our lives one by one
    And without dear Steph
    we haven't any fun.

    But someday she'll finish
    We'll all shout HURRAY!
    Mr Tumnus most of all for
    clean litter in which to pott-AY!

  4. Oh, sad!

    I'm not much better; I've been doing homework and going to work, rinsing and repeating.

    If you went on a picnic in my neck of the woods today you'd need umbrellas--probably several of them.

    And tomorrow is the first day of fall!!! Hooray! (I love fall :D)

    I've already managed to make fall sugar cookies (meaning pre-made dough and leaf shaped sprinkles) and I plan to go for a walk and spot changing leaves tomorrow.

    Good luck with all your revisions, and I hope you get to leave the house again soon! (And I find your cat adorable :D )

  5. poor kitty!

    at least you're not handing your children boxes of raisins and blocks of cheese and saying "eat" (not that I'd do that)

  6. Aw Steph! That doesn't sound exactly like the healthiest lifestyle....

    And I am currently engaged in a movie marathon love affair with TCM. My new favorite movie channel.

    And ohhh I finally read Gingerbread/Shrimp/Cupcake and you're right-- Shrimp is HOT.

  7. stormy in kansas. maybe you should get one of those self-cleaning litter boxes and that would knock off like 4 items on your list.

  8. That sounds pretty much like my life—just replace the kitty litter with dirty diapers.

  9. *Delurks*

    Sometimes I find that the best thing to do is to turn off all social networking, (facebook, tweeter, and yes blogger too) and ignored all menial work (chores) and just concentrate on your writing/revising, putting yourself in your writing, and everything else seems to take a back seat, so even though the list of what you're not doing far outweighs what you are doing, the sleeping and revising balances it out.

    But otherwise. I'm reading 2666 by Roberto Bolano, and the last movie I saw was Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang.

    other than that, life goes on.

  10. I don't think that forcing yourself to revise by not letting yourself do anything else sounds very healthy.
    Anyhow, fun things - I'm going to see Julie and Julia today, and it looks awesome!

  11. I feel compelled to announce that the litter box no longer smells like a toxic ammonia spill. Yay!

    Mireyah — HAHAHA!!!

    Mariah — Let's revel in our unhealthy lifestyles together!

    Kiersten — Ohmygosh, you left me a POEM. And you rhymed "hurray" with "pott-ay.' I LOVE YOU.

    Sarah — I'm sorry to hear that you're stuck in the same rinse and repeat (love the phrasing, though). But, yes, autumn! And leaf-shaped sprinkles, ooo! It's my favorite season, too. I'm happy you're getting out to look at the leaves. I'll make sure to do the same, thanks for the reminder. Oh, and Mr. Tumnus (my cat) also thanks you!

    Tamara — Your comment made me laugh out loud. Because, of course, I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. (And welcome to my blog!)

    Lexi — YES. YES! You totally just made my week. I am SO happy you read them & fell in love with Shrimp, too. (Lusty sigh. Shrimp.) And TCM! YES! Lexi, you are so my kind of person.

    Jessie — Hee hee! I've always wondered about those. They seem so unnecessary, but I'm pretty sure my cat would disagree.

    Natalie — Hmm. Diapers. Think I'll stick with the kitty litter for now. It's a lot easier to ignore.

    Anie — Hi, and thanks for commenting! I agree. Thank you :) Also, Robert Bolano? You are so hardcore. And I haven't seen Metropolis since they remastered it. I'm curious to see it again, because I'm sure it makes a huge difference (the copy I saw was in TERRIBLE shape).

    Brizmus — Another new commenter! Yay, hi! Yes, my lifestyle is far from healthy when I'm under a pressing deadline. Good thing I like the pressure ;) (And good thing it's almost over!) And Julie & Julia! I've heard great things about it, and Julie Child was such a fascinating woman. Hope it was fun!

  12. Mr. T is adorable. I'm betting you cleaned his litter box before you even posted this.

    I read Silksinger last night, and it was even better than Blackbringer. But now I have to wait wait wait for the next one.

    My fun things today will be making peach custard pies with the kiddos when they come home from school and going to Daxton's soccer game. I wish I could send you a pie, but it would be a nasty mess by the time it reached you. If you're ever in the Las Vegas area this time of year, let me know. I'll bring pie ; )

  13. Did you read the Acknowedgments at the end of Silksinger?

  14. I am also in the Revision Cave, so I have nothing fun to report except the shocking news that writing iz hard. And my deadline is to finish by this weekend.

    See you on the other side, girl. Godspeed!!

  15. Oh, honey! Let me tell you...it's raining. endlessly raining. You're not missing much on the movie front. Julie and Julia was good though. It looks like that may be picking up in a couple of weeks so you're good. I'm still reading, but those things can keep. That's the nice thing about books. Good luck getting all the revisions done.

  16. If we went on a picnic in July, YOU would need to bring a sweater.

    Hello wife! Maybe I'll see you sometime soon! I left some baked chicken on the countertop and a salad in the fridge for you. If you decide to eat, of course.


  17. I wonder if you'd look better in the red dress or the yellow feathered one? I'd rather be in the red one, I think.

    Congrats on having your book moved up!!!

  18. Movie??? what's that???

    Missing reading your blogs. My inner teen is not getting her fill of HBMs via your blog and now has to troll on her own....which at my age is just, well, kinda creepy.

    Picnic? that would imply eating time, of which there just isn't any....and the weather here is flipping hot! Why???? it's supposed to be FALL!

    So, it's kind of sucky. Will be brighter when you get to blog more.

    Take care!


  19. Hello!

    Here's something to make your revisions go smoothly. Is it strange that I saw these and thought immediately of you?


    Good luck with revising!

  20. Myrna — Still swooning so much over your SURPRISE that I can't concentrate on your super-nice comments here. But I agree! I love Silksinger even more, too.

    Lisa — I'm rooting for you! I hope you made your deadline! (Also, I am SO EXCITED that I can buy your book soon.)

    Lotus — Whaaaaaa? *looks out window* Huh. That's, like, a lot of rain. How long has this been going on? Do we have an evacuation plan?

    Hubs — HEY. I don't need a sweater as long as I can burrow against you. Hot box. And you're the bestest person EVER for bringing me home all of this foodage ♥ If it weren't for you, I'd be eating canned peas on those stale Trader Joe's Wheat Thins.

    Amber — Excellent! Because I TOTALLY want the yellow one.

    Shelley — :) I will try to remedy the HBM situation asap. I hope it cools down for you soon! (Where do you live?)

    Beth — OMG, I WANT. Thank you for thinking of me!

  21. Look at those eyes! You've gotta clean it today! You must.

  22. Emily — What an honor to find you here! I adore your blog! (YUM.)